Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – January 2012

It’s January, there isn’t much going on. At least compared to last year

Actually, it’s very similar. Just a little bit behind. I can’t really count the Hellebores in last year’s GBBD because they were purchased and so obviously I bought specimens which were blooming! However, everything else is almost the same. I do have Violas, I also have some Rudbekias just hanging in there. The only difference is that the Coum are not properly blooming yet but they are there, waiting to open and the Snowdrops have not dropped their heads yet but give them a few days and they will.

I’m guessing I have two Hellebore ‘Niger’ here, although I can’t be certain as one is from a surprise mix.

Hellebore ‘Niger’ and unknown Hellebore

Once again the Autumn Cherry is blooming, although this year I’d say it’s blooming more profusely than previously… So unfortunately I don’t think I’ll get any blooms in spring now. Quite disappointed, because at this time of year it’d very difficult to get nice photos of the blooms with the light so weak and unless it blooms in May then once again I’ll miss out on lovely blossom photos.

Autumn Cherry

Winter Jasmine has been blooming for a while now, and I’m glad last year it had a good summer and produced a lot of new growth so I’ve substantially more blooms this year compared to previously. Also, Pheasant’s tail grass has lots of nice colours and would look even more luminous if lit by the sun; sadly this time of year the sun isn’t high enough… give it a few weeks and let’s hope the snow hasn’t killed it off; this clump seems to be more hardy than the original bought plants as it’s self-sown.

Winter Jasmine and Pheasant’s Tail grass

The first Primula are blooming, well I say that but they’ve probably turned into mush under the snow. I also spotted the first growth of Dicentra and first few buds on Muscari coming up. I’ll have to check last year’s photos to compare!

Primula, Dicentra, Sweetbox, Muscari and Snowdrop

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20 thoughts on “Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – January 2012

  1. Lovely to see the first signs of spring, your Dicentra is well on its way and your Muscari, haven’t noticed any new growth on mine yet.I would imagine you have quite a lot of snow by now, think of it like a big duvet keeping all your flowers nice and cosy, they will cope!

    • We have about 2cm of snow, if that and tbh it’s the ice that worries me the most, especially getting up my hill as I watched a taxi struggle this morning. I did grit it on Sunday but doesn’t seem to be doing much now. Guess its a case of waiting for mild weather to arrive… If at all.

  2. As I was thinking about the Jan and Feb Bloom Days, I knew so many would have blooms….I was shocked to find one lonely snowdrop under 4 ft of snow that melted recently…it is magic for me…much like your flowers! Magic!

    • Hi Donna,

      4 foot of snow? I think that’s so much snow I’m finding it difficult to even imagine… A centimetre is enough for me thanks… Well, I wouldn’t mind more, but only if it lasts two days and falls on a Friday night so I can enjoy it over the weekend and it’s gone by Monday morning 🙂
      Of course I need to have the chance to take photos of the pretty snow, and when it falls during the week all it is, is a massive annoyance, stressful and worrying and I don’t even get to play in it.

      Glad to hear you have a snowdrop though! 😀 Hopefully there are some more hidden away too…

    • Hi Rosie,

      I’ve a few clumps of self seeded Pheasant’s grass and all seem to be bushier and far healthier than the originals – one of the originals died, the other looked close to death but is managing to come back a little now. So I’m going to move these nice clumps and plant them somewhere I want them! 😀

    • Hi Ricki,

      I guess we’re lucky that generally we don’t have such bad winters – although the last few years except last year have been much worse than normal. I don’t mind the snow, as long as I can still get around easily and it’s perhaps the only reason I wish I still worked in the city centre because it’s much easier to get to than trying to commute by car.

  3. Lots of hopeful signs of life and colour, though I do find the winter flowering cherry disconcerting, everybody knows that blossom like that belongs in Spring!! Oh, and it is possible that I may have snuck a magnolia stellata into my winter interest shrub order… Happy GBBD!

    • Hi Janet,

      Yep I know what you mean re: cherry. At first it was exciting to have an autumn cherry but over the years I actually wish I had a normal one so I do get the beautiful show of April/May that at the moment I’m not always guaranteed for reasons known only to the tree.
      Have fun with your Star Magnolia… Not that I’m trying to encourage you to get one, at all 😉

    • Hi VW,

      Ah, but this is an autumn flowering cherry… It usually flowers through later autumn/early winter and then should have a big show in spring. Only last year it skipped the spring show.
      I’d take frost right now… Oh wait, we’ve just had a week of frosts. But we’re now getting a dump of snow and I think we’re at a couple of cms. Hoping it either gets much worse so I can’t possibly get into work or goes away and melts. I don’t want just a small amount because then I have to at least try to get in and that stresses me.

  4. Wow! Winter seems to be over but you still talk about snow, did you have any lately? Self sown stipas are always tougher than transplanted ones, when something root in place there isn’t anything better for the plant! (in the hope it sprang in the right place…)
    The second hellebore doesn’t look like a Niger to me, that feathery collar is not really him…

    • Hi Alberto,

      We’re just getting hit by a truck load of snow now… Something about loads of cold coming from the east – norway, russia etc and a warm front off the atlantic, meeting across pretty much the length of the UK. People are panic buying bred apparently thinking the end of the world is nigh.
      Our snow had gone from all roads/pavements but still on the garden. We’re expecting a couple of centimetres tonight and tomorrow between 5-10cm. But parts of Wales and the west can expect up to 30cm. I’m torn whether I’ll attempt getting to work or not. It’s my last day, but I just know I’ll get there, be locked out and get really annoyed sitting in the car waiting. So I might set off later, see how it goes and then decide.

      Sadly none of the Pheasant’s tail grass popped up where I wanted it to, although to be honest I don’t mind where they are as they’re adding interest to some slopes. But I would like them in feature spots. Maybe I’ll leave them where they are 🙂

      I’m pleased to hear you don’t think the second Hellebore is niger – I hoped it wasn’t and it *should* be a type of Harvington double, which one I do not know.

      • Lol! If you met my mother you’d know that snow would have been only one of the many excuses she gets to buy bread… End of the world or not. We live in a world with such weird people… Hope the snow wasn’t too bad at the end.

        • Hi Alberto,

          Sadly not – we got a real dump on Sunday night; 18cm. Which when you add to the 10/15cm we already had, it suddenly seems a lot more. Thankfully the roads have been clear each time we got another load, but the garden really does resemble a scene from Canada or Russia.

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