Friday Flowers

OK, Flowers not so much.

And since everyone else in the UK is also posting snow photos; here are some more. Not that I want to be a sheep, unfortunately it’s pretty much the only thing to see right now.

It is pretty, but I find it very hard not to worry about the ice that’s likely to come.

Must relax. Must relax.

I left work a little early today once the snow looked like it meant it. The roads around the office were well covered too and so I made a break for it rather than sit worrying about trying to get up our hill. As it was, I could feel the car skidding and struggling, so I’m glad I decided to leave when I did as it would seem we’re getting more snow here than promised (we were supposed to get off lightly with around 5cms but we’re already on around 10 with more snow on Sat, Sun and Mon due).

Snowy Fern

Flat-topped Aster

Pheasant’s Tail Grass

I’d be OK actually, if like last year it snows and quickly melts. But we’re stuck under some nasty cold weather that’s already hung around for a week and is due to stay for a while yet.

Cat footprint, Hebe, Verbena, Sea Holly and Rudbekia


General snowy shot

(Not looking so nice with the snow… Stipa has been flattened and the Miscanthus just looks a mess now its stems have been bent double.)

Aster border in the snow

Copyright 2013 Liz.
All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.


25 thoughts on “Friday Flowers

  1. Hi there Liz, so very weird to be seeing/hearing about your snowfall when our sprinklings only starred around 5pm. We have a white coating now so it will be interesting to see how things change overnight (if they do).

    I absolutely love your snow scenes – so very, very pretty they are. I love going out with my camera when plants are just peeking through too. Oooooo… and you have snowdrops – perfect (perfect images too).

    Enjoy your weekend – try not to stress about the ice. The blanket of snow usually protects your plants from the snow 😀

    • Hi Shirley,

      We got some snow last night, as a rather lovely (sarcasm) surprise which no one had bothered to warn us about. So this morning I set off in probably 2cm already. Then it held off until around 2 when it started properly, and by 2:45 when I decided to run, it was quite blustery, but thankfully the flakes were still small at this point so wasn’t too bad. I don’t think it’s stopped snowing since… Wonder what I’ll wake up to tomorrow.

      I’m itching to go and shake the snow off the stipa so they look prettier; is there any point though if they’re just going to be covered again? I wanted Hellebore photos, forgetting that as soon as it’s cold they often end up face down in the mud.

      It’s driving in ice that I’m more worried about! 😀 I’m not going anywhere this weekend – although I really need to buy birdseed, my dad’s birthday present and other bits and bobs.

  2. I had a feeling that you would get rather a lot of snow , as much as we stress over it, it does make the garden and surrounding areas look very pretty. I think if we lived somewhere that had to live with it for a few months each winter we might think differently! We only had a sprinkling yesterday, but have woken up to another sprinkling overnight.

  3. Hi Liz. As usual such clever photos. It was cold out there getting the shots wasn’t it? Our snow seems to have melted away overnight. The paths and roads are clear and we can see the grass through the thin covering that is left. They forecast more though and as you say it’s the freezing temperatures that follow for days after that are not so nice. Take care out there.

    • Hi Ronnie,

      Yep, it was cold… numb fingers, feet after getting the shots but for the few minutes I’m out side, it’s worth it.
      Tomorrow I’m going to keep an eye out for others on the street clearing the road and I’ll join in trying to create a path down the road. Although actually, on the road it isn’t so deep – only around 2cm and patches have melted so perhaps tomorrow it’ll mostly have gone… That is unless we get more and today it has been snowing pretty much all day – a very light snow that looks more like rain, but it’s little balls. I’m going to stop watching forecasts because the last one said ‘the odd chance of light snow flurries’. Oh right, so by that you meant all day long did you??!
      All the main roads in the city are clear with almost no bus/tram/train disruptions, so as long as I make it onto the main road I’m OK.
      The roads around work were like ice rinks, and having snow ontop of this isn’t a good mixture!

      I really need to get some birdseed, so might just risk popping out tomorrow or catching a bus.

    • Hi Janet,

      Oh how I wish I was still a student and didn’t have to worry about snow like this. It’s made worse by the fact we know it’ll stay cold for days to come, so it’s not the usual snow one day, melted by the next.

    • Hi,

      I wasn’t going to risk my safety… Although it feels like I’ll be risking it again tomorrow as it’s snowing yet again and it’s going to be on top of partially melted, icy snow. Fun.

  4. Gorgeous shots Liz…I love the flattened plants and the way they look in decay with the snowy blanket…we are a bit more prepared for the snow here and I drive an all wheel drive car just to get through the snow all winter…glad you made it home to find a snowy beauty!!

    • Hi Donna,

      Yep, it just doesn’t make economical sense for us to go all out with tyre chains and snow tyres when the reality is, we normally get 1-2cm a year. There’s no point me paying to change the tyres for a day or two… OK so this year it has lasted longer – or rather, the cold has – and a few years ago it was exceptionally deep but that was the first time in my life I’d experienced such deep snow so it isn’t at all normal for us.
      Like my manager was saying – she had a 4×4 – that it made no sense for her to have the car that didn’t fit her family just because it was useful for 2/3 days a year when we get snow. And I couldn’t agree more 🙂

      If I lived somewhere flat, I don’t think I’d be too bothered about the snow. I’m worrying at the moment because it’s snowing again and they’re expecting another couple of centimetres, but that’s going to be on top of icy, sludge – such as at the bottom of our road with various obsticles that I don’t want to crash into.

  5. We’re on about 10-12 cms here now, but the snowmaggedon that was forecast for this afternoon hasn’t happened – yet! I could SO do with a snow day tomorrow!!!
    I’m getting used to my new camera now and will go and play a bit more tomorrow, but you are still top dog in the macro photography!

    • Hi Liz,

      I think someone’s having a laugh at our expense because this is beyond ridiculous. Even though it isn’t that deep, it’s just the constant topping up of the snow. Grit is getting low and I wasted time clearing the road this afternoon ready for tomorrow. Glad I ran out to b&q and stocked up on bird seed when I could!
      Although, I have enjoyed watching the Song Thrushes visiting…

      As much as I’d love a snow day tomorrow, I just can’t afford to lose a day’s holiday – nor do I want to. Yes I can attempt to work it back (which I will in no time since I’m always in early) it’s just I’d rather not. Plus it’s the first day of a new job so I really can’t not turn up…. OK OK, so it’s in the same office, with the same people but still. I aim to set off later though because I know it’s likely I’ll be locked out (thursday and friday I was) so there’s no point me arriving before 8 like normal.

      How are you liking your new camera? Is it doing what you want it to?

    • Hi Scott,

      Most definitely, Scott! It’s far too stressful… well, ice is. Snow’s not so bad. Although because we’ve had a few days of it, it’s making things worse as there’s the layers of snow and ice beneath. I’ll just have to repeat to myself that it’ll be OK.

    • Hi,

      I don’t mind driving in it. Other than going really slowly it’s generally OK. Ice is the big problem and today when I got home the 20cm we got Sunday night was beginning to melt and turned to ice as I tried to drive up the hill. I had to dig some tyre tracks to my parking spot… That’s the problem! It should be OK tomorrow though as the road is largely clear now.

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