Still No Flowers Friday

With any luck normal service will resume next week.

Until then, we’ve to get through another load of snow coming our way on Friday afternoon/evening/night and then lots of rain on Saturday to wash it all away at long last.

Early Morning Snow

White World

When it snows I always put birdfood on the walls near the house for the ground feeders such as the Robins, Dunnocks and Blackbirds. I’m always glad to see Song Thrushes also appearing, although I have spotted them in the general area even before the snow arrived – unusual round here and I’m guessing it’s due to the lack of natural food after the poor summer and autumn there aren’t the berries/fruits/seeds that they would normally have.
I think we had 4 Robins in total; an unusual sight as they are generally very territorial, I’m thinking one must’ve had some run-ins judging by the line of missing/damaged feathers around its breast. There are also a number of Blackbird pairs vying for the right to feed…
I’ll not mention the army of Wood Pigeons, shall I? 😉

Song Thrushes and Robins

Actually, there’s been a very distinct lack of finches visiting this winter. Normally I have a charm of Goldfinches, along with a group of Greenfinch but I haven’t seen any at all in a long time. Again, I’m blaming the poor summer and autumn… I hope they arrive in spring to breed. It’ll be a massive blow if they don’t, especially as the Goldfinches have been doing so well over the past few years. I hope they’ve just all gone in search of plentiful food over in mainland Europe…

By early afternoon a lot had already dropped/melted and over the past few days it’s slowly but surely continued to recede… Still no sign of grass though.

Sun Trying to Melt the Snow

Snow-topped Plants

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All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.


23 thoughts on “Still No Flowers Friday

  1. Beautiful pictures, especially of your birds, hate to say it but I think your goldfinches have come down to me, we usually have 8 on the feeders at once! No, don’t mention the wood pigeons, there are far too many eating up far too much of the birdfood, I don’t buy mealworms for them!! We still have our thin covering of snow but it should get warmer soon and melt it away, hope yours goes soon this weekend.

    • Hi Pauline,

      I’m hopeful my Goldies will return; I’ll miss them during spring/summer if they don’t. Normally we have a family with juveniles/fledglings and then a charm of adults that visit over winter, so can have 8 and then the family of 4/5 depending. I think they left early though because of the lack of natural food… I hope so anyway. The Greenies don’t visit as frequent as the Goldies do – during breeding I can almost guarantee a Goldie every time I look outside – but they do often visit in a small group of around 6-10 over winter and into early spring.

      Just waiting for the rain to arrive to wash all the snow away from last night. Another 5/6 inches fell but it’s already melted a lot and was 15c in the sun today. Don’t think I’ve been so warm in a long time! 🙂

  2. How glorious the little colours of birds are against the snow. I do worry about the falling number of birds – what can we do about it. On a couple of quite long trips through the countryside I barely saw a single bird. It was very hot so perhaps they were sensibly lying low but I think it’s really worth watching.

    • Hi,

      I think there’s lots of reasons bird numbers are in decline and the main one being because of us; humans. However, in my local area I think it’s due to the terrible weather the UK had this summer, meaning there were almost no berries and subsequently fewer seeds, driving the birds elsewhere to find food. I still have a lot of Sparrows, with numbers peaking in Autumn at around 100 or more.

  3. Your robins and the garden so look so pretty….we had another foot and now it is below zero…they say we will warm up a few days next week…but Feb. can be even colder…I know my Feb and beginning of March will be busy at work so I expect it to fly by into spring 🙂

    • Hi Donna,

      For the first time in weeks (feels like months) we’re having temps above freezing!!!! Wheeeee I’m so happy I might dance around the garden naked… *cough* OK, not really. I wouldn’t do that. ever. haha.
      Heavy rain last night as got rid of a lot of snow, just some patches left now around the garden which will probably melt during the day so I’ll be out today attempting photos (already think my little coum blooms have gone; never did get to see them open 😦 sucks ).
      Feb is normally OK here, yes we might get a little hit of snow but it doesn’t usually last more than a day or two as temps are on the increase.

  4. C’est magnifique, ici les étourneaux m’envahissent, j’ai du abandonné la margarine sinon ils ne laissaient plus l’accès aux mésanges et autres petits. belle journée

    • HI,

      If only it was the case here! They kept telling lies ‘oh it’ll only be 2-5cm’ yeah OK. Won’t bother listening to the forecast anymore because they’re getting it wrong.
      Thrilled that it’s warmer now though, although it is windy too…. At least we have sun 🙂

    • Hi,

      Haha I’d rather have flowers than snow…. OK, I’d like snow for a day; it has to fall on a Friday night, look pretty on a Saturday and melt by Sunday evening so I don’t have to worry about work. Then I’ll be happy 🙂

    • Hi Pam,

      It shouldn’t day your travel plans… But then again who knows what a month will bring! It’s gone now, and we’re back to more average temps for January… Rainy though, and fear of flooding for a lot of places as the ground is so saturated.

  5. I am Tootsie..(Glenda) and I am your newest follower…and very happy to say so! I would like to invite you to link into my weekly gardening party that starts Thursdday evening and goes until Sunday night every week…it is a flaunting of all things growing, or beautiful in the garden…and your blog fits perfectly!
    I hope you will check it out…hugs from in the bitter Cold weekend in Alberta Canada!
    ¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.

  6. Oh my, such familiar images from a couple of winters ago! Yes, it’s pretty for a while and your images are great but it gets weary waiting for green doesn’t it. Enjoy the bird count this weekend if you take part (thought you usually did).

    That’s the only up side of snow – birds visiting. Nice captures especially of the song thrush. I saw one (early morning, low light) for the first time in ages yesterday or it was a mistle thrush but had tech mishap transferring footage to PC and lost it. The camera was running for a Pheasant taking a garden tour though – he’s not a usual visitor. I came up with a successful way of feeding ground birds with a snow shelter. In snow depths such as yours it would need a little clearance help to get entry but it did work a treat 😀

    • Hi Shirley,

      Oh I know, although I am very grateful we don’t have 17 inches again like 2010, but at times it wasn’t that far off because it was falling on 3/4/5inches that still hadn’t melted. It’s been melting nicely today with sun and much warmer temps – around 15 in the sun – I went for a little walk around and refil the bird feeders and trying to get up onto the upper tier was far easier said than done! I think it’d drifted and it was almost coming over Pete’s snowboots that I was wearing… Bit of a hairy moment there, and even worse trying to get back down! 😀 Has visions of myself rolling around in the snow unintentionally.

      We’re supposed to have rain today? But it’s pretty much been sunny all day so I’m getting worried they were lying to us again. Expecting floods… But so far, nothing.

      I only ever get the Songies in snow, but this year I have seen them around – they live across the road in the wood – and I think they’re suffering from the lack of natural food this winter so they’ve been hanging around the garden.
      They and the Blackbirds seem to have called some sort of truce – they normally do – as I think they realise its best to conserve the energy chasing each other for surviving the snow and cold. So sometimes there’s the two Song thrushes and up to 4 Blackbirds within 10m of each other.
      Can’t imagine we’ll ever see a Pheasant here, far too close to the city centre for that! 😀 But it is fun spotting the unusual birds popping up… I had kinda hoped for Redpolls again… Oh well. They’re probably in the same place the Goldies and Greenies are!
      No LTTs here, surprisingly. Even with fatballs on offer. Other tits are visiting as normal though so a bit confused why the LTTs aren’t with them as usually they’re in a big flock at this time of year.

      In general I don’t feed the birds near the house – they’re all at the back of the garden. But in snow obviously I don’t want to be wading through it, so it’s the only time I ever a) ground feed b) feed close to the house. Of course it’s nice to be able to get good shots of birds that aren’t 20m away!

  7. I do really like the snow-covered plants, but I am betting they all look brown and soggy now that the snow has gone… What a lovely photo of the Song Thrush, one of my favourite birds. I am longing for a sunny day or three in which to paint my fence, but it keeps on raining and making my already muddy garden even muddier. Ho hum, it is only January still.

  8. Amazing pics, Liz! The third with. The robin amongst snow is beautiful. I hope you have bread enough at home to cope with this bad weather… 🙂
    Is that your house peering in one of the picture? I love those windows.

  9. Great photos. The snow has all gone here but now we’ve got incessant rain and more flooding. It’s hard to be optimistic about spring with this weather. Will it ever be dry again? At least the snow provided a change from grey and wet. We’ve got some pigeons that are so fat it’s difficult to believe they can fly.

  10. Your snow-topped plants look as though they’re dressed in cotton balls. Lovely Winter images and your little birds look very happy to live in your snow covered garden with so many tasty seeds.

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