Friday Flowers! Almost. Well, Kind of.

The intention was to post the bird photos a few days ago… But then the end of month post came up and I couldn’t really fit them in there… so they’ve had to wait.

And as much as I hate disclaimers I need to apologise for the ugly wall. It wasn’t meant to look so nasty, but with the incredibly wet summer the paint has peeled and it was never dry enough for me to get it painted. So, yeah. Now we can move on and if you squint really hard you can almost ignore its brutal glory.

Wren has been hanging around recently, normally I hear them. A lot. But as with other shy and tiny birds they’re often not so easy to spot. The snow and cold brought them out though and they seemed to really enjoy the ‘Robin Mix’ I put out for the Blackbirds, Robins and Song Thrushes. This mix included dried mealworms and I know from previous experience they will take the dried mealworms.


The Robins are perhaps the most difficult to catch; they’re just so flighty! So much for being the gardeners friend… Mine have never really shown such behaviour like following me around as I weed/plant.


Ah yes, and the dwarf Iris opened on Monday… Only to be hit by loads of snow, which once again they didn’t predict. This time it caused way more problems than last time because we were unprepared for it; the city was in gridlock, gritters and ploughs couldn’t get through to clear the roads – catch 22. Plus, it was kinda warm, so it was turning to dangerous slushy icey snow instead. Needless to say, I couldn’t get up the hill and had to park at the bottom of the road for the first time and hope no one hit me trying to get past.
By Wednesday it was all gone, phew. But Tuesday morning at work wasn’t much fun handling the endless phone calls as people panicked.

Iris Reticulata

It’s now light enough for me to get photos after work in the evening! It’s still exciting walking up to the house and spotting the tiny changes; more growth on plants or new growth breaking through the mulch.

Copyright 2013 Liz.
All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.


28 thoughts on “Friday Flowers! Almost. Well, Kind of.

  1. Fantastic that you managed to catch the wren, I have never succeeded, they are so quick! Our robin flies down as soon as we step outside the back door and knows that we have seeds in our pocket. When I photograph the robin it is with the macro fitting on the camera as they are so close. He/she poses as long as they get fed!

    • Hi Pauline,

      The Wrens were hanging around quite a lot for a few days, so I’ve continued to put the mix out for them… Previously I’ve only managed them further away or one on the front wall bashing a caterpillar to death! haha. In general I stay away from the birds and let them be; as much as I’d love a friendly Robin, I think I actually prefer it this way. After all it’s not like I’m at home all day to cater to them. I know someone who has very damanding birds – the Blackbirds actually knock on their windows and will come into the house looking for their food if they don’t feed them quickly enough! They also spend an absurd amount on live mealworms during breeding, bless.

  2. Le premier est ce que j’appelle chez moi le troglodyte mignon qui met de la vie dans mes bois, sublimes photos car il est très rapide ce petit là !

  3. It’s bizarre you complain about the robin when you caught a wren! Wren are impossible to picture for me, while robins are more common and actually more cocky.
    I loved your pictures and I didn’t notice more than a nice vintage wall, you shall not disclaim anything next time! 😉

    • Hi Alberto,

      Lol, yes I know what you mean… Our Robins though… They spot even the tiniest of movements! I have to be really, really careful not to move because they’re so suspicious. Other birds I know I can make some small movements and they’re OK.
      Lol@ Vintage wall. Thanks 😉 Seriously if you saw a wider view, you wouldn’t be saying that 😉 It looks a real mes… I have sandpaper waiting to sand it all down and repaint it.

  4. Love the pics. Your Robin is so pretty and dainty looking. Our Robins’ are so different from yours not that they aren’t pretty also. Can’t wait til they come back iMarch or April.

    • Hi,

      Thanks, your Robins – I assume are American Robins? – are I think much larger too, but they’re all thrushes so similar birds 🙂
      The Robins here tend to disappear during breeding as they move off to nest sites and I only see them sporadically for a few months. Then in winter they’re back arguing with each other.

      • Yes, American Robins. Once our Robins appear in early spring they are front and center. They are everywhere; breeding and nesting very close to us humans. Nothing much moves them from their nests and once the babies fleave the nest the parents continue feeding for about a month. First to wake & sing in the morning and last to sleep at night! They never hide or disappear until late fall when they seem to dissapear into thin air and are gone until next spring. I just love them.

    • Hi,

      More Iris shots to come, hopefully I’ll get out this weekend and will be able to get some nice photos of the Iris, Hellebore, Snowdrops and Cyclamen 🙂

    • Hi Anna,

      Hopefully the snow won’t damage your Iris 🙂 I’m surprised actually that the plants are doing as well as they are considering the snow keeps coming. Fed up of it all now.

  5. Lovey to see your birdies Liz. I find both of those surprisingly difficult to get on camera in the garden, they both tend to skulk about although I did have one which waited right by the shed door while I fetched the bird food 🙂

    Love the pretty Iris. It’s great to see the evenings begin to draw out a little.

    I saw reports of your snow on the tv and immediately thought of you and how, like me, you hate the slippery conditions. Glad it didn’t stay too long. We have heavy snow forecast for tomorrow….hopefully, they will be wrong!

    • Hi Jan,

      The Wren was OK, it was hanging around a fair bit, sitting nicely for photos most of the time occasionally flitting around to find food.
      More snow due; really frustrated with it now. I can’t be having time off work all the time because of it and I refuse to take a day annual leave. I wonder whether to go into the city centre on Monday instead and hot desk there; after all as part of the contingency I did tell them the city centre is much easier for me, not to mention safer. Someone pointed out that I might fall over in the snow; to which I replied I’d sooner have a wet bum and bruised ego than total my car sliding down one of Sheffield’s many hills.

  6. Congratulations on the wren photos. They never pose for me. Like the irises too. Have they survived the snow ?
    Hope you managed to get lots of photos in the garden today. Weather forecast not looking good for tomorrow.

    • Hi Crystal,

      Usually they hide in the hedge, sing and then fly across the garden onto the fence and away… I do occasionally spot them flitting around the plants and shrubs hunting but never quite so in the open picking up the last of the robin mix… I bought two more bags today to see us through the next lot of snow… Although apparently more later in the week too. *sigh*
      I managed some photos, although it’s been far more dull than I expected. But hey, it’s not like they often get the forecast correct; just glad I didn’t go to clumber and waste the day because it’s so dull.
      The plan is to stay in tomorrow and hope it’s our turn to miss the snow this time… One can wish.

      Oh and yes, the Iris have survived, with no signs of damage, so far anyway.

  7. I adore your robins and your pictures are beautiful…and the dwarf iris are opening…so jealous…we had another storm…2 feet more so now we have had 12 feet of snow this winter…thankfully we did not lose power as they did farther east where the snow was wet and heavy…soon we will all see flowers and it will be spring.

    • Hi Donna,

      2 feet of snow isn’t too bad… Ha ha. Well, compared to the 4 feet elsewhere in the US. We’re potentially getting more tonight, so far only sleet and rain today but other parts of the city have snow already. FIngers crossed!
      Hope the snow melts soon enough for you; I know how frustrating it is. This year has been really bad. Not in terms of snow depth, rather we keep getting it. I’d rather it came, have it for a few days and then it melts rather than 2 weeks, then a break, then more, a break, more etc. Grrrrrrr. Normally we get one dump, maybe two a year and that’s it. Then, it’s fun. This is just annoying and makes me stress over getting to work!

  8. I can never capture the robins, which in this garden definitely follow me around – until I grab my camera. The wren photos are lovely too, great birds, I never used to see them in my last garden but they seem to be regular visitors to the front garden at least – unless it is Birdwatch day of course… No sign of my Iris reticulata, but they are in a pot and I think would be a lot happier in the ground. Maybe I will try them in my little wall, wonder how much sun they need.

    • Hi Janet,

      The Wrens probably visit more than you assume, but they do like to hide away in the undergrowth searching for small insects so aren’t ever going to be the easiest to catch!
      I’m thinking there was either a Sprawk or Blackbirds fighting here; I noticed a bird print on our spare room window with enough force that feathers are stuck to it too. Then when I went out yesterday there’s a lot of feathers on the steps and in a couple of borders… But not in the typical sprawk pattern and no sign of wings, head or feet…. So either the BBs are fighting over territory or the sprawk was disturbed and flew away with its meal. Thankfully I don’t tend to see them around here often – think it’s been a year or so since I got a good glimpse of one.

      Actually, I think your Irises are best off in pots tbh as they don’t last long in soil I hear… All mine are in pots and have never tried them in the ground because slugs love them. As for sun, well some of mine – the ones blooming – are in a pot under the front window which receives zero direct sunlight (maybe a little bit first thing in the morning in summer).

  9. I have Robins battling for supremecy in my garden – they really are very bossy birds. We have the snow back again but I am hoping it will melt quicker than the lasty lot!

  10. Hope that the snow is soon done and dusted Liz. Great photos and how quick you must have been to capture a wren. The wall looks perfectly fine to me and what a perfect perching spot for the birds.

  11. What an absolutely delightful set of pictures. Those little wrens are so sweet. I hope the weather is improving for you. Up here in Edinburgh, they keep predicting we will get snow but so far, I’m pleased to say they’ve been wrong.

    • Hi Angie,

      The last lot of snow has melted, and hopefully the last we’ll see of it now. Funnily enough they’ve also been wrong pretty much every time for us too. Often promising a light dusting and actually getting a good couple of inches at minimum. Stopped bothering to believe their forecasts and knew that if snow was arriving; we’d get it, and it’d be quite bad (not our typical centimetre).

  12. Gorgeous photos Liz. I’ve managed to catch photos of birds on the feeder, but they’re not up to your standards!
    We haven’t got anything in flower yet – except the witch hazel and I wish I could capture that scent!!
    Himself gave up trying to get to work last Tuesday morning as, after 2&1/2 hours he’d only got as far up the A61 as the Dronfield roundabout – so he turned round and came home again!

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