Flower Friday and GBBD – February 2013

Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – February 2013

Despite the snow, the garden is actually producing a good show at the moment. OK, so there aren’t copious amounts of blooms; however, there are now plenty of signs fresh growth with leaves on Elder, Rose and Dwarf Russian Almond all beginning to break free.

It’s a tough decision… Do I start with the ‘almost theres’ or the current bloomers? Hrm.

Let’s save the good stuff for last?

The below photos were taken 6 days ago… So I imagine the Elder leaves will be better developed now… And perhaps the Dicentra will be a little taller? It will be a long time before I see Dicentra blooms though.

Elder and Dicentra emerging

The next wave of Iris are arriving, and I really need to pop to B&Q to pick up some cheapo bulbs in the green! Hopefully we’ve seen the last of the snow now and I can actually get out and about… That is once I have my car back (it’s being serviced, oh and I managed to forget to empty it out before handing it over so the boot is a mess. Doh!)
Anyway, where were we? Iris, yes. They’re beginning to bloom in other pots now, and those posted previously have survived the snow just fine – in fact I think it’s extended their bloom for an extra week. Erysimum is beginning to bloom too; I’m not sure which one this is right now but it’s one that starts out red and changes to purple as the blooms mature. On another tangent… my mature ‘Bowles Mauve’ will need replacing this year I think… The snow has bent them over, so although they’re producing lots of fresh buds, they’re now almost in the soil… Oh well.

Iris Reticulata and Erysimum

There will soon be more yellow in the garden with the addition of Forsythia, I checked my white version too and it’s not particularly showing any sign of blooms yet.


Sanguisorba leaves are so difficult to catch on camera when they first emerge… I’ve tried a few times now over the last 2/3 weeks with poor luck…. They are definitely there though! I’m confident I’ll have a good Tulipa Turkestanica show this year, as I planted quite a few more in autumn. And, what is it about new Sedum growth that makes it somehow look cute?? Is it just me?!

Sanguisorba, Tulipa Turkestanica and Sedum

And the last of the ‘almost theres’ is the crazy blooming head of one of the Erygimum ‘Bowles Mauve’ which looks to be going a little mad… We’ll see how it develops! The first Allium has appeared; I want to check my photos from last year because I’m sure this is the earliest I’ve ever seen growth on them. And finally, fresh leaves on black Elder.

Erygimum, Allium and Black Elder growth

Tete-a-tete is almost there and I’m looking forward to its cheerful little face brightening the borders. These are surrounded by the dead growth of Lobelia, which had still been alive until the snow so I haven’t yet been able to remove it. Next up are the tiny undeveloped blooms of Muscari which I imagine will probably bloom in a few weeks. The Heather has only a few blooming stems this year; I think I cut it back too late and left no old wood for it to bloom from. However there’s plenty of fresh so hopefully next year will be pretty amazing.
I seem to have some Snowdrop mutations in one clump. They’re all Nivalis, and I think one has mutated a little as it’s divided. Colour is on its outer tepals rather than the inners so I’ll be taking some macro shots of them soon! 🙂 I’ll have to think up names for my new discovery (joking!).
And finally, Russian Dwarf Almond has leaves and buds now! I’m really looking forward to its beautiful blooms!

Tete-a-tete, Muscari, Heather, Snowdrops and Russian Dwarf Almond

Winter Jasmine continues to bloom… How many weeks now?? Seems to have been a lifetime!

Winter Jasmine

Another plant hanging on in there for weeks is the unknown Hellebore (centre photo in the triptych)… It’s taken weeks to open and still it’s keeping me waiting!
Plants in the cherry border are generally all looking very haggard and worse for wear after all the snow. They should soon perk up as temperatures increase.
I’m quite pleased with the snowdrops in the cherry border this year; I planted lots of snowdrops, crocus, and Bluebells in autumn and there seems to be a high success rate so far.

Primular Vulgaris, Galanthus ‘Nivalis’, Unknown Hellebore and Helleborus ‘Niger’

Another Hellebore keeping me waiting is ‘Tutu’ in the window border, at least for now Cyclamen Coum are adding colour.

Primula ‘Vulgaris’, Cyclamen ‘Coum’, Helleborus Hybridus ‘Tutu’ and Helleborus ‘Harvington Double Purple’

Cyclamen ‘Coum’

Of course, I have to feature some Snowdrops too!

Galanthus ‘Nivalis’

You can breathe a sigh of relief now; we’re onto our last collage!

I love the shade of Iris Reticulata (but I love all purple) and an unknown Primula are blooming in the front garden… This Primula I suspect has come from next door, as have the Spanish Bluebells and Crocosmia. Or perhaps I gave them to her? They were here when we moved in anyway…
And finally, a little teeny, tiny sneak peek at the mutated Snowdrop with colour on its outer tepals…

Iris Reticulata, Galanthus ‘Nivalis’ and Unknown Primula

Copyright 2013 Liz.
All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.


19 thoughts on “Flower Friday and GBBD – February 2013

  1. It’s not just you – I think little sedum poking their heads out are adorable, too. And congratulations on getting a mutated snowdrop! I hope it takes off for you and you become famous in the snowdrop world. I love that the dots are on the outside, like a leucojum almost. Very interesting.

    • Hi,

      The Sedum almost remind me of Audrey II off the little shop of horrors when it was a tiny plant with its cute slightly flushed pink leaves…
      Haha, I don’t intend on doing anything with the Snowdrop tbh, so far I have three of them. And I’m pretty certain none had the extra green last year. This clump has been there at least three years (more likely 4) and I haven’t moved or added any in that area. The company I buy from don’t do any interesting species either, but there is always a chance that their supplier potentially distributes the more specialised varieties.

  2. What a wonderful display of beautiful flowers, you certainly have plenty in flower at the moment, it must look as though spring has already arrived in your garden! Your new snowdrop is lovely, there are quite a few that have green on the outside, maybe one was mixed up with your nivalis, lucky you!!

    • Hi Pauline,

      Today is the first time it’s actually felt like spring might well be here… It’s been lovely!

      Indeed, yes the bulb may well have been mixed up in the order. However I don’t think the place I get mine from sell any of the rarer species. As I always order Nivalis I don’t bother going to Snowdrop specialists, I go wholesale instead. Of course, their suppliers might well have some of the others – which I doubt, but potentially.
      Add to that, the fact I can trace this group back to 2010 in photos, it’s gradually expanded as they’ve divided/had babies, and there are definitely none with any added colour (will show their development in a post 🙂 ).

  3. So many pretty things – and so much to look forward to. I was literally wriggling with excitement as I read your post. Though I am suffering from a severe case of Hellebore Envy. I have some Christmas roses to plant out, all beautifully white, but I crave some soft pinks, so dusky purples… And does anything beat the sign of new sedum leaves forming? Pure magic.

    • Hi Janet,

      Haha, far too excited aren’t you? Although, today has been quite lovely, and I’m wondering if we’ll see our first Bees/Hoverflies/Ladybirds soon. We’re behind on last year with the insects already, but if tomorrow is similar to today I can imagine I’ll see some buzzing friends soon.
      I’m a bit disappointed with my Hellebores so far; three of the fancy ones don’t seem to be doing a great deal yet, and obviously they’re the ones I want the most. Even the species ones such as feotidus don’t look to be developing any buds. Well, at least ‘tutu’ is looking healthy, and that is my favourite!

    • Hi Donna,

      I hope spring arrives soon for you – do you have more snow? I heard it was making its way back down the east coast again, just not as bad as last time???

      About ready for our snow to go away now, we’ve just had three nice days with lovely sun and almost warm temperatures… Just waiting for my first insect spots i.e. Bee, Ladybird and Hoverfly! Then I’ll be very happy.

  4. It is good to see signs of life from shrubs and perennials as they bring Summer that little bit nearer. I love Cyclamen coum, tiny flowers but so brightly coloured and they seed themselves so well too.

    • Hi,

      I love watching for the tiny signs of spring; and am really looking forward to the first leaves appearing on hawthorn – their vibrant green is so gorgeous and for me, quintessentially spring.
      Looking forward to the Cyclamen reseeding themselves… that area is generally otherwise quite empty as I only revamped it last autumn.

  5. Your Cyclamen coum are very beautiful, spreading happily. Mine have just begun to flower in their pots, but it looks like standing them in the border has led to some busy ants sowing their seeds for me as I’d hoped, as new tiny leaves are appearing on the ground nearby. I must plant the parents this year!
    Hellebores are so tantalising, I had no idea how long they could take to open a bud; weeks pass with no obvious change in the ones I am watching here – their first year since planting.

    • Hi,

      I should probably add some of the autumn Cyclamenn too, so I have blooms in Novemeber/December as well as Jan/Feb 🙂 Such pretty little blooms though, and of course their leaves are also lovely.
      Glad to hear I’m not the only one becoming frustrated by the Hellebores… I think it’s going to start a war… I’ve been waiting weeks for the unknown one to open! I’m sure its buds have been there at least a month now.

  6. So much more going on at your place Liz, compared to the frozen north, I exaggerate slightly, well maybe. Good to see your almost there’s as well as the current blooms. Never mind, touch of Spring here today.

    • Hi,

      The bulbs are a little behind last year – I already had most Crocus out by now, but just the first are popping up now. I also have fewer Hellebore blooms, but that’s because I bought them last year, so this is their first in the ground. And actually, some were still blooming well into Summer last year, no doubt due to the rain and cold temps!

  7. It is so exciting to see those first buds and blooms! I just planted primulas for the first time, and every day I go out there to inspect them, doting over them like a mama with her newborn babe. No blooms yet, but I think the leaves are growing.

    • Hi Deb,

      Good luck with your primulas – are they vulgaris or other types? Actually, you’ve just reminded me that I bought some others last year, divided them up and I don’t think I’ve seen them coming up yet… Hope I haven’t lost them!!

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