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The blog has been quiet recently… Perhaps the most quiet I’ve ever been. No good excuse for this, except that it’s the time of year when little is happening outside and I’ve just been reading… And reading… And reading a little more. I think I’ve read around 30 books in the past month. It’s not that I’ve suddenly discovered books… Far from it, I have enough to fill 3 bookcases but rather I bought myself an iPad mini and it’s so much easier to read books on compared to the iPad! I rarely used to read books on the old one because it’s too big and clumsy. I just didn’t get along with it. In fact, beyond using it at Uni I’ve barely touched it. It sat for weeks, months untouched. Other than going out with me into the garden during the summer so I could listen to music, look at the net and fall asleep.
Needless to say, Pete has the old one and is enjoying playing some horse jumping game (seriously???!!) and I’m enjoying reading book after book and yes, it does now follow me wherever I go 🙂

P.S No I’m not one of those people who uses it to take photos. Perhaps I should test it out in the garden… Nah.

So… Onto the garden. The following photos are a week old now, so things are a little different i.e. Tete-a-tete are blooming, the Hellebores are open and there are a few more Irises and Crocii out.

The autumn Cherry is still blooming, and I noticed there are some nice, fresh blooms that are as yet undamaged. However, most are a rotten nasty mess after all the snow… Here’s hoping I get more blooms in April/May…

Autumn Cherry

Autumn Cherry

Oh yes! And I forgot to mention the nightmare that was last week at work. Phew, so glad that’s over!
Definitely an almost worst-case-scenario type of week. Not helped by me getting a cold, dragging myself in on Wednesday to open the office so people could get in, make sure emergencies are covered, then left as soon as everything was sorted. Went back on Friday, to more emergencies, panics and general smacking head against the wall situations.

I’m never, ever allowing my colleague to have a holiday. Ever. Again.

Harsh maybe?

So, where were we?

Sedum is completely invaluable. Lovely blooms in late summer, insects love it, cute fresh growth in winter/spring and blooms that look amazing. Still. I love the burnt firey red colour when the sun hits it. Plus, it looks amazing with frost and snow on it. Win.


Taking photos of the lichen on the Star Magnolia reminds me it’s Moss season; must take photos of the mosses blooming.


Why do some Crocuses stick their tongues out before developing fully?

Crocus Tomasinianus

See what I mean?

More are blooming now, and I wish I’d managed to get photos this weekend. Somehow I ended up at the cinema today, so wasted most of the day… Plus, the heating wasn’t working and when we left I couldn’t feel from my knees down I was so cold.

And finally, more Snowdrops… I can’t help myself.


Copyright 2013 Liz.
All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.


17 thoughts on “Catch Up

  1. Ah perhaps the snowdrops will be this year’s forget-me-nots….probably not as I await your pictures of those powder blue flowers…these pictures are again amazing as that lichen is superb…hopefully this week will be netter for all of us.

    • Hi Donna,

      I don’t think anything will replace the forget-me-nots… 😛
      And for once, I’ve some nice clumps of my own and don’t have to steal so many from my parents! Ooooh, it is exciting (but I will still relieve them of some.) I’m hoping mine will be whites that I sowed/planted last year, but with the bad spring they didn’t bloom last year. So I *should* have quite a few whites.
      I know Lichen is boring… But I’m really pleased to see it actually. Living a couple of miles out of a major city doesn’t fill me with much hope of such organisms; especially as they require clean air. Definitely a good sign.

  2. Now I thought I read a fair bit but my efforts pale in comparison Liz. I got an IPad for Christmas but have not used it for reading yet – screen glares too much for my eyes so sticking to books and my faithful old Kindle. Think that my autumn flowering cherry has not had its second flush yet but must check 🙂 Hope that you have a better week at work.

    • Hi Anna,

      Well I managed to leave my pad at work so looks like I won’t be reading anything tonight… How will I entertain myself??? I’ll be asleep by 9pm no doubt.
      Fingers crossed for your autumn cherry… and mine. Really hope it gets a second wind this year!
      This week at work *should* be better, yes. I think last week was exceptional, and half term made it worse because lots of people were off. So far actually it’s been OK… Not that I wish to jinx myself!

    • Hi Ronnie,

      Feeling a little bereft; I managed to leave my pad at work… Didn’t realise the time so ended up rushing out the door! Not sure what I’ll do tonight now… I’ve got a post to set up, but it was going to be a photo post so there’s very little to write. Hopefully the weather will clear tomorrow and I can get photos for the end of month post. Although… There’s not much difference to the end of Jan.

  3. Aha, I plow through lots of book in the winter as well. Love my kindle, but it gets expensive quickly when it’s so easy to just push a button and buy a new book . . .
    Love the lichen photos. I’ve been happy to find lichens growing on my trees. They mean the air is healthy, right?

    • Hi VW,

      I know exactly what you mean… But then I just think to myself that I’d be buying them anyway… But yes, i am probably spending too much on books. I know I’ll burn myself out soon and will eventually slow. I’ve also got to the point now where I’ve got to wait for books in a series to come out… Frustrating!

      Yep, Lichens like clean air and the more species you have, the cleaner the air is. I can’t hope for many species here; it’s unreasonable to expect perfectly clean air 2 miles from the city centre, especially as I’m close to major routes into the city, so lots of cars and buses pass by.

  4. Super photos of all your flowers, I’ve never seen my crocus putting their tongues out at me, must check next time!! Snowdrops are so dainty, elegant and just plain gorgeous, where would we be without them at this time of year!

    • Hi Pauline,

      I’ve seen crocuses doing quite a bit… Guess its just mine?? 🙂 wonder if I should be offended…
      Snowdrops really are amazing, especially when there’s little else around. Bluebells are also fantastic, but by the time they’re out a lot of plants are growing and blooming already so their impact isn’t quite as stark; but stunning regardless.

  5. Ah, Liz, you never see brown grass around you? You lucky thing! Our grass is brown every winter because of the cold, regardless of how much snow we have. Our average high temp in Dec and Jan is just one degree above freezing. Anyway, brown lawn for months in winter is one more reason to have less of it.
    I had included a couple of white vinyl arch/pergola structures, but then took them out for now. I’m going to wait and see how this turns out and then decide whether something like that would fit or be too busy. I’ve been thinking of which vine(s) to grow up the side of the swing set, though 🙂

  6. What a beautiful set of picutres. I don’t enjoy reading so much now that I have to wear glasses. The family keep telling me to get a kindle or the likes but my reading time was also bed time and I just love that feeling of dropping off with a book in my hand, you can’t do that with one of those machines, can you!!
    I’ve never noticed moss flowering before until I noticed a bit in the garden had a yellow flower going on!

  7. Hi Liz, beautiful photos, even of the rather rude crocuses… Lovely to see cherry blossom so early, albeit carefully framed to avoid the manky bits! Work sounds a little rough, definitely a holiday ban for your colleague. And roll on Spring, we’re ready. Honest. Oh, as to your new toy, sounds fab – I have been welded to my Kindle for nearly two years now, wouldn’t be without it, I do so love being able to have so many books available so easily.

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