End of Month – February 2013

I’m not so sure if it’s worthwhile making a post this month… Things are pretty much the same, albeit yes the Crocus, Iris and Tete-a-tete are now out, but they don’t make much of an impact at the moment… they’re not opening all at once, just the odd bloom here and there as I think the cool temperatures are holding them back (and keeping the snowdrops blooming, so shouldn’t complain).
Also, I’ve noticed the clumps of snowdrops producing more as the weeks pass… For example one clump has suddenly added another 5 blooms.

This weekend is forecast to be really rather nice, so I aim to get out and chop things back before they properly begin to grow i.e. roses and such need cutting back as the buds are opening and should probably also floor one of the Buddlejas.

It’s almost that time of year!!!

Oh yes, you know what’s coming!




I’ll have to ‘acquire’ some from my parent’s… I have a few plants, which should be white ones, but as always they’ve refused to seed in my border… By now the borders will be full in their garden; full of easy pickings for me 🙂

The front garden is looking quite nice, just waiting for the Crocus to open… This border will always be behind the others as it receives no direct sunlight at this time of year. It’s light enough, just not direct. Soon it will be full of Muscari too; although I’m concerned some don’t appear to be growing… I had loads last year along the front of the border but so far no sign of them 😦

Blooms in the Front Garden

Hellebores, Corkscrew Rush, Snowdrops, Crocus and Iris

Many of the plants still look very much flattened after the snow(s). I’m looking forward to fresh growth appearing and covering the otherwise bedraggled older leaves. The borders also in general look untidy and need a good tidy and mulch.

Cherry Border

There’s a few Hellebores with buds on them, as yet none are nice and mature so generally I only have one stem off each plant… Just need the patience to wait for them to mature.


Something seems to be missing from the Aster border… I’m not sure what it is yet… I think there’s quite a lack of bulbs. I wonder if the wet summer was too much for them and many rotted.

Aster Border

Will definitely be tidying the right border, I placed dead growth to help protect plants from the worst of the cold and it’s time to get it moved now and more attractive mulch in its place. I’ve a compost bin full I could use on some of the borders so I don’t need to buy quite so much.

Right Border

The poor Erysimum will have to go… they’re bent over with no chance of recovery; a shame because they’re nice mature plants. I just need to decide whether to pull them out sooner rather than later.

Goodbye Erysimum

Job for the weekend: Mulching and tidying borders, including pruning roses and shrubs/climbers.

Some weeds are beginning to pop up too, so I ought to get on top of them and I might have a go at planting some of the Foxgloves; is it too early to attempt planting my Corncockles I sowed last year? They’re sizeable/strong plants now at around 20cm but look nice and sturdy and not at all leggy.

Apologies for the following rant…

but I’m really furious with Photobucket right now. They’ve updated their site and quite frankly now it’s terrible. Not only do they think it’s a good idea to look like facebook – erm hello, only 5 years too late on that bandwagon – but also we can’t change the options for uploading images. So what does this mean? Well it means they automatically upload my images to a certain size, which is making them smaller and hence the loss of photo quality in this post (some look pixellated because they’ve been stretched).

And I’m angry.

So, needless to say I’ve given them terrible feedback and am considering leaving them because of it. I’ve been using PB since 2004… Yes 2004!!!! With no other problems and have otherwise been happy with hosting my photos there. Other than a general slight reduction in the quality of my photos, which I could forgive as it is for the web and it’s not like I’m sending them to print so it didn’t matter all that much. But now being restricted to 1024×647 is just abysmal. I could understand if they were restricting images to say 2GB or something but as all my photos are saved for the web in Photoshop they rarely exceed a few hundred KBs so the actual filesize is quite small (and also means they’re not good enough quality for people to try to sell as prints but they’re fine for the web as the internet works at 72dpi).

Photobucket; you suck. Sort it out.

Copyright 2013 Liz.
All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.


8 thoughts on “End of Month – February 2013

  1. You have reminded me that I must move some of my forget me nots in the front border, far too many there and the woodland could do with some. We still have a lot of tidying to do to the borders, but one job at a time. Some of my hellebores have only just started flowering, never known some to be so late before.
    You have a bee on your lovely flowers, haven’t seen any yet, but then it has been so cold!

    • Hi Pauline,

      I did quite a bit of tidying today and managed to floor one of the Buddlejas. Feeling much better now and things so look more tidy… It was beginning to frustrate me a bit having all the ragged and dead growth. Plus, I’ve opened up the borders so the spring bulbs get more light.
      Oh and I think I’ve figured out what’s missing. Alliums. I’ve only got a few coming up so far and I’m not sure whether to be worried yet. After all, they generally are later – May bloomers – but still. Many of the borders will be dead without them. Also sad to see no Sweet Rocket this year.

  2. I also love forget me nots. Have you ever tried Brunnera macrophylla, which is called False Forget Me Not? This spring I’m thinking I will fill in some of the early bare spots with pansies and forget me nots.

    • Hi,

      I have one Brunnera, yes in the front garden which so far I haven’t noticed any growth on it but there’s still plenty of time for it to bloom.

  3. I have a carpet of forget-me-not seedlings that I am sure I should thin, and I do want to move some around. No idea if they would survive in the post but I am happy to try? Bet once you have done some clearing and mulching you find bulbs popping up all over the place, I’m sure I spotted some in your aster border. Sorry about your photo frustrations…

    • Hi Janet,

      It’s OK; my parents have three borders almost solid with them so there’s plenty for me to take 🙂
      See what I mean:

      It’s the one time of year when their borders look amazing.
      There are some bulbs in the Aster border, yes but not enough. So far there only really seems to be Tulipa Turkestanica popping up, along with a couple of Alliums and pretty much nothing else. (should be way more Alliums and I’m beginning to worry they’ve bitten the dust. It’ll be a massive problem if the Allium show is dead… I depend on them so heavily!)

      • Ah. yes. I see what you mean. I don’t really know what I am doing with forget-me-nots, they didn’t take to my old garden, but I love the idea of a blue haze – so long as I can have other things taking over from them once they are over. Hope your alliums are merely late, like everything else.

        • I think you just pretty much leave the forget me nots… They generally seed everywhere on their own… Except in your old and my gardens! Lol. That’s the thing; they don’t have much to replace them once they’ve bloomed… But that’s purely because dad doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing and pulls out anything mum attempts to plant. I’ve started to attempt to weed for them thinking if I weed, there’s no need for dad to and hopefully plants will survive. Think it’s a losing battle and a waste of my time though.

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