Safari Sunday

Wow, where has March gone? It is really almost halfway through the month?? And yet here we are with another blast of cold weather, winds and snow. It’s been a few years since we last had snow in March… The year we moved in – 5 years ago now, we had some in April but it lasted mere hours.

Regardless, the birds are still singing and the spring bulbs still strutting their stuff, as the perennials are stirring in the wings.

These photos were taken last weekend, so I’m playing catch-up once more… last weekend was a wonderfully (almost) warm spring day. I also saw my first Hoverflies – drone flies of the year… Still waiting to spot the first Ladybird and Bees.

Drone Fly

Drone fly enjoying Crocus and Iris

Iris Reticulata is still with us, even if the show isn’t so good this year… I’ll have to make sure I buy some in the autumn.

Iris Reticulata ‘Harmony’

Of course, I couldn’t have a post without Snowdrops… It’s very late for them to still be around – and they still look good!

Galanthus ‘Nivalis’

However, it’s the Tommies which are really showing off at the moment…

Will I ever tire of them?

Crocus Tommasinanus

‘Cream beauty’ is also living up to its name, too. I’ve many of them in pots because I didn’t manage to get them planted thanks to the wet autumn.

‘Cream Beauty’ and Tommasinanus

I don’t think I’ll ever tire of Tommie though….

Crocus Tommasinanus

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All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.


22 thoughts on “Safari Sunday

    • Hi Donna,

      I hope this long winter means a good spring! We’re about due a nice summer considering last year’s disaster!
      We’re back to bitterly cold temperatures too – lots of wind coming from the east (scandinavia and russia) and bringing with it snow flurries which is turning out to be quite deep in the south (for once, they get it. Ha-ha).
      Hoping you get warmer weather soon, too 🙂

    • Hi,

      Hopefully spring is almost here, yes! It was well on its way in January… then we got snow and it’s been delayed ever since! At least I still have snowdrops blooming which really ought to have given up weeks ago.

    • Hi,

      Fingers crossed that your snow melts soon! Really fed up of snow now, but thankfully it generally hasn’t stuck around too long each time we get some.

  1. Snow flurries and icy cold this morning, my flowers are not looking very happy! Your Tommies are gorgeous in your sunshine, I have decided to buy hundreds more this autumn as they seem to do so well here. Hope you aren’t covered with snow this week!

    • Hi Pauline,

      The snow is pretty much gone here, although we have had blizzards on and off throughout the day none has stuck.

      I imagine for your garden you’ll need thousands of Tommies! I buy at least 100 every autumn and planting in groups of 10 soon goes!

      When I left work this afternoon I actually had an icicle hanging off the car… Not so much fun with the water also frozen even though I bought stuff with antifreeze in it… So couldn’t wash my windscreen.

  2. Lovely photos Liz. So nice to see your sunny, early Spring flowers which have brightened a rather bleak and very cold day here. We have snow flurries, a vicious cold wind and a chill factor of minus seven or eight! I hope it’s better there but suspect it may not be?

    • Hi Jan,

      It’s been OK here; snow this morning but only a slight sprinkling and all main roads totally clear. My main hazard was the snow billowing around in the wind, and my water frozen so couldn’t wash my windscreen Eeeeeek! Hairy drive to work, but thankfully it’s only a mile or two.
      Snow is practically gone now – only in the shady parts of the garden.

    • Hi,

      I probably shouldn’t complain about spring being late any more! Think I’d go crazy if we had such a late spring as yours… A few years ago we did, however at the same time it was amazing to see everything blooming together… Not sure which I’d prefer; spring to arrive slowly, or to arrive with a bang.

  3. Lovely blooms – I’ve only spotted 1 bee thus far and a few drone flies. Was exactly 1 year ago today that I spotted the first and only ladybird of the year in my garden!! Now we’ve 4 inches of snow

    • Hi Angie,

      4 inches of snow, huh? But you’ve got away fairly lightly over the last couple of months, haven’t you? This time we were fairly lucky with a dusting that didn’t hang around long. Although it has been bitterly cold all day and our stupid office heating is great at one end, but at the other barely provides any heat at all… Just a shame I sit in the cold end!
      Do you have many host plants to attract the Ladybirds? Often the same plants also attract Hoverflies as their larvae also eat aphids.

    • Hi Janet,

      Horizontal snow? Did it stick around? We kept having near blizzards throughout the day but it didn’t stick so the journey home was fine… Although I did have an actual icicle hanging off my car when I left! And also the water in my wipers froze so I couldn’t see through the windscreen on the way into work thanks the snow billowing around and hitting the window…………. Even though the stuff I put in apparently has antifreeze in it and keeps bird poop from drying to the glass- uh huh I believe that! Waste of monies.

      The creams and whites are the ones Bees and Hoverflies love… This was the first time I’d seen anything go to Tommy tbh… In fact also the first time I’d seen something attempt to get pollen from the dwarf Irises too.Guess it was desperate for food.

  4. Love the images of the drone fly! I wish I had crocus, and snowdrops here, but our ravenously hungry wildlife are only willing to allow me to grow daffodils. I’ll have to live vicariously through your photos instead. And I agree, your Tommies are truly stunning. I can’t be believe it’s almost officially spring!

    • Hi Clare,

      Awww, such a shame to be unable to have Snowdrops/Crocus – perhaps indulge in a pretty pot of them indoors or near to the house where voles etc won’t venture?
      Oh, I know! Hard to believe it’s the middle of march already… where did the months go? Flying by when we’re having fun no doubt…

  5. Your macros are breathtaking.I love crocus tommasinianus too and I now love those creamy ones without doubt.
    You seem to be right: spring is moving on no matter what. I’m so glad of it.

    • Hi Alberto,

      Many of the Crocus are in pot this year after too much rain over autumn making it very difficult for me to plant them… Not sure if it’s worthwhile planting them in the garden as I aim to get the house on the market this year… However I know I also won’t want to take lots of little plastic pots with me to the new house… Guess I could always let them go dormant and them bag them up until autumn.

      Really, really would like spring to arrive now… I want to spend my weekends and evening in the garden once more! And I think being cooped in the house is adding to me getting ill far more frequently than normal – once a year for me, sometimes not at all. 4 times already since December!

      • Wow! New house and garden on sight? I’m looking forward to see what’s next!!! I guess your thought about bagging up the corms would be the best solutions.

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