Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – March 2013

What’s going on this month? Much of the same since January, really.
Snowdrops are still with us… How long is that now?? Regardless, the garden marches on, the days continue to lengthen and yup, the snow continues to return time and again.
This time, we didn’t have any problems and for once I’m actually feeling kinda smug about that fact… However, I can empathise with those in the south and large areas of Europe.

Needless to say, temperatures are hovering barely over 0, but are due to get up to around 8/9 by the weekend; let’s ignore the windchill factor, shall we. On Monday I actually had icicles hanging off my car when I left work… There’s a first!

Comparing it to this time last year when we were happily enjoying a very warm early spring… I hadn’t used my coat in weeks and was considering rain to purely be an urban myth. In terms of blooms though, there wasn’t much difference between the years… Granted, trees and shrubs had tender leaves on them, and I also had Anemone, Tulipa Turkestanica, Pulmonaria, Aubtieta, Muscari, Fuji Cherry and Forsythia in bloom… These plants are almost there, the only one not almost blooming yet is Turkestanica.

I have managed to tidy some of the garden, cut many plants back and placed the dead cuttings over the soil – rightly assuming the cold weather hadn’t yet left us. Today I intended to pop out and move/plant some things but as the Hellebores were still face-down in the ground, obviously the soil was frozen. Tulips this year are going to be very few; the wet summer has done them no good so I might attempt to buy some in the green…

Right now I am so pleased I went on a ‘gottagetmoarHellebores’ mission last year. Some came in lucky dip type bundles, which is great… However it means I don’t truly know what I’ve got!

Helleborus in the garden – top: Unknown, bottom: unknown, Niger and ‘Harvington Double Purple’

Hellebores and Crocus – top left is ‘Harvington Double pink’ and the bottom are ‘Tutu’

I’m not yet ready to give up taking Snowdrop photos…. So you’ll have to humour me for a little longer… Of course I’m also trying to show off the Primula in the background too.

Primula Vulgaris

I know it seems terrible that I don’t know which Crocuses I have in the garden, but in my defence the yellow was brought with me from years ago… I think I must’ve bought it at least 10 years ago now… The reason for the questionmark next to the Tommy is because last autumn I had the bright idea of not only ordering one type of Tommy, or two types, but THREE types. And I’ve noticed a vast difference between this shade of purple and the rest so I’m going to assume it’s ‘Ruby Giant’. The other two are ‘Whitewell Purple’ and ‘Barr’s Purple’ which seem to be pretty much the same shade.
(Oh and I’ve also discovered I didn’t order Galanthus ‘Nivalis’ but ‘Ikariae/Woronowii instead!!! Did someone drug me at the time??? I always stick to the same Tommy and Snowdrops!)

Oh well, back to the photos.

Crocii Tommasinanus ?, and Unknown Crocus

Although technically not a bloom, the colours Pheasant’s Tail Grass are well worthy of a mention… Previously I’ve cut this one back as it almost died in a very hard winter a few seasons ago… it’s bounced back nicely and I’m wondering whether to cut it again or leave it this year? There doesn’t really seem to be any dead blades so I don’t think it’s necessary.

Pheasant’s Tail Grass – Anemanthele Lessoniana

Of course I have to feature an Iris… Boring I know; but this is attempting to be a true portrayal of what’s in bloom… So, Iris Reticulata and a shy little Muscari bloom getting ready to shine.

Iris Reticulata ‘Harmony’ and Muscari ?

Tete-a-tete, Iris, Crocus ‘Cream Beauty’, Crocus Tommasinanus ‘Ruby Giant’ and Cyclamen Coum

Meanwhile other Daffs/Narcissi aren’t quite in bloom… I think these below are ones that were already here when we moved in and are the classic large solid yellow types. Anemone blanda is almost in bloom, and the never ending blooms of Erysimum ‘Bowles Mauve’ are still with us.

Unknown Daffs/Narcissi, Anemone and Erysimum

Finally, I’ll finish with the obligatory Snowdrop image, and of course Crocus Tommasinianus.

Galanthus ‘Nivalis’ and Crocus Tommasinanus

Please pop on other to Carol at May Dreams Gardens to view what’s going on elsewhere around the world.

Copyright 2013 Liz.
All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.


17 thoughts on “Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – March 2013

  1. You garden certainly isn’t disappointing, that’s for sure. That was a rather nice selection of pot luck hellebores. Like you I prefer to know the names of my plants. Sometimes just not possible especially with inherited plants. Happy GBBD 🙂

    • Hi Angie,

      Haha, I’d like to know the names of the Hellebores… Only because I seem to have developed an obsession for them… All I know is they’re some type of Orientalis and can take a guess that the whites are ‘niger’ but they do look more round compared to my other nigers… So I’m not certain.

  2. Nothing boring there, just lots to make me smile, and feel a little envious of. beautiful hellebores. Apparently Ashwood nurseries sell small plants quite cheaply later in the year, so that is my current plan for stocking up. Anemanthele looks so beautiful, Karen has promised me some of her seedlings so that is a powerful incentive to go and visit her lovely garden in the flesh – or should that be in the green?!

    • Hi Janet,

      There are some lovely Hellebores on Westcountry nursery, which has an amazon shop and they’re only £4.50, but they’re also small so may not be blooming this year.

  3. Such a lot of super flowers, no-one would think you had so much snow and wind earlier! Plants are amazing how they cope with all the weather that is thrown at them. You have such a lot flowering, your garden must be looking very pretty.

    • Hi Pauline,

      I am quite surprise things are blooming well considering the snow, although so far the shrubs seem to taking their time opening their buds – first signs of Magnolia Stellata beginning to open – but generally so far no fresh leaves other than on Roses.
      The Tete-a-tete are really cheering the garden up, and actually do a very good job of brightening the borders.

  4. My favorite is ‘Tutu’, but maybe that’s several years of ballet lessons talking. The macro photo of the tutu-looking ring of fluffy petals is gorgeous. Great color, too. Why do only 2 of the snowdrops I planted ever bloom? But those 2 have been blooming for several years now. Someday I’ll plant some companions for them.

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