Safari Sunday and March Foliage

We’re nearing the end of March, and since I didn’t manage to take specific foliage shots I’ve used some slightly older photos to compensate. The garden is currently under approximately 5/6 inches of snow so I’m unsure we’ll see much greenery for at least the next week.

Therefore, this post will serve as both a gardener’s foliage day and a more typical Safari Sunday.

So, let’s begin with the Pheasant’s Tail Grass! Another plant I can’t seem to stop photographing at the moment. I’m thinking it ought to be moved to a spot where it’s a feature. At the moment it becomes dwarfed by taller plants around it over summer.

Pheasant’s Tail Grass

The Kerria Japonica in my neighbour’s garden is coming into bloom… Or rather, it was. No doubt the snow has killed the few blooms off, but there are plenty more buds ready to open. This ‘lives’ nextdoor, but it’s grown enough and comes through the hedge into mine. Can’t complain really.

Kerria Japonica

Not your typical Tommy, this is ‘Ruby Giant’. I haven’t yet seen it open… I’d like to know whether it’s more or less stunning than ‘Barr’s Purple’ or ‘Whitewell Purple’…. I think I already prefer the lighter purples of the other two if I’m honest. We also have Black Elder, new and old growth of Sedums and the beautiful blooms of Helleborus Harvington ‘Double Purple’.

Crocus Tomasinanus ‘Ruby Giant’, Black Elder, Sedum and Hellebore

The unknown speckled Hellebore is probably Helleborus Orientalis ‘white speckles’… But who knows. Finally the leaves on Sanguisorba are large enough for real photos… When they’re first emerging they’re red and very small and it’s been more effort than it’s worth trying to get photos of them! Most of them time they’re out of focus so I give in.

Hellebore, Sanguisorba, Muscari and Rose

I love the contrast between the vibrant green of Forget-me-not and the deep red Sedum… Most of my F-M-N have really suffered in the snow and I fear this last lost will have killed off most of them 😦
They were all doing so well a month or two ago… And they should all be white ones that I sowed last year! Oh well.
We can’t have winter and not post photos of Moss… So very pretty and delicate.

Forget-me-not, Sedum and Moss

‘Cream Beauty’ looks very much dead under the snow too. I don’t think many of the bulbs can handle much more snow most seem to be really damaged this time.

Crocus ‘Cream Beauty’ and Tommasinianus

Unknown Crocii

I just love the fresh leaves on Aquilegia; they’re so vivid, and of course look amazing with water beads on them! The Aubrieta were almost blooming when I last checked… Hopefully the delicate buds are OK.

Aquilegia, Aubieta, Primula Vulgaris, Acer ‘Katsura’ and Helleborus Niger

And finally, just because they’re so beautiful… Maybe if I cut back the tall stems of the Flat-Topped Aster I’d get more light on the Sedum and be able to take more photos!



OK, so I know there wasn’t a great deal of foliage per say… Perhaps next month I’ll be able to get proper shots for this post? The year we moved in to this house we had a freak snow shower in April, so who knows? Perhaps we’ll be just as ‘lucky’ this year………………………….
Oh no, I just jinxed myself, didn’t I?

Copyright 2013 Liz.
All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.


10 thoughts on “Safari Sunday and March Foliage

  1. Winter has not been good to many this year….. It just seems to on and on doesn’t it! I love to see the new growth appear even if it is rotten weather wise. It brings with it promise.
    Lovely photography.

  2. Beautiful photographs Liz. If our snow ever goes away I am hoping to make some grass a feature in my garden too. I was hoping to see the flowers of the hundreds of bulbs that I planted last year but they have been snowed on so hard I do wonder if they will survive.

  3. Winter seems to be going on for ever doesn’t it, please let it stop soon! You still managed to find lots to photograph, your crocus are beautiful, I don’t think the purple ones are any better than the species and I think I read somewhere that they are sterile so won’t seed about. I hope your snow soon goes and that that no more arrives to mess things up.

  4. Beautiful images, they made me smile. Love he cream crocuses, and the new sanguisorba foliage. And hey, at least you did a post – I have been mired in stripping wallpaper and planning a kitchen, no gardening for me, I am almost glad it is so cold outside I don’t feel as if I am missing out as much as I would have been.

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