Friday Flowers

I wish I had something to show you all, I really do. However there’s just snow. Nothing to photograph.

OK, so after 5 days the tops of some plants are beginning to show again – Daffs for example, but everything else remains under the white blanket.


So much for my Magnolia Stellata blooming. I bet the buds have rotted now in the cold. I’ve had that happen before with late cold/snow.


I think all the Crocus have been killed, as have many of the Tete-a-tete; just as they have begun blooming in ernest.

I shouldn’t complain; at least I haven’t lost hundreds, thousands of livestock and newborn lambs like the farmers. Nor have we been without power for days. And we don’t have snow drifts of over 12feet either.


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All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.


22 thoughts on “Friday Flowers

    • Hi Ronnie,

      Thanks; they started out a greenyorange colour but turned into this… Not sure which I prefer… I actually quite liked the muted orange!

  1. Very true, the garden seems to be in suspended animation at the moment. Shoots started growing a couple of weeks ago, but now they look as if they are regretting it! Really hope your snow goes soon and things get back to normal,we might not have snow but it is just freezing in the wind, with everything getting burnt and looking unhappy. Your tulips are gorgeous, love the colour and shades of the flowers, they must cheer you up!

    • Hi Pauline,

      It’s crazy how the year has turned already and we’re barely even into it! I really hope it means we’ve got a good summer on the way….
      Just as the garden had begun to perk up again after the last lot of snow, it gets smacked down. I’m not sure I’ll have any F-M-Ns survive, and will have to steal a lot from my parents.

  2. Hi Liz, They are lovely, such a pretty colour and so cheerful in this never ending winter. Still bitingly cold here and some snow flurries again this morning! As you say though some have had it so much worse.

    • Hi Jan,

      It’s warmed up quite a lot today and a lot of the snow has melted in the back garden now… the front however is still completely covered – not even one patch of brown/green showing.
      No more snow flurries, thankfully! Trying not to get my hopes up though!

  3. These tulips are beautiful. The colors are brilliant and definitely spells Spring.
    Spring isn’t quite here yet either but we don’t have snow anymore, so that’s good. Hopefully it’ll continue to warm up in the coming days.

    • HI,

      I’ve gone a little crazy with the tulips over the past few weeks… At the moment I have 4 different bouquets 🙂
      I really need them though, and they’re adding lots of lovely colour; much needed considering most of the crocus and early daffodils are dead.

    • Hi Lona,

      I don’t think many, if any of my tulips are going to bloom. Our summer was far too wet, they have most likely rotten underground – the only ones with any hope of blooming are those in pots around the house/decking.

  4. Oh, how frustrating! I hope your magnolia turns out to be ok. It is so hard to lose a bunch of blooms you had been looking forward to so much. But the weather will turn, and who knows, crocus are really hardy little guys, they may not be goners. And if they are, there are the daffs and other spring bloomers coming.

    • Hi,

      I’m not too hopeful re:Magnolia. But perhaps I’ll be lucky and the buds weren’t too well developed when the latest snow arrived. Many of the crocus have mushed up under the snow – however Snowdrops have survived! Snowdrops have been blooming since Jan/early Feb… So frustrating.

  5. What a disappointment March has been for many. There are many who have lost a bit more than a few blooms, we should be thankful for that, I agree!
    Those tulips are gorgeous. Wishing your Magnolia a speedy recovery!

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