Weekly Photo Challenge: Colour

Don’t let the lack of garden photos fool you…


I needed to use these Tulip shots up


Not to worry, the snow has melted and we’ve had some nice warm and sunny days


Although the Hellebores are dead


All except ‘Niger’ and ‘Tutu’


Most I didn’t even get to see bloom; their buds teased me but never managed to open


I’m hopeful they will produce new blooming stems; but I won’t hold my breath.

Copyright 2013 Liz.
All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.


15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Colour

  1. Splendidi, questi tulipani! I colori sono davvero belli e danno tanta felicità ed allegria. Che bello averne di così anche nel mio arido giardino siciliano senza acqua.

    • Hi VW,

      Last year some Hellebores were still blooming into summer, so I’m hoping they’ll do the same this year so I will get to see some of them… The ones I’m most annoyed about though are the mystery ones that were in a pot luck type selection so until they bloom, I’ve no idea what they’re going to be!
      I think they have all survived in the sense that the leaves are OK. Just the blooms are droopy and beyond ‘just frozen’ and gone into flacid, almost mushy. I’ll check them this weekend, who knows; maybe they’ll surprise me.

  2. I’m sorry for your hellebores, I have some grown from seed (self seeded directly into other pots in my previous garden, actually) That have been finally producing some serious leaves this year and one also flowered. A pinkish green flower that I couldn’t really see because of all the rain and mud I’m under.
    The last picture and the versions of it are fantastic, how could you possibly put something onto focus and blur all the left part?!

    • Hi Alberto,

      Hopefully your Hellebore will produce more blooms soon so you get to enjoy them – perhaps bring them in and enjoy in a vase since you’re unable to enjoy them in the garden? I did that with roses last year when it rained all the time; brought them inside so at least I got to see and smell them. All that rain also caused the Hellebores to bloom really late in the year – I’m sure I still had some in June and July!
      So maybe the same will happen this year, as it’s so unusually cold for April still, they might still produce more flowers for me.

      As for the blur – it’s the lens that does it. I’m using a very low f.stop otherwise recognised as have a very narrow depth of field. This means only a small area is in focus at any one time. If I were to raise the f.stop then more would be in focus and there would be less blur.

  3. So glad your snow has finally gone and you are having warmer weather at last. We are in London at the moment with our son and dil and it is much warmer here thank goodness after the frost last night.
    Your tulips are wonderful, sumptuous colour!!

    • Hi Pauline,

      It’s always much warmer in London than anywhere else! Also much drier and smoggier! I’m always gasping for water when I go down; a very strange feeling.
      Ah, urban heat islands; aren’t they great? 😀

      I’m a little bit obsessed with Tulips this year… Buying bouquet after bouquet, and hopefully might even have some blooming in the garden! I’ve noticed one patch of either black or whites that have survived in a border! I assumed the rain would kill all of them off. Hopefully they won’t come up blind…

      Rather warm here today; I’ve just been outside and have come back in over heating. I pulled out two Erysimum that were too badly snow damaged. So I’ve moved one of the Tuberous Thistles and will move some grasses and plant more Erysimum to replace the lost ones. I have more to plant, but I think I’ll wait a little until everything is growing and I can see what’s coming up where so I don’t crowd/kill anything.

  4. Freezing rain hitting the window right now, but the garden’s early crocus and rock iris are persevering along with one or 2 hellebores that are just opening…not much else as the weather id fickle…I am soaking up the color and beauty of these images…I needed it.

    • Hi Donna,

      Ouch; sounds like your weather hasn’t really improved yet? Mind, we can’t really talk, as no doubt ours will go back to cold, snowy and icy again. It’s been nice for the past few days and I’ve seen my first Bee and Butterfly of the year. Today I’ve been out in the garden, moving and planting things and was too hot! I’ve also discovered most, if not all my Bonariensis have died in the most recent snow… Grrrrrr. Losing the Erysimum I can handle, but also the Verbena! That’s two of my best insect attractors gone!

  5. Beautiful tulips photos, the sudden spurt of warmer weather means some of the tulips I have inherited now have fat buds. I fear the worst when it comes to colours, but hey, after this “Spring” I will take what I can get flower-wise! Poor hellebores, though I am sure they will be back again next year, they are tough little beasts for all the delicacy of the flowers.

    • Hi Janet,

      There aren’t many Tulips here, certainly very few with buds on them (except the Turkestanica, that is). I’ve noticed some of the white/blacks I planted a couple of years ago have survived the terribly wet summer… Yet to see whether they produce blooms though. They even seem to have multiplied and there’s a clump of what looks to be around 4/5!
      I bet they’ll all be blind though.
      I’ll have to check on the Hellebores, although I don’t think I’ll see any new growth on them. One was actually looking completely dead – even its leaves 😦

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