Croci Everywhere

Less of the ethereal blur in this post

I was wondering where the random white Croci had appeared from… Then thinking a little more; I really should have lots of whites, after all I did definitely buy a bag of 100 a few years ago… looks like we’ve lost most of them! Only two have been spotted. I tend to go for creams over recent years, but I know I definitely bought whites a while ago.


These Tommies are so opulent and I don’t think I’ll ever tire of them.

Crocus Tomamsinianus and ‘Cream Beauty’

Some people might say I like purple too much…

Crocus Tommasinanus and ‘Cream Beauty’

Ya think?

Crocus Tommasinianus ‘Ruby Giant’

Crocus ‘Pickwick’

I’m kinda disappointed with the bulbs in the front, I wonder if it was all the rain, or the snow had just damaged most blooms… Last year I moaned about the leaves from the bulbs taking too long to die back, and they were surpressing the Saliva and other perennials planted… This year everything is still so bare because, I think of the cold and snow. So where I’d normally have lots of fresh Geranium growth, this year I don’t and I fear the Salivas were lost in the last lot of snow too. Just to add to my list of fatalities. Things were going well, Verbena had fresh growth, so did the Salvias… I daren’t look.

Front Garden blooms: Tete-a-Tete, Crocus and Snowdrop

Hellebore Tutu is another beauty, real beauty.

Hellebore Orientalis ‘Tutu’

After all, we are almost midway through April now so the Anemones are in bloom… Tulipa Turkestanica is clipping its heels and Forsythia is now blooming – photos to come for bloom day.


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All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.


11 thoughts on “Croci Everywhere

  1. Hi Liz, happened to me as well that bulbs don’t come true to type or don’t show up at all. No worries, we just keep planting and one day it’ll be smashing and just what we were looking for. 😉

  2. You have a fine selection of Crocii! I bought a couple of pots of white Crocus a couple of weeks ago and they are still tight in bud. I’m looking forward to seeing your other blooms next week.
    Check on those Salvias again…. Mine were coming away nicely and got pretty damaged. I noticed today that there are little speckles of green appearing.

  3. Well you know I’m a big fan of crocii – did you determine that is actually the plural form? Actually I just opened another window and looked it up in an online dictionary – it says the plural is crocuses or croci. Nice to know. Smiley little plants, no matter how you spell their name!

  4. fabulous images…I have crocii all over as well as iris reticulata but no daffs yet blooming or anemone. I wonder if I will have more blooms this year as my garden lives for snow. We are being drenched right now…2 inches of rain in 2 days and lots more to come. I’ll bet I get 4-5 inches by Friday….garden is flooded again.

  5. Super photos of your crocus, so glad your blooms survived your snow, ours lasted ]just a couple of days then were sent to oblivion by the freezing wind, that was it for this year! I’m going to have to get into the garden and cut back all the burnt flowers and shoots, it is just all so depressing out there at the moment.

  6. Beautiful crocus. Poor plants don’t know if they’re coming or going but maybe the long winter rest will give us a stunning summer display. I’ve never had any luck with bulbs unless they were in pots, now realise it was probably my cats disturbing them!

  7. Such stunning crocus photos, and wherever did you get the idea that you can have too much purple?! I had “Tutu” in my old garden, it is a beauty, and this from someone who generally doesn’t like doubles or semi-doubles. I’m guessing the front garden is more exposed hence greater casualties? I am envious of your anenomes, I spotted a single flower bud from the ones I planted last Autumn, so I suppose I shouldn’t give up hope, but no signs at all of the anenome nemerosa I planted under the acer 😦

  8. I like all your crocuses (croci? is that really their plural?), well whatever. They look like choir children, somehow. You just reminded me I might have lost a couple of salvias too under the rain though. Frustrating.

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