Friday Flowers

Last weekend I ventured out into the garden…

Took photos of Crocus and the usuals.

And suddenly, there it was. Quite how I missed it originally I’m unsure. I think it’s because there were ‘Cream Beauty’ Crocus just to its left and right and so my eyes skimmed over its beautiful star blooms.

Tulipa Turkestanica!

They’re so beautiful and every year I look forward to their blooms. I need more; lots more. I want nice little swathes of them.

Tulipa Turkestanica

After spotting the first, I actually began to notice that I had more in bloom too and thankfully since then many have opened and I’m pleased to see the new area I planted in the Buddleja border in autumn has produced blooms for me this year.

They look their best when blooming en masse or at least in small clumps, otherwise their delicate blooms can look lost.

Tulipa Turkestanica

Also, the number of blooms can vary depending on the plant and I’ve noticed all of the bulbs I planted a few years ago only have three, but those planted last autumn have 5+ so I guess must be superior stock even though bought from the same place (they can have up to 12 though!)

Tulipa Turkestanica

Not being a great fan of the showy Tulips, these for me are a nice middle ground… Actually, what am I saying?? I’m no fan of the larger ones?? OK, so I love them in vases – have had some for the last few weeks – but don’t seem to get on with them in the garden. Especially after the terrible show last year with the rain, I just… I dunno.

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21 thoughts on “Friday Flowers

  1. Hi Liz! I love this tulip too but my clump didn’t show up this year, I lost all of them, although there are some tender blades sprouting in their place, maybe the seedlings? It’s such a shame for me, since I think their show last longer after the blossom, with those beautiful seed pods…
    Nice pics as usual.

    • Hi Alberto,

      Sorry to hear you’ve lost your Turkestanica, wonder why that was? They should love your hot, dry summers… Considering our wet summer last year I’m surprised any survived. Hopefully the blades are seedlings and perhaps in a year or two you’ll have some more.

    • Hi Angie,

      I’d get quite a few if I were you, either that or plant them all together in a nice clump; that way you get the best out of them. Having one here, another there and so on just loses them, especially if they’re surrounded by lots of foliage.

  2. Those are lovely and delicate and perfectly captured by your camera. It’s OK not to love every bulb. My bulb display has been bugging me the past week – looking too chaotic – and I realized that I just don’t love the hyacinths. They’re too stiff or something, though I love the fragrance. Think I’m going to pull them all out and then I’ll like my spring garden again. Just the Tete a Tete’s and ‘Spring Beauty’ scilla would be enough together for now.

    • Hi VW,

      Ah, don’t worry about that; I don’t love all bulbs 😉 I’m generally no fan of Daffodils either, and tend to go for the smaller species (Tete-Tete and Minnow for example). Most of the large ones I have were here when I moved in or free and I’ve planted them or often planted them at my parent’s instead. I also don’t like Hyacinths and never have any at all. Although, yes the smell is nice I just find them stumpy, and too frillys… In fact I think they’re rather grotesque the way they have barely any leaf and this great big frilly head. Instead I have the Bluebells to provide the perfume as they are Hyacinthoides, after all 🙂
      Oooh, harsh words from me there. Hyacinths just aren’t for me, at all.

  3. I really like the species tulips as well. They are colorful without seeming overdone, as the hybrid tulips sometimes do (at least to me). The very same species has just started blooming in my garden.

    • Hi,

      I just wish the species were a little larger; not as large as they later blooming, larger ones but not as small as they are. A perfect inbetweener would be amazing.

  4. These are so much nicer that the larger tulips, maybe I ought to try some for next year on the alpine scree. Yours are so dainty and pretty, a lovely spring flower.

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