Wordless Wednesday – Sweet Rain??

Rain drops

Rain drops

Rain drops

Rain drops

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All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.


10 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Sweet Rain??

    • Hi Pauline,

      It’s a shame it chose today to open… I’ve been watching it and hoped it would wait until the rain stops… There are other buds though, so I’ll be able to get other photos 🙂

  1. Your meconopsis looks amazing, It’s a beautiful blue. Shame it choose a rainy day to open but this confirm how fussy these poppies are 🙂
    Is that chives you planted it with?

    • Hi Alberto,

      The blooms last a few days on Meconopsis thankfully, so I’ll have the chance to get sunn photos tomorrow or Saturday… Not to worry 🙂
      Yes there are some Chives near it, Alliums too…

  2. Of course you have the blue poppy. Niiiice. And it does look beautiful in the rain, even if gardeners look better when it’s dry 🙂 I replied to your comment on my blog but you probably won’t see it, so here again – I had a gorgeous lace leaf maple for a few years and then a cold winter zapped it. Completely healthy one fall, completely dead the next spring. So now I’m gun shy about buying any more. I need to look for one that’s hardy to zone 4 – one zone colder than us – and try it.

    • Hi VW,

      This is the first year it’s finally bloomed.. I think I’ve been waiting either two or three years.
      We’re in for nice weather over the weekend, so no doubt more photos to come!

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