Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – June 2013

The months are honestly flying by and it’s hard to believe it’s the middle of June now. Work continues on the house, I’m slowly but surely trying to get rid of any clutter and generally tidy/paint.

After a month or so of pretty awesome weather, it’s no surprise that the garden is looking its best. The plants would probably appreciate some rain and sure enough some is due later in the week… see, I don’t mind rain.

Rose season is beginning, albeit a little late but I can’t hold a grudge for long.

There are plenty of flowers blooming now, and actually we had our first real rain in a long time so lots of plants are now fallen over and look a mess. I can’t chop back the Geraniums and Centurium though because they’re only just beginning to bloom so I’ll have to put up with flattened plants for a while and gradually chop back. It’s also caused ‘Harlow Carr’ to double over as the blooms fill with water and can’t hold their pretty faces up, so looks like I’ll have the terrible job of bringing them indoors for vases. Oh woe is me. Ha ha.


Onto the blooms, we’ll start with Tiarella and some more Alliums. Oh and throughout the post you might begin to notice there’s a certain colour I like. I can’t see it myself but others have informed me there’s very much a preference to my palette.


Tiarella and Allium


Sweet Rocket

I’ve a number of Erysimum in the front garden, and surprisingly I love them all 🙂

Various Erysimum

Geranium Phaeum

Geranium Macrorrhizum

Geranium Thurstonianum

Daisies, Harlow Carr, Red Campion and Dicentra


Border, Geum, Sweet Rocket, Geranium, Astrantia and Rose

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21 thoughts on “Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – June 2013

  1. Now I wonder what the colour could be?! Lots of lovely blooms, your alliums are spectacular, but then so are the other flowers, June is a wonderful month in the garden.

    • Hi Pauline,

      Ah, I think I have way too much red 😉

      It has definitely been a beautiful month so far! I’ve just been out to water the pots and plants around the house and thrilled to listen to the sound of Bees humming. Although there aren’t as many as usual, and there are way fewer Hoveflies! (I’m actually really concerned about my lack of Hoverflies).
      The hedge is alive at the moment with the Bees attracted to the wild Raspberry blooms growing in it, then as the privet blooms open it’ll also attract Butterflies.

    • Hi Donna,

      Awww man, that sounds like you’re having a similar ‘summer’ to what we had last year! So heart breaking when all you get is rain. Even if the plants do love it (assuming you don’t have lots of drought tolerant or desert plants!).

  2. I’ve a lot of that colour going on too!
    I have to tell you that your orange and purple combination is superb! Inspirational – so much so it’s gone right to the top of my front garden planning list! I agree the gardens need a bit of rain. I was just planning a morning of watering tomorrow earlier this evening then the heavens opened. Hooray, one less chore!

    • Hi Angie,

      Later in the year there are whites and yellow in there too (whites are out now, actually) but then the purples will be dying away soon (actually leaving the lower part of the border where the Alliums are empty, which I plan to add grasses to for interest).
      I’ve just been out to water the pots around the house as they’re unhappy, and we were forecast rain all weekend pretty much but have only had one shower yesterday for about 10 minutes. So I didn’t mow or spend any time outside expecting it to be horrible! I’ll have to get the hedge trimmed and grass cut during the week instead.

  3. Ok, first of all, cool pics! Spring has definitely sprung at your place. Not familiar with Geranium Thurstonianum, but I love it. Happy GBBD.

    • Hi Mario,

      Thurstonianum is a thug! Beware that it does like a lot of space! Great for dark, shady, or dry areas and has beautiful blooms. Plus it flowers for months, where as the Macrorrhizum will be finished in the next week or two.

    • Hi Ronnie,

      I wonder how the season will progress… Not sure if I’ll have even a fraction of the interest. Certainly the cherry border will we just foliage and no blooms.

    • Hi Rose,

      Thank you very much. Not to worry, there will soon be a shift in colours – the Alliums are almost finished now and giving way to whites and soon yellows of Rudbekia.

  4. Ah, for the pink lover – I just brought home some Giles Van Hees veronica. I’ve completely fallen in love with veronicas – they’re so great for cut flower arrangements with roses or peonies or whatever – and have decided I need every cultivar. Or almost every. I’m probably up to 10 right now. Anyway, GVH is lovely, though more of a light bubble gum pink than the mauves you show above. ‘Purpleicious’ or ‘Hocus Pocus’ would fit into your scheme well, though!

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