Friday Flowers

Friday Flowers

Some quick photos, once again I’m behind thanks to being away for the week. I’m loving my wild flowers peeping up in various places. Fox and Cubs should bloom next year, but I’ll probably miss it if I move. It is, however next to the Geum so should mix nicely and add another orange hue to the party.

Field Poppies… What can I say? They’re amazing. And I saw THE most amazing field on the way home today, only a few weeks ago it was a rape field mixed with red poppies, the yellow blooms are now spent but the poppies are still blooming. An awesome scarlet red field is now in its place. I just wish I could’ve stopped for photos, but it’s next to a very busy road so there was no chance without a passenger.

Field Poppy

Lupin, Geum, Field Poppy, Ox-Eye Daisy and Salvia

Rose season, and now the Clovers! The Bees love them and I love them. The spent blooms will be mowed this weekend sometime (when it’s nice and cool) as they are a real eyesore.

Roses, Feverfew, Corncockle and Clover

Fluffy Elder, and yet I still haven’t ever made any elderflower cordial…


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10 thoughts on “Friday Flowers

  1. Lovely to see a field of poppies, a rare sight these days. Your geum is certainly firing on all cylinders. Would you not be able to save seed of your fox and cubs, so that you will have it in your next garden? I too have missed making my elder flower cordial, too busy gardening in this good weather!

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