Friday Flowers

Salvia ‘Sensation Rose’

Welcome to this week’s round of flowers… I’m ever hopeful that one of these days I’ll actually catch up on my photos. I seem to always be around a week behind.

Does anyone recognise the below rose? It was here when I moved, never a fan of yellow I’m beginning to think it might actually have grown on me over the past 5 years. It starts a rather golden yellow and gradually fades to tinged pink.

Golden Rose

Summer just wouldn’t quite be complete without Sweet Peas, would it? I will miss having them in vases when they finish.

Sweet Peas

The garden is in a transition to late summer now, Heleniums herald the switch in the year. I’ve been dead-heading many of the early summer bloomers and hope to get late flushes in the coming weeks.

Salvia,, Lavender, Campanula, Helenium and Yarrow

So, Pheasant’s grass might not be a bloom, but it’s pretty enough that technicalities don’t matter.

Pheasant’s Grass and Straw Foxglove

Finally, the White Salvia are doing great this year! It’s taken them two years to bulk up nicely and I couldn’t be more happy with them this year. I haven’t really noticed any Bees at them though, unless the other colours??

Salvia, Harlow Carr and Stipa

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12 thoughts on “Friday Flowers

  1. I don’t know if the weather is affecting the internet or if there is a problem with your site as this is the second time recently I have lost comments on your posts before they have been published 😦 Don’t know about the rose, but know what you mean about yellow – I was admiring a yellow rose at Wisley earlier this week whilst being aware I wouldn’t want it in my garden. The white salvia looks lovely – must look out for that – and I must go and check on the progress of my recently acquired yarrow as it struggles to establish here for some reason, any idea why it might? Lovely photos, as always – thanks for sharing, Liz

    • Hi Cathy,

      Not sure – might well have been a glitch with wordpress, I haven’t had any problems commenting on other blogs, but then I was at work when you commented 😉

      Exactly, I’d never buy a yellow rose but have to wonder whether actually I appreciate this one. Would I plant another yellow one when I move? I’m not sure. Because there’s always the risk it’s horrible. If I did plant one, would I hate it since I planted it and this one I put up with because I’m loathe to get rid of it? I don’t know how old it is, but I assume it’s old like all the others in this garden. It could well be 80 years old for all I know – there’s only been three owners of this house, the previous ones were only in a year, before that it was the same guy who was born here.
      Am I romanticising the situation?

      I’ll be moving soon (hopefully) so I shouldn’t really care any more 🙂

      The Yarrow has taken a while here, too. And seems to be attacked by greenfly/aphids most years so I’ve sort of given up on it. Although a couple of years ago I moved some seedlings I found and they’re now blooming. So maybe I’ll enjoy them again. Actually, I’ve just been photographing them as they’re combining to make quite a jarring mix… Pink Yarrow, red Helenium, white Shasta Daisies and self-seeded Ragwort. I kinda like it!

      • Ha – now you have it twice! It didn’t say it was published and just disappeared into the ether! Do you want to delete one? Definitely romanticising – I shall guess the chap who was born there bought it for a wedding anniversary for his wife…! Have you found a house yet, or are you just very hopeful?

        • I haven’t yet built up the courage to put mine on the market – still have a couple of jobs to do such as painting the bathroom ceiling and other bits and bobs but it’s on the horizon… I WILL get there.
          So I haven’t really been looking for houses yet, because I’ll only get upset when I can’t buy what I want! Better to wait until this is on the market and then start to look. I know the areas I want to try to move to and have done a bit of scoping to see what’s around a few months ago just to get an idea.

    • Hi Angie,

      This is Salvia “Schneehügel” and I think I’d be tempted to add more to the border… I think I’ll definitely get some more when we move and make it more of a feature. It’s just a shame I lost some of my other Salvias over the winter as there ought to be purples in there too.

  2. Well you know if I found a pot of veronicastrum at a nursery I’d have to bring it home, thalictrum or no thalictrum. Then scratch my head about where to put it. And please feel free to grumble to me after you move if your new garden is sparse or full of weeds or otherwise unpleasing, since I unloaded in my last comment.
    Your photos make me want every plant in your garden. Well, almost. Grasses make me itch, so they’re off the list.

    • Hi VW,

      Not to worry, I think we’ve all been in a similar position to yourself re: empty, weedy garden. I was when I first moved and actually I think I’d rather the next house have a very boring empty garden so I can start from scratch because I’ve found the areas I’ve struggled with the most here are those which were already planted. I find it very hard to see past what’s there and design my own space. Plus I hate pulling out any plants so things are left as they are and frustrate me when I struggle to feel happy with the area.

  3. I admire your dedication on the dead heading front, I have been particularly bad at it this year, though the cosmos ‘Purity’ seem to flowering prolifically despite my lack of attention! I liek your yellow rose, its funny how colours – and plants – can grow on you almost without you noticing. I found myself planting a yellow rose in my central bed the other day, it just felt right, having saved it from the reject pile when I was clearing the borders. I really like the subtlty of your straw foxglove – it seems to have been a particularly good year for foxgloves, so heaven alone knows what will pop up next year, the bees have been having a field day!

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