Wordless Wednesday – Golden Hour

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13 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Golden Hour

    • Hi Scott,

      Can’t you have them??!!! Oh noes! That’s really unfair. I’m guessing you don’t have anywhere sunny enough? Because it’s certainly dry enough to keep them happy! Saying that, mine aren’t in my sunniest borders.
      Heck, I’ve seen them growing in Edinburgh’s Royal Botanic Garden, so I’m pretty sure they can also survive Portland!

  1. And TT is back, looking more rosy than ever. Mine haven’t sent up any flower stalks in the past month, but there’s a month or two before the first hard frosts.

    • Hi VW,

      It’s the dusky light that makes TT sort of glow. It’s amazing. It brings out the red in the petals and they glow like tiny little fires… Ah, I’m becoming a little too poetic. The title to this post was meant to be another golden hour post, but I forgot to add that bit!

      I hope you get some blooms before the season is over! Mine came up quite quickly after the last blooms – in fact new stems had appeared before the last had finished blooming because I’d been deadheading as each stem finished.

  2. I can’t believe you have that geum still going on, it’s outrageous!
    I love dieramas, they look so grassy and yet they have those beautiful flowers arching above. Colours are stunning at sunset.
    But that ragwort is a new entry to me, i’d like to learn more, it looks like a yellow aster, it’s beautiful and I can picture it in my garden, it seems a tough plant, am I right?

    • Hi Alberto,

      The Geum is on its second flush, not anywhere near as prolific as the first but blooms regardless 🙂

      Ragwort is a ‘weed’ and has a bad reputation with farmers as it’s apparently poisonous/toxic to cattle, but I’ve read some stuff which sort of disagrees with it. Anyway, not that it bothers me as I’m not a farmer obviously! It will self seed everywhere in your garden if you do allow it, so you’ll have to pull loads out. But it’s amazing for wildlife -butterflies especially so you wouldn’t regret it. Plus it has bloomed for a long time. I think it grows in most conditions – my heavy clay, wasteground, fields, on the coast…

    • Hi Cathy,

      That’s a shame! They had them in (seemingly) all Dobbies stores last year. I’m not sure if they’re good from seed or whether you’d need a cutting; I could send some seed if you like?

      • That’s kind, Liz. I have to confess that although we have a Dobbies within 5-10 miles I have not been in for ages, having decided at some stage (perhaps wrongly) that its priority was not plants! Hmm, perhaps I ought to go and do a reccy?

        • Hi Cathy,

          Tbh, I haven’t been to Dobbies since Dec/Jan either so I don’t know if they had TT in this year, sorry. I do need to go to Dobbies in the coming weeks to pick up some bulbs to force indoors over winter, but other than that I’m going for a cuppa and something to eat 🙂
          I have to admit to feeling the same as you re:Dobbies though, and is probably why I haven’t been in a long time. Priority definitely isn’t the plants – just like any other garden centre tbh. The plants are often well over-priced and really it’s only worthwhile going for the offers in early spring 4 or 6 plants for £10 and such or late in the year when perennials are reduced to £1/2.
          Their gardening club was a waste of time for me, I knew I should never have joined when my mum told me she kept receiving someone else’s point vouchers. Well, I never, ever received any after having spent a lot of money there. So I didn’t bother to renew it, and yet I got a letter thanking me for renewing and the next year’s worth of free tea/coffee vouchers! Ah, so at least I’ll get a free drink when I next go 🙂
          I know it’s unethical, but hey I never received my vouchers, so I think of it as payment for that.

          Look at me ranting eh!

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