Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – September 2013

There’s a distinct lack of blooms at the moment, this will hopefully change though once the Aster show is in full swing. So far this year only the Flat-topped Aster is blooming. Not to worry as there are far more Asters yet to come.

As well as the Rudbekias are doing, the Echinacea as always is poor. Tbh I’m amazed they’ve even come back as they never seem to for me. But the whites are barely 15cm tall, and the pink one – which I love btw – has only the one blooming stem. Hardly a show, is it?

The last of the Monkshood blooms provide a nice splash of purple on the upper tier, meanwhile the Sedum is rather lovely this year… Shame the other Sedum I have is pretty much dead. Both were swamped out early in the year – one by Sanguisorba, the other by Shasta Daisy. A loss, but it’s not too devastating, as they are the Sedums that look really horribly awful when they die back.

Speaking of dying plants… I’m undecided whether or not I think Echinops dies well. The plant itself looks awful, but its heads I think I concede, do look nice.

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18 thoughts on “Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – September 2013

    • Hi Ronnie,

      I don’t think it’s quite as dire as I made out in this post… Just I had to write it before I went on holiday and didn’t have chance to get photos of everything (as well as saving some photos for future posts). I really need to snap some photos of my few Anemones before they’re completely battered by the wind/rain/cold. Never had pink ones bloom before so I’m desperate to get shots. Asters still don’t appear to be in bloom – do you think the cold has tricked them into thinking it’s winter already??!!!

      Haha, listen to me. I hate people just like me who say this. It’s just because it’s still boiling hot in Portugal and I’m struggling to get warm, at all. Just need to acclimatise again.

  1. I had to search for flowers this time, but managed to find enough to make a post. Summer is definitely over and autumn tints are starting. I agree with you about the echinops, they don’t die gracefully do they, I usually pull the old dead petals off and then they look a lot better before finally collapsing.

    • Hi Pauline,

      Funnily enough I still haven’t really seen any autumnal tints yet! The one thing I’ve spotted is my small Dogwood has turned red. Other than that most things are green – except for the Echinops, which I assume is now a rotting pile of mush. I’ll have to tour the garden tomorrow, see what’s happened in the past week.

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  3. I like your thoughts on how a dead plant looks – more often than not it’s the sight of a horrible looking dead plant that sets me of chopping it down!
    Lovely blooms – Echinacea don’t like my garden much either! We can’t win them all can we 🙂

    • Hi Angie,

      Sometimes it’s best to wait for the dead plant… For the sake of it looking horrible for a few days/week, afterwards they can look really very pretty. Especially over winter. For example, last year I chopped back Veronica ‘Twilight’ because it looks horrible when it first dies. Forgetting that the year before I’d left it and it looked magical with frost on it. So this year I’ll leave it again.
      Other plants… Well. They definitely need removing and nothing will make them look nice in death.

      The problem with Echinacea is – I LOVE IT. ha ha. I can’t not have it, especially the longer petalled ones like Pallida.

  4. What is it about echinaceas – I haven’t heard anyone yet say that they do well for them! I do have flowers on one, actually, but it has only been in my garden about 3 weeks and I forgot to include it in my GBBD even though I feel it would have been cheating! Your pink one with the downward sloping petals is lovely – any sign of any more buds? That’s a lovely clump of sedum and they look so much better once they get to that size, don’t they/? Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Cathy,

      I think I’m blinded by US blogs when it comes to Echinacea. They always seem to do amazingly well over there and self seed regularly. I’m generally a native flower kinda person and try to get them where I can. But I neeeeeeeed Coneflowers 🙂
      There were, at last check a couple of other buds on the Coneflower, but I’m not sure if they’ve died in the cold/wet. I hope I do get some more from it, but perhaps it’s too late now.

      Sedum definitely look better once they’ve formed a nice clump. They can look a little sad and lonely when immature but this year I’ve had them around 3/4 years now and I am really enjoying their impact.

    • Hi Natalie,

      Indeed, any bloom is much welcomed at this time. I do hope I still have some into November and December – as is the norm for us, sometimes until snow arrives in January – for me though, it’s the decay that makes me sad. The yellow hues replacing the beautiful, promising greens. In all though, this year has been a good one and I don’t have much cause for complaint.

      • The decay makes me sad too and my camera and I get so hungry for something fresh and lovely. As soon as it cools off we will get somewhat of a revival before it’s all said and done, and I am really looking forward to that. have a great day, Liz. Blessings, Natalie

    • Hi Charlie,

      I always struggle with the end of summer… strange because I used to love autumn and spring and actually not really like summer but for the past 5 or so years I just dread the first signs of autumn. I think I now prefer winter to autumn. As winter is beautiful in its own stark way. And nothing makes me more happy than the first signs of spring… the first Snowdrops, Crocus and Cyclamen.

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