A Quick Catch-up

Thankfully, as the summer comes to an end I’m taking fewer photos, which means less for me to sort though and even less chance of me needing to make ‘catch-up’ posts. Ok, so this time there is an excuse, as I’ve been on holiday (woo hoo) and it’s been a shock to the system coming back to really rather cold temperatures. So these images are from the end of August, but things haven’t changed much.

I cut back some of the Aquilegia seedheads, even though I think they’re actually rather pretty and frequently photograph them in winter. Meanwhile Flat-topped Aster is the only Aster blooming, still. I left with a couple of blooms on a white Aster in the front garden, and there’s still only a couple open. I think they’re teasing me now.

Every year I adore this combination. Last year they were joined by Asters, but I don’t think it’ll happen this year as the Crocosmia are now almost finished. The Stipa will, of course still look gorgeous when the Asters decide to bloom.

Pennisetum Macrourum is gorgeous, I decided not to plant them so I’ll have to be sure to protect them so they make it through the winter and I can’t wait until they’re fully mature with lovely planting around them – I’m thinking similar to the Stipa; Crocosmia????

I bought this Gypsophilia mainly for vases but also for lovely bokeh image… Only it’s actually been really quite difficult to get nice bokeh shots of it! So in a last-ditch attempt I think I finally managed it.

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20 thoughts on “A Quick Catch-up

    • Hi Alistair,

      Beware, the Aster is very tall – often taller than I am! So you’ll need a nice back of border spot for it. Oh and it does like to spread itself by underground runners that I have to pull up each year when it tries to take over. Mostly though, it’s well behaved and I only remove 5-10 new shoots that are going too far.

    • Hi Anna,

      I believe the Gypsophila is supposed to be perennial… Not sure. It’s handy though and I do enjoy the smaller, ground-hugging varieties in pots. It was a bit ‘leggy’ this year and ended up being blown around a lot in the wind so hopefully next year we’ll see more stems on it and a better form.

    • Hi Cathy,

      Ah, I have more grasses… Only most of them haven’t done that well this year! Considering it’s been mostly optimal conditions for them, I’m surprised. Only the Pheasant’s Tail grass and Pheasant’s grass have done well – Miscanthus, and various others are not happy at all.

      Holiday was lovely, thanks. Wish I was still there 😦 Normally I can’t wait to get home (don’t like going away for longer than a few days) but this time I had to tear myself away and was very tempted to extend the holiday as I’m not back at work until next week.

      • Ah, that’s like us with the going away, but I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t looking forward to being at home again – I wonder where you went….?

        • Hi Debs,

          My mum always goes away for 2 weeks, and I don’t know how she does it! Even as a teen I used to hate going away for so long with her. I think I’m obviously more like my dad who only ever goes for a few days, maybe a week.
          I went to Lisbon, chose September because it’s supposed to still be warm without being too hot. Instead it was 30C+, way beyond my comfort zone.

          • And I misjudged the heat here yesterday (Sunday) as we were out and about at East of England Showground – VERY uncomfortable, not that the Golfer thought so

  1. I love it that you love taking photos and regularly take too many to post. I have to make myself get off my duff in the evenings to take photos and don’t even try to get out right after sunrise. Backlit grasses are magic, aren’t they? Makes me wish I wasn’t so allergic – runny nose and rash, ugh. I just planted some Blue Arrows rushes, which don’t make me itch but aren’t quite as pretty as the grasses you showcase. They give some grassy texture, though.

    • Hi VW,

      I don’t even want to know how many photos I have on my harddrive. It’s a lot. And by a lot tens of thousands, perhaps more. It’s more a case of I’m trigger-happy and then don’t sort and delete as many images as I should.

      You may be only allergic to certain grasses? Mind, I know how allergies feel and it isn’t something you’ll particularly want to test to find out exactly what you’re allergic to. I tend to get Hayfever early on in the year, so can surmise that I’m allergic to tree pollens, but that being said I also had hayfever in the summer this year. So who knows. In fact, something is irritating me now and I’ve been sneezing all day. Either that or it’s a) a migraine b) a cold. I’m thinking the former two, because my nose is twitching, rather than running like when I have a cold.

  2. Gorgeous shot of the Aquilegia seedheads, Liz. I love them too and leave them whenever possible. Your grasses are nice as well. Do you know the Latin name of the Aster? Have a good weekend 🙂

    • Hi Annette,

      Aquilegia seed heads are a god-send over winter when there’s nothing else to photograph… Oh well, not for me this year. The Aster is Aster Umbellatus, starts blooming early i.e. in August and lasts to September/October. Is also a favourite of mine to photograph over winter, especially when there’s a hard frost.

  3. I just spent last week harvesting jewelweed and making oils,with the weather changing its time to think about harvesting for the winter, thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures, its inspiring..

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