End of Month – October 2013

I can’t believe it’s November… Others at work have said the same. I’m not sure if I’m glad or sad time is passing so quickly!

Onto the garden, well it’s pretty much the same as the foliage photos. Only everything is a little more dead or a little more yellow/orange.

Asters continue to bloom, although it’s proving very difficult this year to get good photos because it’s been raining so much I can’t get outside. I managed only a small tidy in the garden a couple of weeks ago but I have to be careful walking around too much on our heavy clay soil i.e. I can’t walk on it and try to avoid walking too much on the grass as it’s boggy already in patches and I don’t want to make it even worse.
Therefore I haven’t thinned the buddleja and shrub roses yet in the front garden… Fed up of the rain; it’s beginning to feel like last summer all over again.

It would be perfect for planting/dividing if only I didn’t have the heavy clay. So all plans of taking plants to my parents have been put on hold until it’s dry enough for me to divide things.

Only few shots this month because it’s been too wet. I had to run out in the brief sunshine to try to get some photos. Everything seems to have bypassed the autumn colourful stage and gone straight to black mushy nastiness.

The right border, isn’t too bad but would benefit from a quick tidy – if I ever get the chance! The top side of the border has more colour with Rudbekia in bloom and some Salvia still going.

Flat-topped Aster on the right has suddenly turned black. I don’t think I’ve ever noticed this happen before; a result of the wet weather I assume.

This border isn’t too bad either, again would benefit from a quick tidy but I think mostly looks OK – really I just want to rake up the leaves and pull out the seedling geraniums from the flint.

Here we go, Veronicastrum at its worst. I *have* to cut it back because I can’t stand to look at it like this.

Perhaps the only border that I think is fine! No real complaints so far, there’s a large Geranium wargrave pink by the gate that I need to cut back but for now it’s OK.

And finally, a bit of Harlow Carr. I should bring it indoors for a vase…

I have been kept busy in the house though, working on emptying the loft for new insulation in a few weeks. I had already started throwing things away ready for moving. But this has given me a kick to get it done. Most of the boxes in the loft don’t even belong to us and are my parent’s or my brother’s. Frustrating ; our spare room is now full of my mum’s boxes. I haven’t even brought my brother’s down. We spent most of today bringing the last of our boxes down and sorting through them… We can barely get in our own bedroom!

We are supposed to go to Chatsworth tomorrow for their bonfire display… Tonight has been cancelled due to (more) heavy rain and high winds. I’m actually expecting ours to be cancelled too. In fact, I’m almost hoping it is because I’m not looking forward to slipping around in the mud.

Copyright 2013 Liz.
All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden


9 thoughts on “End of Month – October 2013

  1. I am sure there will be a reason for your loft to be full of everyone else’s boxes, Liz, or is this in exchange for a home for your treasured plants when you move? It’s a bit breezy here tonight for people’s bonfires, but at least it is dry – as your photographs show you have certainly had a rather unfair share of the rain but at least some things still look lush

    • Hi Cathy,

      My parent’s things are here because they also moved, and have since been building their own house. So in all honesty the things she has here are far safer in my hands than my dad’s. Especially as some boxes are crockery, ornaments and such. Dad has already smashed all of mum’s cut crystal glasses that they got as a wedding gift. Even with fragile tape all over the box, he still managed to crush and smash them. As for my brother’s things… Well, he did live with us but has since been filling our loft up with various things, but I refuse to move to another house and take his things with me. It’s about time he dealt with his belongings and stopped leaving them wherever he goes. The most annoying part is, he actually has things in a proper storage company! So why can’t he move it all to there??!!! Grr.

      Sunday was fine here, and Monday actually… But I don’t think it’s due to last. One day, I might be lucky enough to get out in the garden… One day.

      • Oh Liz, I hope so! And hope your informal storage facility situation is happily resolved too, presumably requiring a certain diplomacy as far as your brother is concerned…

    • Hi Donna,

      Not so sure about the beautiful part. it really is an eyesore at the moment. I’m not even a pristine gardener, but even I’m feeling frustrated by it. Especially because I can’t get out into the garden to do anything. I’m thinking I’ll just turn a blind eye until everything is totally dead and rotted away. Then it’ll look much better 🙂

  2. It feels like autumn has only really begun here and yet it’s November. I guess that’s a good thing, a nice October has meant that the summer carried on that bit longer. Still no frost and I’m contemplating whether to lift my dahlias or eke a bit longer out of them. Ah! The joy of boxes. Having moved 7 times in 8 years at one point, we have always been reluctant to get rid of boxes as they making packing and moving so much easier. So that will explain why even though we have been here 6 years the fitted wardrobes in the spare room are full to the brim with a whole range of boxes just waiting to be used again. Have you found somewhere to move to?

    • Hi,

      Although it’s been a really wet month, it’s also been very warm so actually until the past week or so plants have remained green. Even trees had barely changed. Now I’ve noticed a lot of trees have turned, including some in my own garden. We had our first frost last night – not on the garden or pavements/roads, just the car. It won’t take long before it comes though!

      The only cardboard boxes we’ve got rid of are the weak, thin types which over the years are also damp because the loft is cold. I have plenty of storage tubs though – some we’ve thrown away because they’ve broken – also have nice thick boxes, which are very useful. Although the idea is to get rid of as much as we can, rather than putting even more back up. So once the loft is done, the plan is to only have 10-15 boxes go back up, assuming I can get my brother to remove all of his (my parents will take theirs).

  3. I think all our gardens look a bit miserable at this time of year, I’m not one to follow the fashion of leaving it all till spring, apart from there being too much work to do in the spring, It is so wet in the winter, we end up with a soggy mess which looks dreadful!
    Reading about your loft reminds me of what is above me here, my mothers things from when she came to live with us before she died and our two children’s belongings from when they left home goodness knows how many years ago and our stuff from when we moved here! None of all this is needed so we ought to get rid of the lot!

    • Hi Pauline,

      Thanks; I thought I was the only one whose garden looks truly awful. I know it’ll eventually look OK once winter hits and it moves past that mushy mouldy stage to totally dead. I just need to turn a blind eye for the next few weeks until then. I can’t really do anything on the tier at all because it’s too wet and we’ve been having issues with the soil, when wet moving and pushing on the wood which holds it up. It really needs completely digging up and dealing with properly – an expense I’m not prepared to handle when I plan on moving. So for now I want to be as careful as possible i.e. not walking near the edge of the tier. Whoever built the tier, did so cheaply and rather poorly – just like the rest of their ‘handy’ work around the house.

      Anyway, usually it’s not so wet here. October has been the wettest in a long time, for us at least. Normally I expect October to actually be quite a nice month, with warm temps and the odd cold day/night mixed in. Then by mid November it’s just cold, dull, grey and then wet. So yes, I’m becoming increasingly frustrated by almost daily rain at the moment.

      I dread to think what a nightmare it would be dealing with your loft! Eeeek. I’m not a clean freak, but I’m also not a hoarder. I keep things that are particularly important, but am able to get rid of things which I think are just being kept for the sake of it without really holding many memories. So we are doing well and have a few empty storage tubs now and boxes from all the things we’ve got rid of. So I’ll keep things from my childhood (within reason, for example, favourite teddies, or My little Pony annuals), I’ve also kept some Uni things, but have thrown away most of my undergraduate and kept almost all of my postgrad work – mainly because I hope to actually become a planner and will therefore need some of the work. It’s difficult keeping up-to-date with the industry when you’re not working/studying in it though.

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