Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – November 2013

Another year gone; are things much different? I don’t think so.

With a couple of days off over my birthday I had the option to get something done in the garden… I watched the weather closely and made plans to visit a nearby park and to mulch/tidy the garden… then of course the day comes and all I want to do is relax! Have one day of actually doing nothing.

The past few weekends have been spent readying the loft for new insulation, which of course is dirty and tiring stuff. Then, on Sunday evening I suddenly became ill and had a lot of difficulty breathing. It was reminiscent to having chest infections when I was a teen. So Monday I booked myself an emergency doctors appointment because being asthmatic I don’t want a repeat of my teen years. Feeling like you’re doing to die is no fun.
Anyway, turns out it was a mild one. But that’s the second time now in a few months, I just KNOW it’ll eventually become the real thing.

So yes, back to the garden. I popped out for photos and realised although the sun is shining and when inside the sun was lovely and warm. Outside it’s in fact very cold. The wind has picked up and must be adding a lot of wind chill. So plans for the park and garden were scuppered (although I’m not really complaining!). I did however pop out quickly to use one bag of mulch on the window border. A 5 minute job, although rather difficult with my hair blowing everywhere and almost tripping up because of it 

As always I’ve cheated a little; some photos aren’t blooms but of interest anyway. And since I’ve pretty much lost all blogging mojo at the moment, I want to get the images used now otherwise I never will.

One Chrysanthemum is blooming, the other – a white one – did not bloom last year but has buds this year so I’m ever hopeful, it’s in a pot next to the front door and is rather pretty. Now, yes the Salvia has a bloom, but I wouldn’t say it’s blooming as such. It only has a few on it, but it’s colour regardless and the foliage still looks nice and fresh. I included the Honeysuckle berries because it’s the first time I’ve had any… I wonder if it’s meant to be a sign of a rough winter to come??
Sweet box is ready to bloom! Although it probably won’t open until Jan/Feb.

Stipa has lost all its colour now, I think I’ll leave it over winter though as it often adds movement and interest where there otherwise isn’t any. Erysimum needs no introduction… It’ll bloom until hit hard by snow. And finally, the Aster is almost finished. I’d like a shorter one as I feel this is out of place with everything else.

In general the pots by the front door are still doing well; Bidens has enough blooms on it for me to think it’s looking good, sadly though something is eating my Viola blooms – weevil no doubt – I will find it!!!

The Autumn Cherry has suddenly begun to change, actually the most dramatic change has been with the Acer ‘Katsura’ which when I took photos on the 11th leaves were still green and then today the 15th many are now yellow. So far there are also no signs of Autumn blooms on the Cherry…
Harlow Carr’s blooms will be cut just before any possible snow arrives so I can enjoy the last of the blooms indoors.
Time for a mystery… Two years ago I bought two Chrysanthemum; one white with a touch of pink and the other a fuchsia shade pink… So why do I have one which looks like a deep plum purple??!!!

Two plants that really ought not to be blooming are Lavender ‘Hidcote’ and a self-seeded Nicotiana. I’m concerned about the Lavender; the last time I had one blooming this late, it didn’t make it through the winter. This specimen was its replacement so I really don’t want to lose this one too and with snow a possibility sometime next week (maybe) I think I ought to try protecting it somehow.

In all, so far November has been quite alright. No real complaints, even the temperatures have generally been OK. I find it difficult to get photos at this time of year with the low sun and I’m on the wrong side of the hill so the sun doesn’t touch many of the borders anymore. It’s been much drier than October, and it’s just a shame I was unable to enjoy the garden last month. Already the lawns are a mess; lots of rain and mild temperatures mean it’s grown a lot already but it’s far too wet to cut. So it’ll drive me mad for the next 3 months or so until I can cut it.

Copyright 2013 Liz.
All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden


20 thoughts on “Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – November 2013

  1. always such beautiful photos…
    in the group of photos next to last
    I really like the maroon flowers and the leaves of the middle one on the bottom of the 5….
    do you know the name of it?
    What a beautiful Garden your Harlow Carr is….Thank you for sharing it with us…
    I would love to wander in it one day….maybe the next time I come over…
    Take care…

  2. The winter sun hardly makes its way into my garden so photos are difficult too which is a pity as the light at this time of year is lovely. It has been a mild and soggy autumn which is frustrating as it does mean it feels like autumn has slipped by. Just not enough clear blue days for my liking. Although saying that it was my birthday on Sunday and the sun shone all day which was a lovely treat. I hope your asthma doesn’t return. Could it have been the dust from the loft. I used to work in dusty museum stores which played havoc with my allergy.

  3. Such a lot of blooms still, have you had much frost yet? I hope you don’t have too much snow next week, the forecast isn’t good is it? Every flower that we find is precious at this time of year, I like your cyclamen /viola combination, that would brighten up any garden!

    • Hi Pauline,

      I’ve only once had to scrape frost off my car; but there was no frost on the ground at the time. So, no so far I don’t think we’ve had any ground frost.
      Last time I looked, we won’t be getting snow here but they’ll no doubt change their mind over the next few days or so. Also, it can be strange here and it’s not unknown for us to be hit by unexpected/unpredicted snow. I think it was a couple of years ago when the south of the city was hit by fast, heavy, snow at rush hour for around an hour and yet the rest of the city had nothing. Thankfully it was gone quickly.

      When I mulched yesterday I spotted my first cyclamen coum leaves in the borders! It’ll soon be spring 🙂

  4. First, I’m so glad you asthma attack was a very serious one! My grandson has asthma and he has had a few very serious attacks. I enjoyed your post and lovely photos and think your blogging mojo is very much still in tact. Blessings, Natalie 🙂

  5. So do you think the dust from the attic work has set off your asthma? Hopefully it will calm down when you’re not breathing such dirty air. The chrysanthemum is gorgeous. Enjoy the last of the fall blooms! Though your winter doesn’t last too long before the spring blooms start. Cheers!

    • Hi VW,

      The dust might have caused me problems, yes. I’m not sure because we’ve been clearing things out for the past three weeks, each time more dust and dirt coming down. I’m more inclined to say it was a mild chest infection as I was coughing a fair bit.
      There are already signs of the first spring blooms – Cyclamen Coum and Muscari leaves for example. But I don’t expect to see any real sign of spring until at least late December/early January with the appearance of Snowdrops.

  6. Hope you still managed to enjoy your birthday and are over the worst of your chest infection now. Your Harlow Carr is very pretty – pinks vary so much, don’t they? I have been equally taken with my bidens too, which started late but is still very happy. I am sure there will still be blooms to find next month (December….?!) which will help keep your mojo ticking over 😉

    • HI Cathy,

      Thank you, my birthday was fine, just a relaxed day and yummy meal in the evening. Off out tonight for a family meal, it’s light switch on in the city centre though, so I’m expecting it to be horribly busy again – last year the restaurant really struggled to handle the number of people that arrived and had to turn people away.

      Indeed, pinks can vary a lot and I’m very picky over the hue in my garden. I don’t like soft candy floss pinks and generally with roses always choose blue-pinks instead.

      Hopefully there will be blooms next month, although usually it’s just token flowers here and there such as the Erysimum.

  7. Oh, do look after that chest of yours, nothing more scary than that feeling of being unable to breath, and you so do not want to wind up in hospital. OK, nagging over, I like your white aster – and that mysteriously dark chrysanth is a gorgeous colour. I ducked GBBD because I couldn’t get out when it was light, not raining, and with less than a gale!

    • Hi Janet,

      Thankfully it’s been a long time since I had a chest infection. I seem to go through phases – does this happen to you too? For example I had two chest infections in a relatively short space of time as a teen and then a few years later had Tonsillitis in succession. Never had either before or since. I’ve also noticed a change in my cold patterns over the past couple of years. Normally my face collapses for the first 24 hours, by that I mean my nose and eyes stream constantly, then I go onto the bunged phase. But recently I’ve had much longer streaming phase, which also includes it being painful to open my eyes. So all I can do is stay in bed and try to sleep it off.

      Anyway, let’s hope I don’t get a cold this year!

      Don’t worry about posting your GBBD on the 15th, it should be fine if you post even now. If you’ve got the photos then you might as well post them 🙂

  8. I hope you are soon on the road to recovery Liz. Sometimes doing nothing is just what we need. A few days off are always filled with good intentions which often doesn’t materialize.
    Lovely images of your blooms. I’m finding lack of light an issue too. The buds on that Chrysanthemum look great, I’ve had flowers change colour but have never found out why!!! Have a nice weekend 🙂

    • Hi Angie,

      I’m fine now thanks, it was mild so never really got going as such. Just I don’t like to risk it; I still very clearly remember what chest infections were like as a teen and will not repeat the experience.

      Some jobs have been done, and I’m quite pleased with myself – my expectations were low – really the only thing I would’ve liked to have done is paint some of the entrance hall and give our house number a lick of paint. No biggie, but wish I’d done it. There’s always tomorrow, maybe. I’m looking toward Christmas now, in terms of having time off work 😉

      Ah, is your garden facing the wrong way too? Or rather, does something cast too much shade for winter shots? Lesson learned, here; make sure I’m on the other side of the hill when I move so I get more light in winter! For example, if it snows early then I won’t be able to get nice photos because it’s too dark (well, I can because thankfully the snow reflects light and makes it brighter, but I often have very dark, grey backgrounds and I have to do far more work removing noise from the shots). But if it snows later I can… Shame it’s far more damaging to the garden.

  9. Do take care of yourself Liz. As someone who has chest problems I totally understand how you are feeling. Suffering with Asthma as well, must make life extremely difficult at times. Resting was probably the best thing…..the garden will survive I am sure.

    My Asters have flopped this year. We had very strong winds during the Autumn and it caused havoc with the taller plants. I must remember to put more supports in next year, I never seem to have enough.

    Viola are just so pretty…….I have found many little seedlings around the garden this year, which is a very nice surprise. Rabbits are down in numbers at the moment, and that makes for much easier gardening.

    Lovely to see how your garden in progressing.

    I do so hope you are feeling somewhat better now……do take care.

  10. Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday Liz. I’m sorry to read that you’ve been under the weather. As an asthma sufferer (luckily now well controlled) I remember that horrible panicky feeling all too well when you are struggling for breath. Hope that you are on the mend. I wonder whose autumn flowering cherry will be first to flower this year. Love that white aster. Do you know its name?

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