It’s been quiet

First Snowdrops and Croci are appearing in the garden! And that’s all to report back on in the garden; my time has been taken elsewhere, from sorting the loft to reverting back to childhood thanks to a keen Pokemon addiction I seem to have acquired (I’ve never even really watched the cartoons when I was younger, but for some reason I bought the game on the 3DS…. Anyway.)
So yes, this year I didn’t get a real tree.

Shock horror.

Mainly because we have my brother’s artificial Christmas tree, which just happened to be sat in the spare room whilst the loft was reinsulated. I decided I should put it to use, as well as his decorations. Here the local council has a tree service where they will collect old real Christmas trees. Only it takes them a month after Christmas and I felt a dead tree in the back/front garden was not a good idea when I’m trying to sell (assuming anyone comes to view, that is).

So yes, we are the proud owners (not really) of a white and black christmas tree!

Unfortunately my brother didn’t have many baubles, so I had to use the tinsel/feathers otherwise it would’ve been almost bare. I’d rather not use them, because it’s apparently impossible to use tinsel on a tree and be stylish.

Of course, it also gave me the opportunity to use my Nightmare Before Christmas ornaments and baubles without them being completely out of place.

Can you spot the glass angel next to Jack Skellington?? Nice juxtaposition I thought…

Another year, and the same snowglobes. I hunted for more this year, honest. But they’re just not as cute/nice. This collection isn’t getting very far, because last year’s globes were disappointing too.

I’m not all about the silly/cute. Honest.

I can occasionally be sensible:

We’ll not mention I received a chicken hat from secret Santa at work, nor that I wore it when going to the local shops.

People complimented me on it though.

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All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden


6 thoughts on “It’s been quiet

  1. How wonderful that you are so young at heart that you enjoy life as you feel it….we should all learn from your wonderful outlook LIz. happy Christmas to you and yours! Thanks for the Christmas merriment…it made me laugh and I needed that!

    • Hi Donna,

      I don’t think I’ll ever be ‘grown-up’… I like what I like, and do what I like. I guess I just follow my instincts and if I want jovial, cutesy things then I get them. They are all mixed together; for example I have snow globes next to pretty tea light holders and Deer ornaments.

  2. Thanks for my laughs too, Liz – I wondered what you had been doing and now I know…Have a lovely Christmas (with or without Pokemon) and let’s hope they are soon queuing up to buy your house 🙂

    • Hi Cathy,

      There has been some Pokémon this Christmas, but mainly we’ve been playing a new Mario game for the wiiu, which btw is rather fantastic.
      Hopefully now Christmas has gone, people will begin house hunting again – we started soon after Christmas when we bought this!

  3. Sounds as if you are busy Liz sorting before the anticipated move – no doubt unearthing all sorts of memories. Hope that all goes well with the house sale. Wishing you peace and joy at Christmas and happy gardening in 2014 xxx

    • Hi Anna,

      Hope you had a lovely Christmas! Is your autumn cherry blooming yet?

      I had quite a nice, slow Christmas… It’s sort of odd being in a state of limbo when wanting to move, but also trying to continue being normal.

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