After the Festivities

So, that’s Christmas finished for another year. It’s time to relax and enjoy a few days off work. My brother and his girlfriend are risking the sales; I don’t go near shops for at least a week or two.

I’m hoping they bring me a Starbucks back.

With a few minutes spare, I’m suddenly in the mood to blog! I snapped a some shots a few days/week ago; mainly in my excitement at spotting the Snowdrops emerging. I also finally remembered to get photos of the Chrysanthemums; as they’ve opened they’re now much lighter than before but I’m still left wondering where my white one disappeared to.

On my travels, I also noticed Allium emerging…

And Crocuses!

It seems early for Croci to emerge, but so far it has been another mild winter… Let’s hope we don’t get lots of late snow in March and April like earlier this year.

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10 thoughts on “After the Festivities

    • Hi Cathy,

      Indeed, although with another horribly windy day I didn’t attempt to go out bulb spotting – I took some photos yesterday and was pleased to see a few Hellebores blooming or in bud. I also need to sort out a plant Foxy has dug up for me in the front garden – a Salvia. It’s been pulled out the ground and I don’t want frost/snow to damage it.

  1. It’s good to see the bulbs emerging – it reminds us of special things to come! I must say that I haven’t noticed any crocus coming up here yet but others are there. I do wonder, did you get your starbucks? I don’t do shopping immediately after Christmas – I’m still recovering from all the extra hours I have to do at work in the run up. I’m happy to sit on my butt for a couple of days!

    • Hi Angie,

      Nothing is quite as exciting as seeing the first bulbs peeking up… I think it’s the lack of anything else to look at; makes me appreciate the (very) little things more.

      No Starbucks, unfortunately. And today we went out for lunch. Again no ‘bucks. Oh well, must get the last Christmas one in before they stop doing them!

      I’ve mostly been sitting too. Perhaps too much. But sometimes it’s just nice to do nothing. Although tbh, generally when my brother and his g/f go out I enjoy just being on my own and don’t want to do anything else but enjoy an empty house for a little while. Saying that, they leave tomorrow so back to work I go – mainly a trip to the tip is in order this weekend and I think I might remove the decorations.

  2. So exciting to see the bulbs re-emerging Liz. Wanted to check on mine today but far too windy to venture out. Love the colour of that crysanth. Sales are my idea of a nightmare but will have to venture out to replenish basics like milk and bread tomorrow. Hope that you enjoy those days off – can remember just how precious they are.

    • Hi Anna,

      Having looked at last year’s photos I think actually the Snowdrops are a little behind – 5th Jan 2013 they had almost open blooms – so we’ll see what happened in the next 8 days.
      Do you have any autumn blossom yet? I’ve got a few blooms but nothing much to photograph. I attempted photos but the blooms are in shade at this time of year and very difficult for me to get nice photos of.

      We have basic food stuffs, OH works at M&S so he can pick things up after work. I actually went into the city centre yesterday and it wasn’t too bad. I think a lot of people are enjoying staying home tbh.

  3. I can’t bear the sales, although I think I could if they involved plant shopping! There are so many little shoots emerging aren’t there, and buds on some shrubs too – all signs of new life just around the corner 🙂

    • Hi,

      Ah, yes plant shopping! I’ve been very good for the past year as I intend to move and am trying very hard not to buy plants… Sometimes I succumb still.

      There is a mix of new signs of life here, so far I’ve spotted near Aquilegia leaves and even rose buds forming – not just the bud, but actual new growth. We have a long way to go yet; I just hope they aren’t too damaged if bad weather hits.

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