The January Garden

Only a few photos on Saturday… I saw the sun and knowing the forecast was for 6oC I set off out to see if the Snowdrops are blooming yet…

Then I discovered how cold it was outside and didn’t stay out long. It most definitely was not 6 degrees.

Two of the Hellebores in the front garden are producing buds, the first Double pink didn’t produce any last year so I’m very pleased to see some blooms, the second is ‘Tutu’ which so far has been an excellent bloomer. There’s another, I think either red or purple that I don’t know if it has any buds. I also spotted the first Daffodils pushing through the soil – middle bottom photo – it’s very blurred because it’s a shady border and was cold so I didn’t hang around.

Meanwhile I spotted new clumps of Snowdrops that must’ve pushed up only in the past few days – bottom right photo – the sun is rising in the sky and beginning to reach more areas of the back garden now so I expect to see even more bulbs pushing through soon.

There are a couple of Hellebores in the back in bloom that I have missed out… Perhaps another day, assuming it stops raining any time soon and/or isn’t as cold as today. I should’ve just put on a thick jumper/scarf and braved it because I don’t think there will be many more opportunities for photos until next weekend.
I had hoped to get mulching the right border in the back garden this weekend, but Sunday began with quite a heavy frost – perhaps the heaviest so far this winter – and then I had to go out, so no chance and it was very cold all day – barely getting above freezing until later in the day.

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5 thoughts on “The January Garden

  1. The rain just keeps coming doesn’t it, when is it going to end! I’m so glad you have been able to pop out and find a few bulbs thrusting their way through the soil, every time the rain stops, I dash out to see what else I can find!

    • Hi Pauline,

      I’m struggling to think of the last totally dry day; even when the forecast has promised a sunny/dry day it’s still had a quick shower at some point. Most annoying thing for me, is that my lovely wall is now a fetching shade of green as all the algae has had a party in the cold/wet conditions. It looks terrible, and of course a waste of time for me to power wash it until the weather is better. I wonder if I can possibly sell the house without opening the back blinds/curtains??


  2. You had that frost too! Lasted most of the day here. Isn’t it wonderful how all of a sudden there is more life in the garden, purely because of the extended light.
    I think the secret of being outdoors at this time of the year is to wear a hat. It’s probably all in my mind but if I’ve a hat on I feel warmer. Like your garden Liz – everyday brings something new.

    • Hi Angie,

      I think the frost had gone by afternoon-mid afternoon. It still remained rather chilly though. It was just such a surprise because nothing on the forecast had said -3 or there abouts that my car told me at 10am! No frost since, thankfully. Although actually frost doesn’t bother me, other than having to scrape the car clear; even then it’s OK as long as it’s not repeatedly for seemingly weeks like last spring.

      Hrm, a hat. Good idea. I have a rather lovely Care Bears ‘Grumpy Bear’ hat I could wear.

      I’ll see if I get chance this weekend, really want to mulch before any white stuff arrives.

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