Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – February 2014

It’s been difficult to blog recently; unsure when to; should I wait or just post photos now?? Things won’t change THAT much between now and then… the past two weeks have flown by; it’s the whole waiting for the rain to stop that’s doing it. I’m still waiting for a day/weekend to get out into the garden. And it just isn’t happening.
Regardless of the rain though, the garden is moving ahead, the Irises are out now but I have even less this year than previously as I haven’t replenished my bulbs for the past two years. It isn’t a great loss, because I don’t get to see them away thanks to the afore-mentioned wet stuff.

Hellebores are doing well and I’m just waiting for the fancy types to fully open… Also I’m pleased with how the Snowdrop clumps are maturing under the cherry tree. They are adding much welcome interest at the moment. Oh and the Primula Vulgaris are there, they’re only small though which is unusual compared to previous years.

I forgot to get any close-ups of Stinking Hellebore, it has quite a few blooms and I’m pleased as this is the first year it has bloomed. Nice start!

‘Flore pleno’ Snowdrops appeared as if some nowhere and have once again nibbled at. I’m really getting fed up with whatever it is eating some of the blooms and leaving them a mess. My normally large clumps in the ‘right’ and side borders have all been chewed. So no pretty photos of them this year. There are other large(ish) clumps, but they’re not in such nice, sunny positions.

One moment the Tommies weren’t there, the next there are a few patches around the garden.

I’m almost tempted to say ‘niger’ is my favourite Hellebore. Especially when backlit and unblemished, its blooms are unrivalled for their pure beauty.

Ask me if I feel the same way once the others are open… see what I say then.

Some Dianthus have been blooming in the trough under the front window for a week or two now… I’m not sure how one ended up in the border; it could’ve been the high winds or as I walked past, damaged it and it somehow flicked into the border??

Of course, I can’t miss out the Autumn Cherry.

Although, that does remind me. I missed out the Cyclamen and Violas which I specifically took photos for GBBD!

Oh yes, and I even have my first Irises now… A little late on that announcement as they’ve been out almost a week now. I think the wet weather has left me feeling totally detached from the garden and subsequently finding it difficult to blog about.

I wonder if the wet weather will have a huge impact on the insects? I’m guessing it will. As it’s warm enough to coax them out of hibernation, but they can’t fly or get to the blooms. I fear yet another shocking year for them.
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17 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – February 2014

  1. Maybe today will be the day we all get out into our gardens Liz sodden as they are. Blue skies and sunshine here. Molluscs are unfortunately partial to snowdrops and there’s not much else on offer as soft and tasty on the menu for them at this time of year. A beautiful hellebore niger but as you suggest we can be fickle when it comes to favourites 🙂

    • Hi Anna,

      Yes it’s been quite nice today; just a shame most of my time was spent at the cinema!
      So I’ve been taking some photos, hoping the Croci open too… it’ll take a few days of dry weather before I can do any work in the garden, otherwise I’ll just tread all the remaining water into the clay soil – clearly the last thing I want to do! I have enough moss growing in the lawn already. Normally it’s not too bad, but it’s had a party this winter! At least it’s green and pretty though.

      I think it’s Weevils eating the snowdrops – there’s no sign of slimy trails and I’ve already sprinkled slug pellets around the Snowdrops but the chewing continues.

  2. I hope you are having the same lovely warm sunshine that we are, what a change from the howling gales and torrential rain that we’ve had for months now. They say that this week is going to be a bit better, I hope they’re right! Your Prunus always looks so beautiful, lovely to have blossom at this time of year. My snowdrops are now looking the worse for wear after all the gales, they look decidedly browned at the edges. Spring isn’t far away, the sun has quite a bit of warmth in it today, lovely to feel it on my back once more.

    • Hi Pauline,

      We do indeed have sun and the odd cloud and hopefully it’ll continue to improve – although I believe tomorrow and Tuesday we’re back to solid rain again. The winds aren’t too bad here, or rather they don’t affect my garden too much as a lot of it is fairly sheltered from mature hedges so my Snowdrops aren’t wind burnt – just the rain is blemishing them a little.

  3. So lovely to see all these spring blooms! I love seeing all the little Tommies poking up out of the ground, ready to explode in blooms very soon. Hope the rain stops so that you can get out and really enjoy your garden soon!

  4. I do hope you are getting the sunshine down there today Liz – what a marvellous day it’s been here. Peacock butterly in the garden this afternoon!
    I’m loving the raindrop effects on the petals of the Snowdrop and Iris – they really do add to the effect. I hope you get out to enjoy the sun on your back very soon. The pure white Hellebore is rather special isn’t it.

    • Hi Angie,

      Yes, we had sunshine but were back to grey today… at least we didn’t get rain as forecast.

      Very surprised to hear you’ve had a butterfly! I must’ve been disturbed or hibernating somewhere which got nice and warm in the sun. I hope it managed to find food though…

    • Hi Donna,

      Ouch, I hope your snow melts soon… Although I believe you may have only just been hit again with the latest storm that passed through. Just be happy knowing what’s causing your snow is also causing storm after storm over here and the masses of rain.
      Although I’m having a tough time deciding whether I’d rather have snow or rain. Snow is pretty for a day and then I’m happy for it to melt.

  5. Beautiful raindrops on the iris, Liz, and we could be forgiven for thinking the weather is completely spring like when we see those cherry blossom pictures against the blue sky! Perfection indeed from your hellebore – but then again so are the freckly one, the frilled ones, the dark ones….. 🙂

    • Hi Cathy,

      Indeed, I know I’ll fall in lover with the other Hellebores too once they open. But I do also really love the whites. Choices, choices. There are too many choices!

  6. I hope your mood and the weather improve, the weather can really drag you down even when spring is so close. The hellebore is nearly perfect! I hope one day that some of the niger seeds I’ve been sowing make it to bloom 🙂

  7. That last photo is magical Liz, though it does also rather capture the issue that is getting us all down at the moment, namely the seemingly endless wet stuff! I am deeply envious of your tommys, the ones I planted in the grass have failed to make an appearance, and the ones in the side bed just aren’t opening, they don’t get enough sun with the van parked in front of them! I have hopes of the ones in the wall though, they always seem to flower later… As for hellebores, still haven’t moved the suffering ones in the front into the shelter of the back, though now that I have planted the plums I can at least get on and do that. When it stops raining…

    • Hi Janet,

      We had best have a corker of a summer this year to make up for it me thinks. Naïve, I know.

      Sorry to hear about your Crocuses; I’ve always found Tommies to be really good at naturalising and repeating. The larger species do seem to have mostly gone from the garden now and even the white/cream ones only really seem to be left in pots. I hadn’t realised Crocus weren’t so good at keeping – knew Iris were tough to keep and often become slug fodder so I only plant them in pots anyway.

      Good luck getting your Hellebores moved; it’ll be a long time yet until I can do anything in the garden, assuming we have more typical weather with a bit of rain now and again but enough time for the soil to drain between. I’m itching to start dividing plants and moving some to my parents’.

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