Friday Flowers

Hoping for nice weather this weekend, and I might even be able to get out and do something in the garden… Not sure what yet, as generally I like to just enjoy the feeling of being outside. But I need to finish flooring the Buddlejas and cutting back shrub roses that I started on Thursday.

Photos are building up once more, so here’s a photo-dump.

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13 thoughts on “Friday Flowers

  1. I planted some Flore Pleno a few years ago and they’ve dwindled – guess they didn’t like the site. But I planted some sturdy plain snowdrops last fall in another area so maybe they’ll do better. I love the soft lavender, pink and white colors in this post. By flooring the butterfly bushes, do you mean cutting them to the ground? I planted a few last year and am trying to decide how to prune them.

    • Hi VW,

      Flore Pleno hasn’t done well here either, so you’re not the only one. Although I suspect it may be due to Campanula having grown around them and maybe strangling them?
      Yes, by flooring I mean chopping them right down and maybe leaving only a few large branches. Do you have dwarf types? I thought I remember seeing that you do? If so, you may not need to chop them completely. Just the standard ones need it otherwise you’ll quickly end up with an enormous shrub. Each year mine grow a good 7/8 feet, even after being cut right back.

  2. Beautiful photos as ever Liz, hope you got your gardening weekend, the sunshine makes such a huge difference, even if it is still chilly in the shade. I thought of you yesterday when I saw that the first forget-me-nots have started to flower. it has wetted my appetite for when the larger clumps start doing their thing, though I am amused that it is the plants in the deepest shade that have started flowering first.

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