Wordless Wednesday – Hellebores

Copyright 2014 Liz.
All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden


19 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Hellebores

    • Hi Cheryl,

      Thank you very much! Thanks to you I also have quite a collection of Hellebores… I’m not complaining 🙂
      Some I don’t know the name of – although can take a guess – as I bought them as part of a collection which included whatever was in stock and were named only as Helleborus ‘orientalis’. I’ve also discovered some have seemingly come back from the dead after thinking I had lost them. The frilly speckled pink one at the end is one such specimen. I planted ‘nigra’ to replace it, it’s come back so they’re now growing almost on top of each other. Then I’ve discovered another one I thought I’d lost, around 30cm away, so far it’s just tiny leaves but definitely there.

      *Edit – hrm, maybe the tiny one is actually a seedling! How exciting.

      • I have a lot of seedlings……..I tend to dig them up and pot them on. I personally find the survival rate better, but then you do not have to worry…..you do not have rabbits digging up your garden 😦

    • Hi Pauline,

      Thanks, one day I may even have as many as you do! (one can wish).
      I wonder if they’ll bloom for much longer… Last year I had them into May, but they didn’t begin blooming until much later.

  1. Really pretty, especially Tutu and Harvington Double Pink. My Golden Lotus and Pink Tea Cup are blooming, but others are still just buds, some not even growing upward yet. Will you be taking yours with you when you move?

    • Hi VW,

      Yes I’ll be taking all the Hellebores – once they finish blooming I’ll move them to my parents’. They’re too expensive not to take with me and I’ve spent far too much building up my collection already. Most other plants can be fairly easily replaced – with the exception of the DA roses – and I plan mainly to divide others, maybe remove the odd plant which won’t leave a gaping hole in the border. I have some Astrantias and Anemones for example, which need moving so they can go to mum and dad’s where they will probably flourish in better conditions without leaving holes in my border as they never do well there anyway so I’m not missing out.

  2. Beautiful! The flowers and the photography both. I hope they do well during the move, it’s so nice to have plenty of goodies when starting a new garden.

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