Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – April 2014

April has been pretty amazing so far, but I’ll try not to shout too loud otherwise I’ll jinx us all (of course the weather will turn just in time for the bank holiday this weekend).

In fact, it’s so wonderful outside that I’m getting carried away and most days am easily tricked into believing it’s June or July and we’re in the middle of summer. The past few days have been somewhat windy, so not the best conditions for taking photos of the garden, but it has been full sunshine so I’ve quickly snapped away between wind gusts.

The plant of the moment by far must be the Russian Dwarf Almond, I know I could never be without this wonderful shrub. Most of the year it’s rather unimposing, but I think it makes a nice background plant adding dense leafiness, I just wish it would last longer in bloom.

The Autumn flowering Cherry is almost finished blooming, just as well really as I’ve recently spotted a Wood Pigeon snapping off small branches for nesting! I’ve never seen this before, but what makes it worse is that fact I have lots of branches chopped up and just left laid on the upper tier waiting for me to get rid of them. Clearly the branches and twigs are not to the Woody’s high expectations.

I’ve discovered a fourth clump of Fritillaries that I didn’t know I had… Or perhaps I just forgot they were there, but I think they’re a plant worth having more of, especially in nice large clumps or even swathes if there’s enough room.

I’m unsure of which Tulip this is, as it was in a pack called ‘raspberry ripple’, which contained these solid raspberry colours but also a raspberry and white one. The latter seem to have die, but this is lovely regardless and I think worthwhile replacing in future.

There were far fewer blooms on Stellata this year, I assume due to a relatively dry summer last year. I kept an eye on its leaves for any sign of wilt or drying out, but perhaps it wasn’t quite dry enough to effect the leaves, but enough to upset it and result in fewer blooms. It’s almost finished blooming now, so I’ve missed my chance for the best photos; I think this is because it’s bloomed much earlier this year and the sun isn’t as high in the sky so in the evening when I want nice ‘golden hour’ shots, the sun isn’t yet far enough around and is hidden by houses. However, in May when this normally blooms the sun is far enough round for nice evening sunlight shots.

Drumstick primulas aren’t looking so good this year; many of the blooms are damaged and they just don’t seem too happy??

Over the years the Kerria has gradually grown through the hedge, and this year it’s looking especially impressive. I’m assuming it’s relatively invasive, because otherwise I don’t imagine it would manage to mingle so well?

And I shall leave you all with a sneak peak at what’s to come.

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All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden


17 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – April 2014

  1. Beautiful pictures, I really like the fritillaries, and the magnolias are just fantastic flowers. I don’t know why the magnolia is sparse, mine was so dry one summer it lost all its leaves and died back… yet still put out a few blooms the next spring. But don’t ask me how it’s doing this year 😦

  2. My fritillaries are now over, your are still looking beautiful, it’s been a good year for them. And, yes, it’s forget me not time! they are looking so lovely with all the primroses at the moment, such a super flower that always finds the right place to put itself.

  3. Ah, love the fritillaria! My parents have a dwarf almond bush in their yard that is quite lovely in bloom. Your weather sounds heavenly – we’ve been enjoying temps a little warmer than normal, which is such a treat.

  4. You take wonderful photos. The shots of the Magnolia are amazing. You are a little behind us, our Magnolias are finishing now.
    The forgetmenots do rather take over the beds but one forgives them because they are so lovely. Mind you, it is a different story when they finish and need pulling up.

  5. As Chloris said, your magnolia pictures are brilliant – ours is almost over now too but buds on the Clematis montana that is climbing through it are just opening. The dwarf almond is indeed pretty – presumably just ornamental?

  6. Superb pictures as usual Liz. My Magnolia stellata is just about to flower – you can pop up and take some of your perfect shots if you get fed up of getting outdoors in your garden. We are having similar weather so you won’t need to pack too much 😉
    Ah, yes, the Kerria is relatively invasive – it’s a pain in the butt in my front garden where it grows under the fence from next door!! AHHHHH!! One day I might just give up and end up with a Kerria hedge! One clump of my white drumstick Primula looks absolutely awful and can’t fathom out why either – the rest are perfect.
    Have a good Easter weekend 🙂

    • Hi Angie,

      As it happens I was meant to come up to Edinburgh sometime soon as my brother is up near Dundee; he hasn’t told me a date to stay yet though. I haven’t been up now for a couple of years and think it’s about time I visited again.

      Oh, I hadn’t realised Kerria was invasive, this is coming from next door and I’ve often left it to bloom in the hedge and gradually it’s increased. Add to that, some ivy has now appeared from somewhere I’m a bit concerned the hedge will be strangled… Not that I particularly like the privet, it is great for wildlife though and I don’t think I’d have half as many butterflies without it.

  7. Liz, Please do not show me any more of your lovely fritilaria…..every year the rabbits eat mine, I could scream. I have the perfect conditions for them it is just too frustrating.

    Magnolia is gorgeous…..perfect blooms :0)

    • Hi Janet,

      Did you buy your Fritillaries in the green or as corm/bulbs? I found the only way they’ve come back (and naturalised) is through buying them in the green. Just cheap ones from B&Q, and they’ve gradually increased. Although by no means do I have many, their numbers are creeping up gradually.

      • I think you mnay be right Liz, I recently read exactly that, though of course I think I am too late now, must check, I do adore them… Also I suspect I diodn’t plant them deep enough, again I recently read they like deep planting… Live and learn and try again!

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