Safari Sunday

Today I’ll be mainly focusing on Butterflies…

I’m unsure whether this Peacock was so damaged in the windy weather recently, or due to age. I think it’s likely the latter, as it looks to me to be last year’s overwintered adult. Poor thing, such a short life.

If you click on the photo you can see in more detail just how much wing is missing.

Only a record shot really, but here’s a female Orange-tip I managed to catch. Sadly I was too fast and scared her away when I should really have stalked up slower.

I managed a few quick shots of a Speckled Wood, they’re generally not easy to photograph at this time of year. It would seem Speckled Woods also like Honesty, although I suspect the male Orange-tip was just hiding in the Honesty… In fact, I’ve never seen any of the males feed yet… I wonder if they are very short-lived and only mate before sadly dying?

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8 thoughts on “Safari Sunday

  1. These are lovely images, the last macro shot of the male orange tip is brilliant, I am certain I have not seen one in such detail before.

  2. Oh that male orange-tip is so distinctive, Liz, and since you confirmed the orange-tip in my photo I know I have seen them before so will be able watch out for open wings to see if they are male or female. Great photos 🙂

  3. Hi Liz,

    Poor Peacock………such a tough life, for such a fragile creature.

    I have seen many orange tip this year. Apparently if there is a harsh Spring, like last year, they wait until the next year and emerge then. Amazing creatures.

    I have seen Brimstone, a couple of blues that I could not identify as they were flitting about too much 🙂
    Peacocks, and a Comma………

    I am hoping we will have a warm and sunny summer so that their numbers can increase…..

    Have a good week.

  4. Beautiful photos of beautiful visitors to our gardens. You did really well capturing the orange tip in close up, they flit about far too fast for me to manage! It is such a shame that their lives are so short.

  5. Love that last image of the orange tip, very well done, they seem to flit and fly faster than almost any of the other butterflies, I’ve never managed to capture an image.

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