In a Vase on Monday

This week it’s the turn of the Spanish/Hybrid Bluebells. Every year I cut the blooms so they don’t hybridise with my native, English Bluebells. This year has been somewhat poor in comparison to previous years for the Spanish Bluebells, however the English Bluebells are doing well and going from strength to strength.

Roses are opening, so hopefully next week we’ll have some pretty blooms. Harlow Carr has been teasing me, after budding up weeks ago and opening so I can even see pink peeping through, the blooms still aren’t open.

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12 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday

    • Hi Donna,

      Thanks very much; I went for the simple option and tried not to overly fill each small bottle. I have been considering the next one… perhaps the last of the forget-me-nots? Or maybe some red campion? Choices, choices.

  1. Those buds will surprise you one of these days though Liz – one will open and then the others will follow on rapidly. And what a good way to use your Spanish bluebells – now, how about a vase of dandelions or wild garlic…. 🙂 Thanks for joining in

    • Hi Cathy,

      No doubt they will open when I’m on holiday next week and miss them. Roseraie de L’hay is open now though, so at least I have something… Just don’t quite understand why Harlow Carr has kept me waiting after looking like it would bloom weeks ago.

      Dandelions I can do – well, could but they’ve mostly finished blooming now. But I don’t have any wild Garlic – have been considering getting some though! I do have lots of small Alliums coming along now that look very similar to wild garlic. Not sure I’ll cut them, as I know certain types of Bees really love them.

  2. Lovely bluebells! How exciting to have roses almost blooming. I just noticed tiny buds on my Eglantyne. Unfortunately I also noticed what looks like rose mosaic virus on my huge 3-plant clump of Abraham Darby. I wanted to cry. I’m going over to the nursery today to confirm and then will have to pull them out.

  3. I love your pretty bottles of bluebells – a perfect way to display them! I too am watching my roses with anticipation. There are lots of buds in my garden but no flowers yet – perhaps by Monday I will have some blooms.

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