Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – May 2014

The garden has a nice range of colours in it at the moment, however I’m a little concerned that so far I have next to no yellow, and with there being very few Ragwort growing there will be no yellow later in the summer… I allowed them all to go to seed last year – so the caterpillars still had food –I had expected to have plenty again but so far there’s only a couple in the back garden and a few more in the front.
Below we have mostly pinks, purples and blues… I’m cheating slightly with the Acer ‘Garnet’ but as it’s such a lovely colour it’s practically a bloom anyway.
Also, note the grass-looking blades on the ground to the right of the patch of Bluebells… They’re Bluebell seedlings. Taking over my pebble/flint/bark chipping area. They’re clearly very happy there.

Is anyone able to ID the unknown plant on the top right of the below collage? It’s popped up and doesn’t look like anything else in my garden – or surrounding gardens – as far as I can see.
The Allium show is just beginning… and no doubt when I come back off holiday they’ll all be open. I really like the ‘black’ tulip with the Pheasant’s Tail grass… Something I will try in future and plant more of the blacks around grasses. I suspect they will probably also look nice next to Stipa Tennuissima.

I wish I’d bought the deeper blue/purple Camassias… I just don’t like this colour and, it’s somewhat out of place with the rest of the garden, although they are in the same border as the forget-me—nots, they are much lower, so it all feels… wrong.

It’s now time for the Geums, my lovlies. I’m sure you’ll be sick of seeing these combinations in a few weeks’ time but for now I’m going to thoroughly enjoy staring out my kitchen door at them.

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All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden


11 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – May 2014

  1. I’m not surprised you like your Geum so much, it is gorgeous! It would be nice in my sunset border, just the right colour, I must look out for it. Do your Camassia flowers last for a decent amount of time, I have a darker blue one, but it is over so quickly, maybe I need to move it to somewhere that has better soil. You have lots of beautiful flowers, your garden must be very colourful at the moment.

  2. I so love your Geum pictures. So the more the merrier as far as I’m concerned Liz.
    No idea what you mystery plant is. I’m sure someone will know. It’s odd that my alliums are out yet the others you have flowering are still a while away here.
    Not done my post yet had little time this week. Enjoy the remainder of the week 🙂

  3. I have been waiting to see your geum and I am so happy to see these beauties…my whole garden is blooming with forget-me-nots and I think of you when I see them…I hope my geum made it through the winter.

  4. Lovely clematis. Yay for geums! My TT isn’t quite blooming yet, but dwarf ‘Firestorm’ is starting. I’m excited for the combo when my navy Siberian irises bloom next to the TT.

  5. I of course like the geum too, but the thistle really catches my eye! Your unknown looks a bit like an oak or chestnut sprout. Do you think it might be a stray tree seedling?

    • Hi Janet,

      Looking forward to your ‘stolen’ ideas. In my case they’re just happy coincidences, as I rarely follow planting plans.

  6. Revisiting EOMV blogs for a Sunday morning read and realised I clicked ‘like’ but failed to leave a comment. You have such lovely colours and I am suffering from Geum envy…it usually flowers well but this year there are lots of leaves but no sign of flowers and I can’t understand why. Have a lovely holiday!

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