Friday Flowers

And some insects…

In a poor attempt to get caught up with garden photos, here we go with some flowers on this lovely Friday.

Considering I see myself as a ‘cool’ colour person, I seem to have far too many warm colours at the moment. Am I a convert?

I guess so.

Of course, it doesn’t help that I’m obsessed with the Geums, so the impression is that everything is orange. When in reality only the right border has orange in it.

Oh well; back to the orange.

At last I spotted the first Lacewing of the year; I don’t seem to get them often here, at least not that I’m aware. Growing up we regularly had them in the house and we had to catch them and let them out, so I assume we had a healthy population.

A few weeks ago I popped outside before setting off to work and spotted a Cinnabar… at first I assumed it was newly hatched and was allowing for its wings to expand, then as I picked it up to get it away from the cobwebs and spiders it seemed to me more like its wings weren’t properly developed and I wondered a) if it was deformed or b) if the females of Cinnabars are wing-less as some female moth species are.
Anyway, I left it on a forget-me-not and left for the day.

A few hours later my brother messaged me with photos… of a Cinnabar. He had stolen my macro lens and was playing around taking shots of it, I was pleased to see it now had full wings and was enjoying sunning itself still on the Forget-me-not.

Later that day we saw another, also on the wall of the house and a few days later I had one in the kitchen right by the door. So I let it out and left it on the campanula

Sadly there aren’t many in comparison to last year, I’m not sure whether because they arrived later in the year or because I have so few Ragwort this year. I’m guessing it’s the latter, and hope there’s a healthy population in nearby gardens as no doubt my Ragworts seeded everywhere else but my own garden…

Grumble. Moan.

Next time I’ll remember to purposefully rub the seed stems around the garden to ensure I have more.

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All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden


13 thoughts on “Friday Flowers

  1. Do you grow Ragworts in your garden? I have been reading an old article in the Countryman, Buglife report that 30 insect species are entirely reliant on Ragwort. I am very fond of Geums too, especially Totally Tangerine.

    • Hi Julie,

      Yes I do grow Ragwort as they’re so valuable to the insects and especially some Butterflies. Plus they just look like large, early blooming, yellow-flowering Asters. And since I have no cattle or horses I don’t mind them being in the garden. Last year I had them all over as they had seeded like mad. I wrongly assumed they would do so again this year but sadly nature was not on my side and I have probably the least I’ve had in 5 years or more. I haven’t pulled any out either so it wasn’t by my own doing, assuming more would appear.
      Last year I had an especially large one growing under one of my bird feeding stations, it had at least 10 stems to it and was above waist-height.

  2. Beautiful photos of the Cinnabar Moth, well done for rescuing them. I think we are all coming to value a bit of orange in a border, it goes so well with purple, I have given in and planted some in my Sunrise and Sunset borders!
    How wonderful to have seen a Lacewing, and to be able to photograph it, it’s years since I have seen one!

    • Hi Pauline,

      The orange of Geum totally tangerine will be at its most amazing if you had some in your sunset border… when lit by the low sun it honestly comes alive and looks on fire. Very worthwhile having if you have a suitable border.

      Ah, I didn’t realise everyone else also rarely sees Lacewings; I usually see at least one or two a year and sometimes are even lucky enough to see their larvae (they cover themselves with the bodies of aphids).

    • Hi Elisa,

      There’s just something I don’t like about yellow; perhaps it’s because I avoid it in the home but also on myself as it does not suit my colour, at all. So thanks to my aversion in terms of clothes etc I also avoid it outside. Although if it is good for wildlife I’m willing/happy to have it (such as Ragwort).

    • Hi Christina,

      Indeed! At first I didn’t even want them, and they were popping up in the most annoying of places – such as the middle of the lawn and I even mowed around them. Then the next year I saw plenty coming up all over and was able to mow those in the grass and pull up some others, knowing I had plenty more around. But now, this year…. Most are in the shady front garden and so far I haven’t seen a Cinnabar on them nor caterpillars; I assume because it isn’t sunny/warm enough.

  3. My goodness! These pictures are lovely! I especially like the picture of the Lacewing-I have seen a few of those little guys hanging around my garden lately too. Very exciting!

  4. Hi Liz,

    Nice captures of the Cinnabar moth…..I have several in the garden at the moment and plenty of Ragwort.
    Also lots of lacewing…..they come in the house, shed and tree house to overwinter.
    Have seen them flying from the beginning of May, so like you say I must have a healthy population.

    I love Geums…….can’t grow them and you know why………….Grrrrrrrrr

    Hope you are enjoying the sunshine. Happy Sunday.

    • Hi Cheryl,

      Lucky you with all your Ragwort *sigh* I’m going to miss it in the borders this year.

      Shame to hear you can’t have Geums; not even the ‘wild’ ones? At least, I have some weeds which look very much like Geums so assume they must be wild, but their blooms are much smaller and have tiny yellow petals. I wouldn’t mind Totally Tangerine seeding around but no such luck yet.

      Actually I have been enjoying the sun… as much as I can anyway. I managed to go over on my right foot yesterday so it’s stiff and bruised. Then, hayfever is attacking me today and I don’t seem to be able to stop sneezing. I’ve given up and closed all the windows and doors now and am feeling better; even if I can’t breathe through my nose.
      I’ve had a family of BTs in, fluttering their wings and pestering mum/dad, very cute.

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