Friday Flowers

Once again the photos have built up, and with it being GBBD on Sunday, I want to spread photos from the beginning of the month between today and Sunday. That way I hopefully avoid you all developing cramp as you scroll, seemingly forever.

This is the first year that the white Astrantia in the Buddleja border have done well, both plants are nice and large and have produced a nice covering of flowers. Meanwhile, white Campion combine with the orange Geums and help calm things down a little. With no Feverfew in the border this year, I am very grateful to the Campions for cooling things down.

I can’t believe how well the white Lupin has done this year; I assume it has really enjoyed the rain earlier in the year. I’ve never seen a Lupin with so many blooms on it before. Amazing. In the GBBD post on Sunday, you’ll see that it’s even larger than below.
Btw, the blue in the background is our recycling bin… Why do they need to be so bright??!

A month or so ago, I complained to my mother that the Ragged Robin had disappeared from the right border, I assume it had finally given up after moving around the border from year to year. One day, I was sat on the grass and noticed a plant with an odd shape to it. It was right were the Heleniums should be, and I thought to myself that it didn’t ‘look right’, but passed it off as the rain damaging the growth. Then, when I came back off holiday low and behold, said plant was now blooming and it’s Ragged Robin, far happier than it’s ever been anywhere else!
And of course, it’s combining wonderfully with Ox-Eye Daisy.

I don’t have many Dutch Iris left anymore, so they look a little sad and lonely. I’m already missing my Perennial Irises too, which were taken to my Parents’.

This year the Oriental Poppies are seriously huge. Larger than my hands, kind of huge. Now some of you may think that’s not that big. But I have large hands, man-sized hands. I can hold a basketball in one hand. Seriously. If you’ve ever tried it, you know what I mean.

Ah, the Meadow Rue has bloomed again! The first time in years! But there’s only the one stem. Oh well, I’ll be excited over this one clump of tiny blooms.

Now, here’s one brutish plant I will definitely be taking with me when I move. I just can’t live without its blooms. I really ought to divide some of it, and take it across to my parents’.

I’d really like to take this Aquilegia with me, but I hear they don’t transplant well. Luckily for me there is quite a nice carpet of seedlings growing around it which I hope are similar and not too much like other Aquilegias in the garden. I saved seed last year too.
Recently I’ve been wondering whether it’s converting back to wild, as there are three different types of blooms on it, including this single, simple almost whites which I haven’t seen in previous years.

This one can come too.

This weekend I will endeavour to get the Aster border planted, including moving some grasses, the Sanguisorba and finally planting my Salvias and Garden Gnome Poppies… They’ve been waiting much too long and I’m concerned I’ve missed the best of them. Oh well.

And finally, because I’ve ran out of things to say… a small montage of different blooms around the garden.

Copyright 2014 Liz.
All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden


8 thoughts on “Friday Flowers

  1. You have so many beautiful flowers and more to come on Sunday! I love your Aquilegias, I’m so glad you’re taking them with you. I think you’re finally converting me to liking orange flowers, they certainly stand out in your garden, I’m sure I could fit some in here somewhere!

  2. Oh, those oriental poppy photos are gorgeous! The lighting and softened colors are wonderful. Funny, way over the ocean and the whole continent, our recycling bin is a bright blue as well.

  3. Hi Liz! Your pictures are wonderful, as always! I love your plants, and especially the white ones. The lupin is so gorgeous! I started to plant more white-blooming perennials in my garden. They add some ‘freshness’ to the garden.

  4. Hi Liz,

    I love lupins especially white. They are definitely top of my favourites list….I love the peppery scent. Mine have been awful this year….the slugs have been around in huge numbers so they did not stand a chance.

    Ragged robin is such a lovely wildflower. It has seeded all around the garden here and I am more than happy about that.

    I have obviously missed something…..why are your parents taking a lot of your plants. Are you moving??
    I must keep up:)

    You have some lovely plant combinations Liz….it really is looking a treat ………

    • Hi Cheryl,

      I hadn’t realised Lupins had any scent until I cut a bloom off – to encourage a second flush – and placed it in a vase… interesting! Mine have been surprisingly alright this year; especially the white one and I’ve never seen one with so many blooms on it until this year. Wonderful. I cut another three blooms off today because they had mostly gone over and I still have stems left.

      I’m gearing up to put my house on the market at the moment. I’ve been doing a lot of decorating, tidying and moving things. I’m beginning to get fed up of moving something as it’s a domino effect which means sorting through yet more stuff, throwing things away and packing away anything I do want to keep. My living room was almost ready, then I decided to get a new TV stand and now there are boxes everywhere and seemingly weeks and weeks worth of extra work! Amazing isn’t it, just how much stuff we gather, hide away to look tidy and it’s only when moving that we discover the true extent of just how much rubbish we have.
      The plan is to move things to my parents’ house, not only thinning out the borders here but also meaning I have less to buy once I move. Of course, all the thinning has done is allowed other plants to fill out more and the borders are just as full as always.

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