Friday Flowers

Friday Flowers

Ok, so I may or may not have missed the bloom day… I think that might just well be the first time in years I haven’t posted for it. But life happens, my brother has been taking a lot of my time up, plus painting and escaping the house to get away from the football and away from Pete getting a little too stressed by it all has meant I haven’t had the time to sort my photos out and post them.
It’s almost the same as my last Friday flowers post anyway, just a little further along.

I’ve finally managed to move and plant up the Aster border, and I’ve had to keep on top of watering as they were not happy to have been moved, at all. Photos will follow in the coming days/weeks.

Finally, my Clematis ‘Summer Snow’ is going to bloom for the first time… I’ve only waited two years for it – in the grand scheme of things, that’s not too long – although I’d prefer it if there were more blooms and it was indeed ‘summer snow’. But as I’m yet to see its blooms I’m just pleased I have any at all and I guess I’ll find out whether I’ll try taking it with me.
Another first comes in the form of this lovely red Damsel Fly. I have never had a Damsel before and only occasionally have Dragon flies.

As for this Bee? Well it had been caught in the rain and was busy wiping the water off its ‘hair’ before flying off again.

Are you bored of Geum photos yet? I hope not! If so, not to worry as the blooms are beginning to finish. For now, that is. As I’ve been cutting them as they fade so I should get a second flush later in the year.

Lovely Sanguisorba is blooming, and I wish I had moved it when I had the chance. So for now it’ll stay where it is.

Ah, Fox and Cubs. Isn’t it lovely? Unfortunately I planted it near the Geum, so it’s totally over shadowed. Next time, I need to make sure I plant it where it can shine on its own.

The first blooms on Salvia ‘hot lips’ came out all red like the bottom right photo, thankfully they are now red and white, although the red is also nice. I’m also pleased to see Astrantia Major ‘roma’ is doing well this year. Last year was quite a poor show, and I don’t think I was able to bring any indoors. So far I’ve had a few vases already and hope it too will provide a second flush later in the year.

Ok, so I realise so far I’ve had a Bee, Hoverfly and a Damselfly; well now we’re going to have some fledgling Blue tits and a poor rough adult. No doubt the parent will now be hiding away, laying relatively low while it moults out of this damaged plumage as these photos were taken around 10 days ago and the youngsters will most likely be independent – in fact I can confirm this, as only today I took some snaps of one visiting the feeders and getting seeds for itself.

And after the brief birdy interlude, back to the regular viewing.

Garden Gnome Poppies are just too pretty. I can’t stop myself.

Another plant doing very well this year is the Quaking grass, well at least one of them is, the other doesn’t seem to have done much at all since early in the year. I’m not even sure if it’s still alive.

For now we’ll finish with the pure blooms of this shrub rose, name unknown and I suspect it’s a self-seeder from my neighbour. I think it was brought here by birds as his rose is in the back and this rose is in my front. It’s a shame they have no perfume, at all.

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8 thoughts on “Friday Flowers

  1. Super photos of the bluetits and babies, mine are eating me out of house and home,along with all the baby great tits, baby sparrows, baby woodpeckers,baby nuthatches etc. etc!
    The lovely Dryopteris erythrosora is a beautiful fern with its colouring, it is so unusual, I have just photographed mine ready for foliage day.
    I assume you will be taking your geum with you, your posts wouldn’t be the same without it!

    • Hi Pauline,

      Thanks very much Pauline; the tit photos are taken at a good distance away as I generally leave the ‘bottom’ or should that be top of the garden for the birds. Luckily I had my ‘beast’ lens on so could get relatively close whilst staying a good 10m away so not to scare them away.
      I don’t want to rant about the birds costing far too much, but since you’ve invited me to…. I’m not sure if I’ll miss the Sparrows when I move… I’d like to still have some, of course. I just don’t want 100+ though (and that’s a conservative estimation, in reality I think it’s closer to 200). I often have to refill both the sunflower heart feeders daily at this time of year, and I’ve bought other feeders to give other birds a chance. Such as ‘clinger only’ feeders and niger feeders otherwise the tits and finches are pushed out by the sparrows.
      So wish I had Nuthatches. They’re by far my favourite and really, really wish I had enough trees – or trees with cracked bark to attract them – but I’ll console myself with having Bullfinches instead.

      As for the Geum; I’m unsure whether to take it. On the one hand I know it’s not readily available in shops but then I’m planning on sticking to taking only the absolute most important plants, or the most expensive as I don’t want to take the entire garden with me and am, in some ways looking forward to having a clean slate. Although, saying that it’s probably likely I will take it as no doubt at the last minute I’ll realise I need it.

  2. I couldn’t help but ‘over hear’ your comment to Pauline re sparrows – they are a costly habit aren’t they 😉
    I’ve been getting entertained by a group of three great tit fledglings whilst I’ve been off work and only yesterday I noticed they are now feeding themselves. I’ll bet mum has sigh a huge sigh of relief.
    Great photos Liz – Astrantia are worth their weight in gold in the garden right now aren’t they?

    • Hi Angie.

      I would probably miss the Sparrows if I moved and there weren’t any – their chicks are very cute – but I won’t miss the hassle of refilling, cleaning feeders as well as the mess they leave on my plants!
      I’ll bet your parents are also grateful the chicks are independent. They clearly take a bit of a battering when the chicks are in the nest as their plumage always looks tatty by the end of the season.
      Today I could hear the very distinctive call of a baby Goldfinch – if you’ve never heard it, it’s a constant twittering/chattering – how they aren’t predated more is beyond me because they make such a racket, I can hear them coming well before they arrive. Anyway, sure enough there’s a youngster pestering its parent for food. It seemed quite close to independence to me as it was already trying to find a way into the globe feeder and to get next to its parent to feed. So another day or two and I think mum and dad will have some peace and quiet at last.

      This year the Astrantia have done very well, and no doubt its thanks to the rain. The white ones under the Buddleja are doing very well this year – for the first time – so I’m very pleased with the border in general right now.

  3. Love the pictures, you really did a nice job working with the lighting, and the closeups are amazing. Shame the rose has no fragrance, it really looks like it could scent the entire garden.

  4. Liz I never tire of any of your pictures…how wonderful to have that clematis finally bloom. I have a few flowers like that this year. We also have several baby birds that just fledged being fed in the garden by their parents…they are so cute with their little tails.

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