End of Month – June 2014

We recently had a couple of days of grey/drizzly weather, and as grim as it is I’m actually quietly grateful as I don’t think we’ve had any decent or prolonged rain for some weeks now. I’ve managed to keep up with watering the pots and hanging baskets – for possibly the first time in my life – and they’re all looking rather nice, if perhaps not to my usual taste (Petunias and other ‘classic’ hanging basket arrangements) but I want to try to spruce things up around the outside of the house. I’ve also suddenly remembered I was going to take Hellebores to my parents’ once they’d finished blooming. So I’ve pulled some up and put them in one of the large pots I had been scratching my head wondering what to fill them with. At first I thought I’d divide some Geraniums up, but Geraniums are always easily replaced and I plan only to take some of the Geranium Thurstonianum which isn’t as readily available.

I think I’ll also take some of this Geranium; I don’t know its name but it’s similar to macrorrhizum but blooms a little later and for longer. So a nice, useful little bloom.

Orion is a large bloomer and really likes to clamber around; I’m enjoying it mixing in with Astrantia Major Roma.

I’ve been harvesting Fox and Cub (Hawksbit) seeds; definitely want to have more of them in future.

There aren’t many wider views in this post this month; to be frank, I forgot to take any.

Clematis summer snow is blooming, her blooms are only small and I’m sure once mature with hundreds of blooms is a wonderful sight. I only have relatively few and most seem to be at the top of the plant which unfortunately is climbing through Elder and Willow so I can’t even really see them! Just my luck.

Clematis summer snow is also climbing through Gertrude Jekyll; although I had originally wondered if it Gertrude would be strangled, actually there’s nothing to worry about because the Clematis has grown much taller.

The white Lupin has been amazing this year, and as I mentioned a couple of posts ago – I’ve never seen so many blooms on a Lupin before. I’ve gradually cut them off to try to force a second flush later in the year, plus by cutting them for vases I discovered Lupins are scented! Who knew? They are working very well the Gentian Blue Delphinium. The combo of brilliant cobalt blue, orange and white is extremely nice.

Campanula has taken over this year. It’s supressing other plants but I don’t have the heart to cut it all back; especially now it’s blooming. It’s hard to believe only a couple of years ago I cleared it out of this area and moved it up onto the upper tier. Clearly I left a little bit behind and well, wow.
It also readily seeds around and I’ve found it growing in numerous pots – and the Honey Bees love it.

Shame I’m not so sure I love it.

I swear, I turned my back for two seconds and suddenly bramble is everywhere in the hedge. It’s even grown one arm so long it’s managing to reach out and wrap around the cherry tree. I was not there even a week ago. Honest. Looks like I have some chopping back to do.

I’ll leave you with the Aster border… The Sanguisorba is leaning, so I think in future I need it to grow with other tallish plants to help keep it upright.

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All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden


10 thoughts on “End of Month – June 2014

  1. Yes, cobalt, orange and white is a great and less common color combo. Lovely photos, all. Did I tell you I found ‘Roma’ after drooling over it here? It’s still a baby and might not bloom this year, but watch out – in a few summers I’ll have lots. Plus ‘Buckland’, plain white, ‘Moulin Rouge’ and ‘Abbey Road.’ Love them all.

    • Hi VW,

      Thanks very much, and I’m pleased you’ve been tempted by ‘Roma’. It’s infertile though, so you’ll have to divide it up if you want more. I have a white one – wonder if it’s Toby Buckland?? Hrm. I have a feeling it was something to do with stars (has a look on google and perhaps it’s star of billion). My other pink one, I moved to my parents’ and can’t remember the name of that either but it was Roma and not one of the lovely deep ones like Moulin Rouge. Then, just to add to the whole unknown Astrantias I have; there’s another one which always grows really tall – around 3feet or 1m – but never has many blooms and it’s very white on top, but very pink on the underside of the petals and has green tips.

  2. I was listening to Gardener’s question time and one of the questions was about move hellebores. they were very negative about the chances of successfully moving a large established plant. They recommended taking any seedlings if you have any as they should move OK. Nice images!

    • Hi Christina,

      Thanks for the advice; mine seem OK at the moment in their pot, but I’m fully prepared that they won’t make it. I have a poor track record of transplanting anything and generally expect them to die on me…. Of course I hope not in this case, but I have to try regardless. At least that way I know I tried to save some money.
      If not, then looks like I’ll have to build up my collection again – yay more plant buying!

      One small one looks like it might not make it – but then when I dug it up it was very much chewed to nothing, I assume by slugs/snails. I had hoped I’d moved it in time, but things aren’t looking good. The large ones, however are going strong, so far.

  3. Such a lot of beautiful flowers, I too have the same Campanula and it is everywhere here too. It doesn’t matter how much i pull out, it is always there! Hawkbit is in my border by the field, you are trying to increase yours, I’m trying to decrease mine as it is spreading too much.

    • Hi Pauline,

      Ah, another sucker with that Campanula! Lol. I got it only because it was the only type I could find when I first moved in! For some reason, I just could not find any Flowering Red currant, Hawthorn or Campanula, anywhere! But they’ve all since become fairly popular again in garden centres and even places like B&Q. Oh well..
      The only place I find it actually looks good, is in a large tall pot where it trails and looks rather pretty. It just doesn’t look very nice actually in the ground. Perhaps it would look good on some gravel or an alpine setting?

  4. Lupins scented? Here’s another that didn’t know. I’ll be sniffing them all tomorrow! things are looking great down there Liz. I always admire your combos that include Geums, they go with everything in your garden don’t they?
    I love Astrantias and have quite a few, very useful for all summer blooms. I find my Astrantia keep the sanguisorba hemmed in and a nice mingle too boot.

    • Hi Angie,

      Until recently I didn’t know Lupins were perfumed either Angie, so you’re definitely not alone! It was only when I brought them in for a vase that I discovered the scent.
      I think, yes the Geums do seem to go with everything. I haven’t tried them with red yet, but no doubt they’ll still look wonderful.

      Sanguisorba and Astrantia; now there’s a plan for the future. Perhaps even use a mid-height Aster?? Hrm.

  5. Hi Liz,

    In my experience you will not have to keep seeds for fox and cubs….it seeds everywhere and anywhere. I have hundreds of them. Fortunately the garden is large enough to cope with them, also I love them and so do the bees, as your photograph shows.
    You need some rabbits to keep the campanula under control…..mine has disappeared, they love it.

    Beautiful white lupin…..I love a white lupin……..really do. Look lovely with red poppies.

    We do need some rain. Never thought I would say that this year. My soil is bone dry. Not taken to watering yet, trying to hold off for as long as I can.

    Tried several ferreters……………….not interested, too near the railway. Apparently the ferrets go in and then a marksman waits and shoots the rabbits as they come out. So I have got to live with the rabbits. Perhaps another terrier at some stage.

    Enjoy the weekend 🙂

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