Friday Flowers

I’m attempting to keep this post short and sweet this week, with GBBD coming up early next week I figure I ought to save most of the photos for then instead.

So, I think we’ll have some pretty golden-hour rose shots instead.

I’ve been contemplating trying to buy some achillea as I seem to have lost all of mine. Not just one or two. But all of them; even the yellow ones I had up at the top of the garden. Last year, I had so many butterflies on them that I just don’t think I can cope without any this year.

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8 thoughts on “Friday Flowers

    • Hi Christina,

      Perhaps; I did think that; also lost my Echinops, well almost, just one tiny stem seems to be growing and it’s very sickly. But yes, I did think maybe it was the very wet couple of months we had. Although they did survive the really wet summer a couple of years ago. Maybe the combination of wet and cold was just too much this year.

  1. Gah, what’s happening to me, I don’t do soft pinks, and here I am wondering where I could cram in Harlow Carr!!! Beautiful photos, as ever. Is the scent wonderful too? I’m with Christina, the wet could easily have done for your Achilles’s. They grow well in pots, so you could buy some and then take them with you?

    • Hi Janet,

      Harlow Carr isn’t, what I call a soft, sickly pink. It’s strong enough to be a nice, bright pink (I do have some sickly pink roses in the front garden which were here when we moved in). But I guess, each to their own. It’s almost the same colour as Gertrude Jekyll if you’ve ever seen that in real life?

      Maybe, without realising it, I do indeed like some soft pinks??? Generally not, at least I don’t see myself like that – pinks for me have to be bluey or ‘cool’ pinks otherwise I don’t like them. Hrm. This has crept up on me… Just like discovering Yellow is in fact and OK colour – as long as it’s a vibrant yellow, not a sickly sweet yellow.

      Maybe I need to go lay down?

      Joking aside; yes it has a wonderful perfume. A nice musky scent, which isn’t too overpowering (i.e. doesn’t cause me to have bad headaches/migraines) but strong enough to notice and keep me sniffing it whenever I can.

      Tried to find some Yarrow today with no luck, granted I did only try B&Q, but I thought it was wishful thinking when I went. So I came back with some Cosmos and some nicotiana for pots to go on the steps to the house. I’ve a few Yarrow self-seedlings which I will try potting up to take with me, but they are too small to flower this year.

  2. Hadlow Carr is beautiful Liz……wonderful soft images.
    I cannot keep achillea, I lose it every winter.
    Lots of butterflies in the garden, thank goodness, I was getting a little worried,
    Havn’t seen any blues yet ? Have you??

    • Hi Cheryl,

      Shame to hear you can’t keep Achillea… In previous years I’ve struggled with blackfly/aphids taking over them. Literally they were everywhere. I kept seeing them on the wall and wondered where they were coming from, I looked at plants and couldn’t see them anywhere. Even when I was on the blanket on the grass I’d have them crawling across it. Big, fat, huge aphids. Then I eventually discovered they were on the Achillea. Out came the soapy water to give the plant any chance of surviving. It seemed to work. Then, I was lucky enough to have seedlings in various places, and have a lovely, if somewhat bright combination last year as a Ragwort seeded next to the brilliant pink Achillea. Both are gone now 😦

      My flutters seem to have disappeared if I’m honest. And I’ve been getting a little worried, especially as the Buddleja is blooming – much earlier than normal – and so far I’ve only seen a couple of small tortoiseshells yesterday. I’ve also seen a few Ringlets and Meadow Browns, but relatively few whites and so far no skippers or Gatekeepers.
      Also, no, I haven’t seen any blues. But then, I also lost a Sea Holly this year and the few that are left are very weak, so I’m thinking I probably won’t see any blues at all (the always go for the sea holly and ragwort).

  3. A beautiful rose and your photography shows it at it’s best.
    The wet will have done for the Achillea, they really struggle here and I tend to use them as annuals and if I get a 2nd year out of them they are not a patch on the previous year.

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