Safari Sunday

Safari Sunday

There are many spiders this year, I hate these stripy garden spiders – look too much like Gremlins to me – but that doesn’t stop me photographing them (and creeping myself out).
Also, the fly. I wonder; is it supposed to have the red blob or is it some sort of parasitic egg on it??

The Buddleja is in flower and until recently there was nothing on it! It’s blooming a lot earlier than usual – I chop them late in spring, delaying their blooming – but thankfully the Small Torts and Peacocks have arrived now.

Of course, they don’t only like the Buddleja.

I feel sorry for the Commas this year as I’ve had to remove the Nettle patch – People viewing the house will definitely not appreciate the nettles. So that means no Comma babies.

Just as I was beginning to think I wasn’t going to get many flutter species this year.

Along comes this little guy. Can you spot it in the photo??

Do you know what it is?

It certainly enjoyed the Lavender for a while. Usually I see them on the privet blooms or the Erysimum… And in the final photo is a blooper, for those of you who suspect I somehow glue the butterflies to blooms to take photos (click the photos to enlarge them; well worth it).

I really wish I had more of the smaller or less common species such as skippers and coppers. But after all, I am in an urban area so honestly I’m thrilled to have the variety I do.
Last night reading in bed I was listening to a couple of Tawny Owls calling to each other. This blows my mind; I live just less than two miles from a major city centre! I’ll never get over how amazing it is.

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3 thoughts on “Safari Sunday

  1. Nature is amazing. I hear owls most nights but I live in the countryside….it is great to know you hear them on the outskirts of the city.

    Lots of butterflies here, we appear to live in some tropical region of the UK at the moment, whilst I loathe humid conditions the insects seem to love it.

    Verbena Bonariensis is a wonderful butterfly plant……I love the way it seeds around.

    Small skipper shots are stunning.
    Poor Comma……they also lay their eggs on hops, which is a bit better than nettles as you can grow it up an obelisk.

    Have a good week Liz………

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