In a Vase on Monday

A nice, quick and easy vase this week; using a colour combo that I use perhaps a little too often.

I might try hunting around for some Asters, see if I get lucky and manage to pick up some cheap, as I’d like to use them in vases and hate cutting such important insect plants… I know it’s hopeful and I know it’s unlikely I’ll find any at this time of year, but one can wish.

After my last few posts, I’ll keep this one short.

Crocosmia and Buddleja

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10 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday

  1. There’s something very light and graceful about this bouquet, Liz, and I bet if you leave it outside lots of butterflies will settle on it and make it look like a painting. 🙂 Happy monday!

  2. I love the buddleja in your vase this week – mine flowered and went over whilst we were away on holiday. I have dead headed and hope to have a few more flowers but they are never as long and graceful as the first blooms.

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