Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – November 2014

I confess to having done nothing in the garden at all since October’s end of month round up, and the truth is I’m unlikely to do anything at all for a good while yet. Although I am hopeful that I might get some tidying done at some point when it becomes a little dryer.

With it being my birthday over the weekend and the rain being most typical for November, I haven’t been able to take any photos of what’s in bloom right now.

I can tell you though that Chrysanthemums and a few roses are still blooming and I need to go check out the Winter Jasmine to see if it has opened yet – one down the road from us has – I think otherwise it’s only blooms in pots near the house gracing us with their presence.
There’s still quite a lot of greenery and foliage interest, just it’s so dark and horrible I can’t bring myself to go out and spend any time in the garden.

This month I only have some macro shots of plants and until it dries I won’t be venturing further up the garden in an attempt to keep damage to our heavy clay soil at a minimum.
Lobelia are still blooming nicely and I’d even go so far to say the recent wet has perked them up a lot.

It’s that time of year where I rely heavily on Aster skeleton photos and look forward to some frosty winter shots of them.

Soon the fluffy heads will all be bare, leaving only the absolute bones.

A useful, if thuggish Campanula to have in the garden. At least it’s still blooming and will provide lush, green foliage until hit by hard weather such as prolonged snow.

Oh yes, a few days ago I noticed Erysimum was blooming – not unusual for this time of year – and then I realised I hadn’t noticed it blooming in the right border. So I’ve been trying to see whether it’s just that it’s having a lull or whether I have in fact lost a SECOND one this year. Sure enough today I popped out and it too is dead???!! Neither were fully mature plants as I’d had to replace a couple that were heavily damaged in snow and I pulled them out. So to lose 2 in one year, with no real difficult weather conditions. Not too dry but also not too wet in general.
I’m confused. And unsure whether I’m going to waste money on more. I still have a few blooming elsewhere around the garden and there are now two large holes that need filling… We will see.

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11 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – November 2014

  1. Your macros are lovely in spite of the weather, Liz. Sorry about the Erysimums. I’ve had to accept that some plants just don’t do well in my garden and look for something different to replace them. A belated happy birthday. P. x

  2. I love what you post Macros Liz – you are such a talented photographer. Any flowers at this time of the year is a bonus, regardless or not if you can get outdoors to get some shots.
    Erysimums don’t do well in my garden, it’s the moisture here that does for them. Shame you’ve lost two for no apparent reason. Don’t you just hate that.
    Hope the Birthday celebrations went well. Belated Birthday wishes Liz!

    • Hi Angie,

      Thanks 🙂

      I’ve never really had any problems with Erysimum – except in snow, burning the branches after repeated snow and thaw. They’ve otherwise been fine. But earlier this summer I noticed one looking very unhappy, so began taking photos of it to document whether I was imagining things. Sure enough eventually it died and I cut off the dead branches to ‘tidy’ up the border a bit and placed Cosmos in front of it so I wouldn’t notice. I forgot that actually one branch I left, as it had some new growth. Today I’ve been out and sure enough that left branch is OK and has grown quite well since I last looked closely. I just didn’t notice the other dying because it was hidden at the other side of the border and I just thought it was the dead Thistles that needed clearing up. Then noticing the purple blooms elsewhere the other day, it twigged that I haven’t seen any blooms on that side.

      In general if I have to replace a plant regularly then I stop. I’m not into nannying plants or replacing them regularly. I like to leave things to do their job. So, if I’m to replace these, it’ll be the third time, which is pushing it for me and I don’t know whether to put it down to bad luck or steer clear. I could try moving some from the front garden into these spaces so I get to see them more.
      The only plant I’m willing to buy regularly are Salvias… I love them too much and always seem to buy some every year anyway regardless of whether I’ve lost any over winter.

  3. Love your lilac coloured blooms. Pretty for this time of year.
    My garden is very confused…..bulbs are pushing through far too quickly. Hoping we will get a frost tonight, that is what is forecast.

    Love the images of the lobelia, they are really pretty.

  4. I especially enjoyed the fluffy asters. As to the lost plants, take heart, something will suit the space better and you can remain indoors for the sake of ‘research’ without feeling guilty. D.

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