Weekly Photo Challenge – Serenity

I haven’t participated in the weekly photo challenge for a while now, and since there’s little happening in the garden at the moment I figured I would at least post something on the blog, even if it isn’t garden-related.

The theme this week is serenity… which really could mean anything. After all, sitting out in the garden is often serene, at least for me. As I use it as a place of relaxation, peace and basically, falling asleep in the sun. Many other bloggers seem to have chosen water images, and is probably because watching water, is really very relaxing.

So, to be part of the herd, here’s a photo from Casçais, near Lisbon.

After discovering this largely unused cove the year before, this summer we went prepared with towel, reading materials and lotion to spend time enjoying the peace and quiet just below the busy, tourist packed bridge as many people walk past on their way up to Boca do Inferno (a hole in the cliff, where sea water shoots through at high tide and has eroded away a huge cave), not venturing down to ‘our’ little piece of heaven.


Copyright 2015 Liz.
All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden


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