End of Month – January 2015

The garden is still moving along well. Bulbs are on cue, and there are signs of life in general from many shrubs and perennials. I seem to have very few crocuses thus far, but maybe they’ve naturally died and need replacing.
I want to get out and tidy, mulch and coppice the willow which was damaged on Boxing day – I’ve since discovered that it’s practically uprooted, hence it still leaning. I have some other items I need to take to the tip so would get two jobs done in one if I manage to chop the willow down soon. I have three days off next week, one of those days the car has its service, so hopefully I can spend some time in the garden.

The Hellebores are doing well and I’m very pleased with how well the ones I moved into pots are doing. So far none have died and all have new growth on them (not necessarily blooms). Those which do have buds, I’m eagerly awaiting them; especially the coloured ones.

The autumn cherry has been flowering for a while now – some time in December it began… Let’s see whether it’ll have a big spring show this year; it’s been a while since it last did.

We have buds on various shrubs, and I think some of the buds on Magnolia Stellata may have fattened up, but many still remain small. I hope that isn’t a sign of few blooms this year.
Snowdrops are ready to bloom, and I think if we have a sunny, warm day they will all open… for now I’ll keep waiting.
I recently bought quite a few bulbs in the green ready to place in pots for vases but also to brighten up the front door. Now if only I could get out and plant them!

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14 thoughts on “End of Month – January 2015

    • Hi Angie,

      The weather had best be good! I think we’ve had enough of the cold now. I never thought I’d actually be happy to see some rain, but yay rain at last to wash away the snow!

      Buds appear really early on the Sedum – usually before or around Christmas but sit there for quite a while before they begin growing in earnest – probably in the next month or so. I just love the fresh growth and always somehow find it to be ‘cute’.

  1. It’s lovely to see your Hellebores standing proudly in the snow, I hope your snow soon goes so that you can see all your bulbs and that the weather is kind when you have your days off! Stay safe and warm!

    • Hi Pauline,

      We finally have some rain – woo hoo!!! so much of the snow is finally melting. Temperatures are due to climb over the next few days so I don’t think there will be any left by next week. Last time I filled the bird feeders I was surprised – and pleased – to see the Snowdrops under the cherry tree have shot up… c’mon warmer weather!
      I’ll have to check for other bulbs such as anemone and Tulipa turkestanica over the weekend… I think it’s going to be a poor year for Crocus here.

    • Hi,

      I mainly have ‘nivalis’ and only a few ‘flore pleno’, I’ve planted probably a thousand nivalis over the years to form quite a few nice, large clumps now. In general I plant at least ten per hole to allow them to mature and divide. I’d like to get some of the more interesting ones, but will wait until I (hopefully) move this year before spending ludicrous amounts on them!

      • Well you have prompted me to purchase 12 pots of nivalis today. Also I have checked the pots that I brought with me when I moved house last year and guess what, I have a pot of transported bulbs showing. So if you lift some in the green now, put them in a plastic pot you can take some with you, thereby saving you money to spend on the special varieties. Dorris.

  2. That really is a lovely photo of the hellebore, Liz – and the cherries are a lovely sight. Hope you have a useful 3 days off and the weather is a bit milder for you.

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