Sunny Sunday?

Today has been a lovely, sunny day. I’d almost even claim it was warm. Almost.
Some of the snowdrops opened, but I didn’t like to venture up the garden to take photos of the groups under the cherry tree… Why not? Because there’s still some snow on the grass, and I didn’t want to risk damaging the already damaged, clay soil.

I also spotted ‘flore pleno’. I was quite shocked actually, because last time I looked there was no sign of it and generally it blooms later than ‘nivalis’. There’s only one this year, and I hope the others soon appear, but I plan to buy some anyway for pots so this is my prompt to visit the local garden centre in the hope they now have them in stock (they didn’t a few weeks ago).

There are a few groupings closer to the house where I can enjoy them from the warmth inside, as well as take photos of them in the late winter sun.
A cheeky fly took advantage of the fact one bloom hadn’t yet fully emerged from its protective skin, but it was able to enjoy the nectar/pollen.

Assuming the snow melts over the next few days – which it ought, as we’re due to get to around 7 degrees – I aim to chop the willow down on Wednesday when the car has its service and I’ll be stuck at home. I also desperately need to tidy the cherry border; the fern fronds have almost all died under the snow and are now a black, rotting mess. It will also give me the opportunity to look out for anemone and other spring plants emerging.
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8 thoughts on “Sunny Sunday?

  1. You can never have enough snowdrops, good luck on sourcing the ones you want. Spotted them in Dobbies here last week.
    Great pics as always Liz. Hope the weather is kind to allow you to get out and do what you planned.

    • Hi Angie,

      Hrm, I *could* go to Dobbies, but I think I’ll try B&Q first as it’s no major biggie, after all I do plan on (hopefully) moving this year at long last, so really I only want them for photographic purposes and aim to buy more, plus special ones once I move.

      Today the weather has been wonderful! The forecast had been for dark grey all day and around 7 degrees, instead its been brilliant sunshine and according to my car, 12degrees! We’d planned to go to the cinema, so sadly the day was mostly wasted. But hopefully the forecast for tomorrow will also be wrong and we’ll go to Clumber park (Nottinghamshire) or maybe even Hodsock Priory to see the Snowdrops (the snowdrops in my header are from Hodsock). Snow still isn’t melted completely off the lawn or tier yet, so I haven’t ventured out to coppice the willow… I’ll wait for the snow to completely melt first.

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