Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – February 2015

Same old, same old.

I have, however managed to get the damaged Willow chopped, as well as clearing the dead Fern fronds in the Cherry border and a general clear of the front garden. So I’m quite pleased, but now there’s the fun part of taking the willow to the tip. Some, I’ll keep for vases and it’s likely my mum will use some for her flower arranging too.

A number of the bulbs I bought in the green for vases are beginning to bloom… It’s a shame my vases are currently all full with Tulips… I hope the Crocus and Irises last a while.

The first Tommasinianus are coming up… Although this one is very lonely; normally in this particular patch I have a nice, large grouping. So I’m disappointed that many seem to have died.

Sweetbox is now blooming, and I wish I had more so I could bring some indoors to enjoy the scent. I think really I should just replace it, because clearly it’s not going to grow any new branches after being damaged on one side in deep snow a few years ago. So really, I have half a plant and it is a sad little specimen.

My first roses are almost in bloom; two unknown pink blooms from one plant which was here when we moved in. It’s a very tall rose – I’m not sure if it’s meant to be a climber – but it often grows almost as tall as the Buddleja (around 7 feet or higher) but doesn’t have a shrub habit; it looks like a hybrid tea rose.

These Irises are intended for vases (the sweet, three little bottles I have). But I’m also fighting the temptation to plant them into pots for a cute spring display outside… I do have some coming up in pots already, but they would all really benefit from a make-over and fresh bulbs planted as the number of spring blooms dwindles each year.

Buds on Osmanthus are fattening ready for blooming. It’ll probably be a few weeks before they open.

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8 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – February 2015

  1. A pity that your Crocus seems to have disappeared Liz – I wonder if something may have taken the bulbs. Pretty Iris, such vibrancy, lends itself to those macro shots.
    Are you able to take cuttings from the sweetbox? I don’t know how or when to do it, it may be worth giving some a go to replenish your damaged one. Great to read you got those jobs done, well done!

  2. Lovely photos, especially the little iris, it is so beautiful. Everything in the garden is stirring, you can feel that spring is on its way. Such a shame that you are missing your favourite Tommies, do you think something has eaten them?

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