End of Month – March 2015

April, huh? How did that happen? Easter soon???!!!

Wow, impressive. I feel like I’ve only just come out of Christmas mode and here I am, 4 months into the year.

I’ve also seen my first fleeting glimpse of a butterfly last weekend. I couldn’t ID it as it was very quick but it looked large and I’m going to guess it was a Peacock.

The past few weeks has seen quite a change in the garden, with vibrant greens now dominating many of the borders. I need to finish clearing the last of the dead growth now that we’re into spring and the chance of snow/frost diminishes each day.

We have the first Tulipas and Anemones blooming, as with the other spring bloomers their numbers have also slowly diminished over the last few years and really ought to be replaced with new. Bluebells are romping along with patches seemingly appearing overnight. Meanwhile I must check up on the Spanishbluebells, to see whether they’re sending up blooms yet.

Drumstick Primulas have also begun to open their flowers… I always find them quite odd when they begin to bloom before the stem has even grown. Another newcomer is the Forsythia.

The autumn cherry is producing more blooms, but I suspect it will be another year without a big show in spring.

Narcissus ‘rip van winkle’ is flowering… Only one this year… I did have more… Fuji Cherry is actually flowering now, I just didn’t take any photos of the flowers open.
For the past two years Geranium Pheum has bloomed very early. I’m not sure why… Is it confused beneath the cherry tree??? Who knows.

I’m trying to avoid too many Hellebore photos and only post those which have recently opened so here’s the deep red one and Pulmonaria. I’m pleased the Hellebore seems happy this year and has produced a good number of stems for the first time.

Copyright 2015 Liz.
All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden

9 thoughts on “End of Month – March 2015

  1. Had to smile at you deliberately restricting the number of hellebore photos – I have done that before now too 😉 You have got lots of things coming into bloom and I want to rush outside now and check my P denticulata 🙂

  2. Well, no complaints about an early geranium, eh? Spring is so wonderful, especially in your photos! Love the cherry tree flowers – I’m hoping mine will finally give a big show after being trashed by late frost every year so far.

  3. Your garden is really coming to life now Liz and proved by all those lovely blooms you’ve featured.
    How do you find N. Rip Van Winkle? I find it rather floppy and am not impressed by it at all. I too find the behaviour of the drumstick Primula fascinating.
    Nice to have a geranium bloom early – it’s a preety one.

  4. I’ve got early geranium phaeum too, which seems weird given how cool spring has been so far. But hey, I’m not complaining, lovely little flowers. Love your deep purple hellebore, and that k you for reminding me that I need to try again with drumstick primulas. I bought a gorgeous one last year but it seems to have popped its clogs. Either that or it is really late to the spring party!!

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