In a Vase on Monday

It’s late as I post the blog this week… Today has been far too nice to spend indoors, so I’ve been outside most of the day. It was hot enough to make me escape indoors to cool off and the wildlife and garden certainly seemed to think it was summer. I saw at least 4 Peacock butterflies, but suspect there may have been more. I managed the first lawn cut of the year, and do not look forward to the next job looming at the back of my mind… I need to thatch the lawn of as much moss as I can manage before my arms turn to jelly. It’s surprising how tiring it is just scraping a spring-tine rake long the grass. My attempt to coax my brother to do it for me failed. Another time maybe.

This week’s vase is courtesy of my mother. However, all the plants are from my garden. I took them to her for Easter and she arranged them in the cute little jug I bought her for mother’s day (and really wish I had one for myself).

As she loved my little bottles I bought last year, mum also picked some up… Not sure why she didn’t get the same though. Hrm there’s an idea for a Christmas present…

In the three vases we have Forsythia and Osmanthus.

forsythia and osmanthus

I just wish I had more Pulmonaria to give for this vase… in fact actually I had planned to also cut some Erysimum blooms, but in the end forgot in my rush to leave the house.

Pulmonaria, Tete-a-tete, Forsythia and Kerria Japonica

Perhaps I’ll try hunting down some more small jug vases for myself.

Pulmonaria, Tete-a-tete, Forsythia and Kerria Japonica

Please pop over to Cathy to join in with this meme.

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12 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday

  1. Love the jug of flowers Liz and the bottles….so much spring cheer in my favorite purple and yellow spring colors. We finally thawed and spring weather is here but definitely not summer….Flowers are fast popping up here so I will have more flowers…

    • Hi Donna,

      I’m pleased to hear you’ve had a thaw at last! Although from another blog I read it looks like not everyone has been as lucky – somewhere in Maine I believe they’re based. Snow on Easter day can’t be much fun – although apparently in the UK we’re more likely to have a white Easter than we are a white Christmas!

  2. Blue and yellow are such a pretty combination. I love pulmonaria and tete a tete. Have to say forsythia never does it for, unless it is the white variety. They do look lovely together though.

    • Hi Cheryl,

      I agree on the Forsythia… No great fan of yellow in general but they are useful at the moment anyway. The rest of the year I’ll ignore it completely. My white one isn’t yet blooming and is still too small really. I think it needs its feet in the ground and a hard cutback to force it to produce more branches. It’s just always a real leap of faith to just cut back and hope I haven’t killed it.

  3. Lovely spring flowers. I need some of those jug vases, too! How adorable! So sorry you couldn’t talk your brother into the lawn work, LOL. You reminded me that it’s time for my son to start mowing the lawn. I do pay him a hefty $5 each time (our lawn is so small now), but we both think it’s a good deal.

    • Hi VW,

      Haha, I just wish I was able to get another cute milk jug vase! They were from a supermarket being sold purely for mother’s day! So it isn’t even like I can pop in and get more. Hopefully somewhere else will have similar… I would try amazon or similar but am worried they’ll arrive cracked or broken.
      I even gave my brother alcohol and it didn’t work!!! Ok, so actually he raided my fridge and got himself a bottle out after having mown the lawn. So I’ll have to forgive him. Even if I had rather mown it myself and then he could do the thatching…

  4. We are all agreed on the blue and yellow combination! It’s a really blue pulmonaria – could it be Blue Ensign? Your Mum’s ceramic bottles are pretty – and I am beginning to think you can never have to many different little vases and bottles and jogs for putting blooms in (or, having been to a car boot sale yesterday, at least that’s my story!)

    • Hi Cathy,

      I’m not sure of the Pulmonaria I’m afraid; I bought it quite a few years ago so it’s not on my plant list I’ve kept since 2012. With any luck there may still be a label in the ground near it, I’ll just have to remember when it’s daylight.
      Have to agree on the too many vases… Although I try hard not to clutter too much, sometimes it’s a losing battle!

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