Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – April 2015

Beware, there are a lot of photos this month. So many in fact, I’ve been getting behind on photos and grew too bored when cropping and sorting them that I’ve had to cut out or ignore some.

For the last couple of weeks the weather has been very nice, allowing for plenty of jobs to be done nice and early on in the season. For example I’ve already managed to power wash the walls and decking and have begun painting the garden walls so they’re nice and fresh.

Last week I managed to get the thatching on the lawn done and in the process managed to rub off a patch of skin off my hand. I don’t even think it managed to blister; just straight rubbed off without even realising it!
However, I’m not the only one. Someone at work also had skin rubbed off from thatching. Now I don’t feel quite so silly.
Add the rubbed-off patch of skin and other random scratches on my hands I think one can definitely tell it’s gardening season. I often wonder if people notice all my scratches and think I must be super clumsy or maybe they assume I own a cat?

So, onto the photos. I have to admit some are a little older, but as I haven’t yet featured them I decided to include them even though their blooms may now be finished/ing.

Tulipa Turkestanica has finished now, but I do love them so I’m posting these photos. I need to plant more as I’ve lost some over the years and they look best planted en-masse. Like most other spring bulbs, really.

Plus it helps that they are a food source for early butterflies.

A pink forget-me-not this year… I don’t think I have any whites unfortunately. But they’re only just opening so one may still surprise me yet.

The Autumn cherry is currently in somewhat of a flourish of blooms, I think spurred on by the much nicer weather we’ve been having. More photos of blossom-laden branches for another post.

I’ve been seeing my first Honey Bees over the last couple of weeks, and the Cherry is definitely attracting its fair share of different Bee species.

I’ve been enjoying sticking my nose in Magnolia blooms too… Just be sure to check for any creepy crawlies in the blooms first!

And to round up this much cut-down post some random blooms from around the garden. Osmanthus is just going over now whilst the Russian Dwarf Almond is just coming into bloom.

Copyright 2015 Liz.
All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden

9 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – April 2015

  1. I love tulipa turkestanica, unfortunately I’ve lost all of them in a couple of years and decided they’re not my thing after all 🙂
    I’m thinking about planting a magnolia too, not a star magnolia but a taller one, still thinking where I could possibly plant it though.
    As for blisters and scratches we share that too! I’ve been asked if I work as a cook because of all the cuts I have in my forearms, I’m soooo over the cat thing by now! Not to talk about the patched tan that I start to show… LOL

    • Hi Alberto,

      What a shame to hear you lost all of your Turkestanica??? I would’ve expected them to be most likely to survive your hot, dry summers, after all it’s much closer to their native climate than my garden is – definitely not rocky, dry, or hot (but maybe as cold at night/winter).
      I’d love one of the larger Magnolias too, I actually don’t really like Stellata any more if I’m honest. They do grow very slowly though. Mine is almost 15 years old (well, I’ve had it almost that long) and it’s not even 4foot yet.

      I’ve begun to get a little tanned too! Although I suspect it’s nothing as impressive as yours 🙂 there’s definitely a lighter patch when I take my watch off.

  2. I’ve lost those Tulips too, probably too wet for them here. As usual a lovely set of pictures for Bloom day Liz.
    Scratches, blisters and I think you missed out broken finger nails 🙂 I know I often get comments on the sometimes ingrained dirt that sometimes refuses to scrub off. Hope you hand heals soon.

    • Hi Angie,

      I don’t think I’ve lost too many Turkestanica, I do still have quite a few but want moreeeeeeeeeeee 🙂
      If they can survive in my heavy clay, they can survive Scotland!

      My nails are OK actually… I don’t often break them and am way too meticulous over keeping them clean. I have a lovely gardener’s handwash that has a scrub in it so is great at getting rid of the soil in your skin/cracks/cuticles and also really good at moisturising. My mum bought it me years ago and I’ve still got it… It’s from Crabtree and Evelyn. Definitely worth it.
      I’m almost healed now… Although I currently have paint stuck to the scabs where the skin rubbed off. And I can’t get rid unless I pick at the scabs! Paint btw is from painting the back wall…. It looks like I’ve a mouldy scab at quick glance!

    • Hi,

      Thanks very much! It’s been a strange winter/spring this year, with some things way ahead of previous years and others being behind. I’m really looking forward to the season as it progresses.

  3. All wonderful! My son and I saw the first butterfly of the season this week, a little cabbage white. Yay for honey bees in your garden already – all we have around are the paper wasps, which are very active. I need to get a trap for those invasive, aggressive things. Enjoy your cute little tulips!

  4. I think it’s Turkestanica (or is it tarda? can never remember which) that is popping up in all sorts of places in my garden – well away from the original ones. Gorgeous cherry blossom photos

  5. Hi Liz,
    Lost all my Turkestanica bar one. I must plant some more…they are a favourite of mine, so pretty.

    Your magnolia is lovely. They have done well in the south this year, as there have not been too many frosts.
    Usually we end up with brown tinged blooms.

    The season seems to be rushing by. I feel like I take a breath and another week has gone.

    Enjoy your weekend Liz….hope the weather is good for you.
    We have a chilly NE wind blowing for the next few days 😦

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