Friday Flowers

I’m trying to catch-up on photos, I’m slowly getting behind again and it seems the perfect time to post something as it’s throwing down outside. Guess I won’t be enjoying a nice warm evening in the sun. It seems far away from Monday when I was outside drinking the New Year’s Bucks Fizz I never drank and watching the Orange-tip butterflies zoom around the garden…

Sadly the Russian Dwarf Almond is now finished, with wind and rain sporadically for the last few days its blossom didn’t have the chance to hang around long. The rain has also stopped many Cherry blossoms in their tracks. Such a shame when it comes at the wrong time and ruins the blossom show.

Ha! You knew it would happen eventually. After all, what would spring be without FMN photos???

Be ready for more FMN to come!

Copyright 2015 Liz.
All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden


10 thoughts on “Friday Flowers

    • Hi Pauline,

      I’m sure some day I’ll get bored of the FMNs and move onto something else… but for now they hold too many childhood memories and are such a beautiful flower, nice and early in the year and fill that lull between bulbs and perennials very nicely.

  1. Like you Liz, I love FMNs……….they remind me of my father. His garden was full of them…..

    I allow them to seed around the garden. They come up all over the place, and I love that.

    Sad about the blossom………..same thing happened here, except for the old apple tree. She waited and is putting on a lovely show 🙂

    • Hi Cheryl,

      Yep they too remind me of my father, or rather our childhood garden and mainly sown by my dad.
      I have allowed mine to seed too, and they’ve made their way from their original border where I’ve always stolen some from my parents’ and are now in the border opposite… At least I have some, but I do wish they’d stay where I wanted them as that border needs them much more than where they’ve settled.
      Hey-ho such is life.

      The apples at my parents’ are also blooming wonderfully, I intended to take photos but forgot my camera yet again! Grr.

  2. The FMN is one plant I always associate with your garden Liz – and of course the Geums. I hope the weather picked up for you this weekend. Blossom just coming out round here – I suspect the cold has held it back.

    • Hi Angie,

      I think you need to sow some FMN seeds yourself Angie… Not that I’m trying to tempt you, at all. They would fill in your gaps and provide lovely colour early in the year before much else is around.

      The weather has been OK this weekend, rather mixed with sun, cloud and a little windy but not cold and quite comfortable to sit outside without any need for a jacket or cardigan.

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