In a Vase on Monday

This year I’ve finally worked out how to keep lilacs in vases for longer… I added a little bit of plant food into the water (as I have been for all the vases) and sure enough, instead of lasting only a few hours before drooping, this way they’ve lasted a 5-7 days or even longer.




I really wish I had taken my camera to my parent’s house at the weekend. My mum’s Peonies are out, so I made her a peony and lilac vase. It was lovely; the blooms on her very old Peonies are massive (they’re taken from her great-grandfather, so must be around 100 years old) and were only weighed down by overnight rains so I decided they were better off in the house rather than face-down in the grass.


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12 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday

  1. Your lilac and photographs are stunning! I wish we could have seen the peonies with lilac as well – it sounds like a perfect combination.

  2. The lilacs look gorgeous Liz – and interesting about the plant food… How lovely to know those peonies are about 100 years old and have been in the family that long 🙂

  3. Lovely lilacs – yours are more pink than mine. I wish I had more space for some of the deep purple ones in my garden. I’m totally going to try plant food in mine next years. How cool to have a family heirloom peony! You reminded me that I have starts from my husband’s grandmother’s peonies. They’re not 100 years old, but she’s gone now so it’s nice to have those reminders.

  4. Thanks for the hint about the plant food, Liz; I’ll try it. Your vase of lilacs is amazing! The rain is dashing down all my peonies, so I will probably bring some in and display them in a vase, but my lilacs were over with the hot weather last week. P. x

  5. What a pleasing shape that vase has Liz and the lilacs look most at home in it. It must have been a pleasure to take the vase indoors to hopefully enjoy for a few more days to come.

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